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  1. Before I post better pics, how does one explain the straight line of impressed denticles under a rimbreak to cud, at Stars 12-13 and betond?
  2. By the shape of them they look like Brads-and there are a lot of them, all pre-strike. I'll try for better pics. Plus, the brad seen at AM curls the edge
  3. Hello Everyone! Here is a stumper: 1811/10 O-101 struck through debris (mostly pieces of iron brads). One complete brad struck through is seen at the edge on the reverse at AM. Now, at stars 12-13 and betond is a line of denticles which are impressed into the coin. The spaces between the denticles, normally part of the field, are part of the devices, popping out from the field. This continues over the edge beyond star 13.Also, there is a definite rimbreak there and a cud is forming over star 13 (or it very much looks like one is). The edge lettering, though jumbled in places, is there. The coin also appears to be a bit thinner than usual, as about half of the edge lettering shows only halfway..This reminds me of the Unique 1828 12 Star Half Cent Manly Terminal Die State 2.0-it's made the same way, but no negativlely cast denticles were under that rimbreak cud, as it happened with this coin. Any ideas?
  4. Just an Observation, having worked with a Charter Member of both PCGS and NGC (and remembering when NGC refused to encapsulate BU Copper coins): Copper is very unstable as a metal, especially when die struck and left to the elements. Copper also suffers in an enclosed plastic environment, as plastics emit gas traces over time (just ask the 1st generation P*** 1911-S Cent MS65RED, now Black, which we owned). You'd have to deep freeze your encapsulated BU Copper coins to ensure no atmospheric changes... we have seen gum traces from Crystal mounts transfer toning onto stamps that have been in them for decades. Nothing is impermeable. Of course, if the Copper coin had been "treated" in any way before encapsulation, with any variety of whatever you can think of, that usually shows-up later in the holder.
  5. no, it's "Nature Taking Its Course" when it's innocuously placed in a sulphurous environment
  6. ok, now you're talking... nice bigger Double pictures works Very Nicely!
  7. For this run of VDBs, anything less than MS64 received an "Uncirculated" certification
  8. Except, that, Bids don't "go down". For most Serious coin buyers/collectors, the 20% vig is a speed bump, per se, and they remain unaffected by it. Money comes and goes, but Nice or Rare coins, not so much. Adjust your thinking, and the fee won't be as or so painful
  9. I worked for a Trader, and it was amazing to see all the antiques Dealers who sold us their scrap, pounding away on Sterling Silver Tea and Coffee sets, Mirrors, etc. They'd go into co-ops and such, with scales, and buy everything that was under melt
  10. and, on the Flip Side, you have the Jackie Robinson $5.00 BU... We all know a Dealer or hundred who could have bought the complete mintage of 75,000 Congratulations! sets all by himself; so The Mint sends out a few breadcrumbs to attract the Fish (hungry, hungry Fish); the Fish come and are there waiting for more, and here maybe come 50,000 'Limited Ed.' breadcrumbs, which the Fish gobble-up, because, you know... they're Fish simply, The Mint's test-marketing worked, and now included are other coins which may not have been sold otherwise. and just wait for the Christmas! (Thanks, President Trump) or Holiday! Edition; they're not done yet; not by a longshot
  11. Exactly what "market" is being referred to? Perhaps there is more than just one...