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  1. Increased bids on NGC coins

    Exactly what "market" is being referred to? Perhaps there is more than just one...
  2. Help - 1854 Arrows Seated Liberty Half Dollar

    since all Milling apparatus emanates from the Philadelphia Mint, the form is pretty static for most silver issues. Familiarize yourself with the form, and Chinese Fakes will be that more apparent when seen
  3. Increased bids on NGC coins

    well, they ARE the Highest Grossing Coin Auction house, and their Gold BUY sheet is legend, so... maybe not your Markets but they do have the main "say", let's say. That's a very cynical outlook you have; if you know how to Play The Game, you will make a nice living doing so
  4. Help - 1854 Arrows Seated Liberty Half Dollar

    yeah... but they haven't yet mastered US Mint Milling...
  5. Help - 1854 Arrows Seated Liberty Half Dollar

    look at the reeding if you ever have suspicions
  6. Increased bids on NGC coins

    well, Heritage IS "The Market" in many aspects
  7. 1861 o Seated Half Dollar Fake?
  8. 1861 o Seated Half Dollar Fake?

    could just be spooned... if you have any 14K Gold test acid, rub a bit with a q-tip on the edge. The spot will just dull grey if the coin's .900 fine silver, and not bubble as if it were another metal or alloy
  9. Longtime Heritage-r; prefer the larger single obverse picture but understand the change... still, it doesn't add to "the Experience"
  10. Cleaned or not Cleaned that is the question.

    when you buy Problem Coins, that's what you have when you go to sell them... a dipped-out cleaned au coin may only be worth XF money, or less (Heritage sales rife with them)
  11. I have No Idea either... but it certainly appears that it was done
  12. the question was about Lapping and its Effects: it's very effective at removing roughness from working dies (and the surfaces from VDB MP reverse dies); and the lapping effect can thin devices on the die
  13. it pretty much does-one example: 1836 N-1 Large cent, courtesy of Goldberg's: Lot 447 1836 N-1 R1+ EF40. EF-40. Sharpness EF45 or slightly better with too many small nicks for the higher grade, including a small rim nick under star 13. Glossy steel brown and chocolate with frosty luster in protected areas and peeps of faded mint red at stars 9-11. LDS with all the obverse and reverse die cracks clear and the legends weakened slightly by a strong die lapping that removed most of the earlier roughness in the obverse fields. The repunching on the peak of the 1 remains clear. DWH #0843. Estimated Value $150-UP. Ex Village Square Coins via John D. Wright 6/84.
  14. Binion 10lbs bag hard grade pedigree question

    Collectible Collecting
  15. I Know I Know... and I do have the luxury of seeing it "in hand and not in scan". I'll let you know what my Good Friend says, Good-Bad-or Indifferent