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  1. Everything everyone contributes is special in it's own unique way, even me.
  2. I just found 2 doing a roll search but went thru 1600 quarters to find those 2 just because I am in a challenge and I am enjoying it. I don't know what I will do with them when the challenge ends. Important note is that I am enjoying the search and the banter on that thread..
  3. Don't feel badly about purchasing your. I purchased this one and I don't collect quarters. Thinking I shouldn't have but now it joins my other impulsive buys.
  4. I would like to hear the answer, My limited knowledge tells me no. I also assume the answer is yes because I say the question would not have been asked if the answer was not contrary to what we expect. My opinion would be that a coin is technically at it's best grade immediately following leavening the die, first strike out.
  5. 800 quarters later and I cannot find a W quarter either. Apparently our partners will have to carry us through. I thought this was going to be easy (not) but it is fun.
  6. This is exactly what this thread is all about and still Only Woods020 and I have stated the same thing let us know or wait for us to choose. We are still wanting as many long term collectors to share to inspire all young collectors.
  7. Revenant, I read most of what you post and enjoy most of it. In this case I think you may have missed the intent. I feel I know Ben. I see you as a dedicated Family man. It is admirable that you, like many collectors, are leavening coins to your boys. That is not the same. My willingness to participate in this idea was not to make long time collectors inspired. I would like it to be something to create a coin story for a young collector. Maybe an example of a relatively random unknown person that gave something to them that was not expected or inherited. You would not be taking from this as it is freely given. My choices are made solely from postings on this forum, all parents with potential future collectors are in that mix. Maybe as the child grows they remember it and they are inspired in life and not just in collecting. If I am understand your post you feel you would be taking away from someone else when in fact it may be denying a gifter the pleasure of attempting to help you inspire your children, regardless of what you will leave them. I am just trying to explain why I am participating and I hope I have not posted anything here that could be misinterpreted. The gifter chooses not the recipient. Just my opinion.
  8. Quintus, I assumed to get reference flak and just to be clear I don't object until it becomes clear to me that pennies are most often found in foreign coins and most of the nicknames you describe were way back on the seedy side of handling money . People can call them anything they like, simply pointing out the correct name for the coveted cent sorry if this did not sit well with you. I will try to refrain from comic interjections going forward. No promises.US has been and always will be correctly CENT.
  9. Again I believe quarter is the correct reference for a quarter dollar. Penny in not for the cent.