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  1. Scott, what happened to the "Tokens & Medals" part of the Census? When I tried to access them for the US, the page for coins opens. Chris
  2. I have both SCD books. The 2nd Edition came out in 2008 with the price list. I don't believe it is very accurate at all. Chris
  3. You will see a lot of damage like this on Lincoln cents. It doesn't take much to move the metal. Chris
  4. James, I'm sure you remember the days when sellers would say (threaten) "I'll leave you positive feedback after you've left positive feedback for me." Well, get ready for the buyers who think they have all the rights, and you have none. Good luck, my friend. Chris
  5. You are absolutely correct in that there will always be folks that are curious about what happened. BUT, the investment train left the station on these a couple of years back when the marketing ended. I'd bet that you could get a pretty good price for them from players in the WSOP. These guys & gals think nothing of dropping $10K for a poker tournament, so why not buy one as a card marker! Chris
  6. That's very easy! Since it only has one side, it has to be a fake. Chris
  7. They might have surprise, but I have lead. And yes, I am willing to give any intruders an acute case of lead poisoning to protect myself, my family, and my possessions. Before you shoot the intruder, make sure you ask if he is right-handed or left-handed. You wouldn't want to put the knife in the wrong hand. Chris
  8. I just checked the State Quarters, and I noticed that there is no listing for Proofs. Chris
  9. Jason, it would seem to me that it would have been better if you had posted your questions/comments in the "Ask NGC" forum. Chris
  10. Robust safe? It depends on how robust it is. Several years ago, a collector's home was burglarized while he was on vacation, and the thieves took the 4,000 lb. safe with them. Maybe you should consider buying a piece of real estate with a bank on the property and build your home around the vault. Check out Hugh Wood for insurance through the ANA. Chris
  11. Wow! Those are really nice! I wonder if Bob, aka Supertooth, is looking? Chris
  12. The 1893 Philly VAM-4 is a Top 100 variety. Did you check your coin against the short list of 1893 VAM's on VAMWorld? Chris
  13. I don't think that it was a bad price. After all, it is doubly collectible. Don't forget that Benny was the casino owner who started the WSOP. Chris
  14. It doesn't matter if they are poor or middle income, if they don't want to sell, there is very little that anyone can do about it. Chris
  15. Do you think early American trappers should have monetized their beaver pelts? Chris
  16. In today's society, I guess it also include nails that (apparently) were thrown into the coining chamber. Chris
  17. Welcome to the neighborhood! Like some of the members from another forum do, you have just earned the "You Suck Award" for that '55 Doubled Die. Once conserved by NCS, it will then be graded by NGC. Let's hope that NCS is successful and it can get a problem-free grade. Chris
  18. I don't care what anyone says. Retirement $uck$! Stay well, my friend! Chris
  19. I didn't know the Denver Mint was making "counterfeits". One would think that someone who lives in Colorado would know that the Denver Mint doesn't produce counterfeit coins. Chris
  20. I wouldn't get too concerned about it. I can think of at least two more instances where the terms "modern" and "classic" are applied to serve their own purposes. Modern - when used in NGC grading guidelines Classic - when referring to commemoratives Neither of these have dates that coincide with the interpretations you presented. Chris
  21. Don't you think you are being a little judgmental, Roger? Chris
  22. This topic came up on another forum, and a couple of us would like some answers about the NGC grading procedures. 1. Are coins transported through the grading & processing area in flips or on trays? 2. Do the graders wear cotton gloves? 3. Do graders usually work with other graders of the same skill level? Thanks! Chris
  23. And, if the dealer discovers after the fact that he had just been cherrypicked he can reactivate the chip. Chris