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  1. The coin was returned to me in a plastic flip that said Altered Surface can not encapsulate. I emailed and ask if it were real because I bought it on ebay and wanted to return it if it were not. I was told by NGC that it might not be real, and to send it back in and ask for a grade. They returned it again saying the same thing Altered Surface. I emailed them again but they only offered me a $30 credit to my account. I never did find out if it was real and the seller won't return my emails. I have seen a lot of counterfeit Seated Dollars on ebay, and I guess that I should only buy the ones that
  2. I sent a Seated Dollar in twice to see if it was real. Both times it came back as Altered Surface. I never could get NGC to tell me if it were real or not. I spent a lot of money for no answers.