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  1. Thank God. You have no idea how happy this makes 99% of collectors (or perhaps you do). The reason we came here was your Registry gave us a place where we didn't have to choose a service, but could merely purchase the best coins available in their class. In my opinion, NGC's Registry (particularly for Indian Cents) is far superior to the mishmash of the PCGS Registry. I was so ticked off after the untimely decision a couple years ago, I joined PCGS and crossed over many of my best NGC coins (about 80% of them crossed, several at a premium). While I am certainly not pleased with the hassle and expense, I can once again select the best coins for my collection, irrespective of the slab. Thank you for finally correcting this. I am on board 100% and will begin buying NGC once again. I have a feeling most ardent collectors agree with me.
  2. This is a horrible mistake and is forcing us to buy the holder, not the coin. This was the one area that really put NGC ahead of PCGS to me from a collector's perspective. Now, they are no better. I have a top 25 registry set comprised of about 60% PCGS and 40% NGC. Due to the economics of crossover, the NGC coins have been reholdered to PCGS. As a result of this, NGC has lost about 20 gem coins to PCGS. Is this the result Mark wanted? Maybe not, but I guarantee I'm not the only who's done this.