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  1. Sure the debate is subjective but an educational inference can be made based on current trends and experience one has had. I have recently joined PCGS to try grading couple of gold eagles, and have had very bad experience with them, both in regards to customer service and actual coin grading which I believe was unfair and biased from the get-go. When you see countless PCGS graded plastic coins that look worst than NGC graded coins or coins one have sent to PCGS and have not graded at appropriate level even though they look comparable or better than already graded PCGS coins, it makes you wonder what is going on at PCGS and what impact this will have on coin collecting as a whole. This is not just my experience, but of many people who tried grading with PCGS. I've also bought coins from large dealers who send to PCGS, and have found the PCGS graded eagles from them in number of instances to be not accurately graded in my opinion, where the coin looks like MS69 but graded MS70 by PCGS. I've returned the coin back to dealer in almost every instance. I will not be doing anymore grading with PCGS and this kind of practice by them has turned me off from purchasing coins graded by them, particularly when coming from larger dealers that have likely sent for grading in bulk. I will not support this kind of grading practice or company that uses it, as I believe it will have negative impact on coin collecting as a whole.