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  1. Drum roll please! Just received information on the crossover:
  2. I don't believe you to be a disturbed person but someone who has a deep love for the truth. I am sincerely thankful for the time and effort you placed in the research. The coin is with NGC now for the crossover and I hope to see what they say by the end of the week. I'll post the results when I receive them. Also, to all collectors, I highly recommend returning labels to the original graders so the pop reports reflect some accuracy. Thank you once again.
  3. The digital image was passed on to me from the prior owner. Only wish I had the original NGC certification numbers. Spoke with NGC and they couldn't get me that information. It's absolutely stunning to look at. It has the deepest mirror finish I have seen for a coin that is 110 years old.
  4. Will you be adding the total year range to the Mark, 1874-1915. Proof Issue? Currently not all the years are available.
  5. Please tell me any information you might have concerning this coin.. It's 5 oz silver, that I know. Thanks.
  6. I recently acquired this magnificent 1910 E German Empire 1 Mark.The coin is currently in a PCGS slab but was originally graded by NGC as PR67UCAM. I have sent it back to NGC for CrossOver service and proud to say back to its originating grading service. This coin I believe to have been the NGC Price Guide Plate Coin.
  7. The Request Mailed Award is now functional. Thank You Ali E.
  8. It has been my 5th and 7th year to win in two of the "Best in Category Awards". My question is: Will NGC be mailing out certificates to those who won or is our only choice to print the certificates ourselves? The quality certificates that were mailed in prior years were very much appreciated. Thank you again for a great opportunity to participate.
  9. Found this at the Worthpoint site for an identical coin that was sold through them. No idea what it went for. Appears 1000 minted. Wonder how credible their research is? Thanks for the Kitco lead. "AZTEC CALENDAR 5 OZ COIN (MEXICAN MINT) Silver Bullion | Aztec Calendar 5 oz Coin (Mexican Mint) This is a very special Aztec Calendar five ounces 0.999 fineness Silver Proof Coin. (Only 1000 ever minted and very few in Australia) This great coin represents a real masterpiece from the Casa de Moneda de M?xico. (Mexican Mint) The obverse consists of the Aztec Calendar or Sun Stone with the legend PIEDRA DE LOS SOLES and MEXICO TENOCHTITLAN 1478. The reverse consists of a very old screw press used in the first years of the Mexican Mint along with the specifications of the coin. weigh (155.515 g) or 5 Troy Ounces of Silver fineness (LEY 0.999) Diameter 65 mm. Brilliant and Uncirculated condition in protective acrylic capsule."
  10. I too have searched high and low with no satisfaction. It can be frustrating. I read through numerous Spanish reviews on the coin but alas no mintage numbers. I noticed that there are a lot of BU coins using this Aztec Calendar, appears this might have been the original coin where all this started.
  11. Is there anyone who knows how many of these were minted? Found some information any thing else would help; "This coin was awarded as the "most beautiful commemorative coin" in Busan, Korea 2008. It has the Aztec calendar on the front, with the legend “Mexico Tenochtitlan 1478”. Tenochtitlan was the Aztec capital city, it was located in what now is Mexico City. On the back of the coin there is the image of a coin press, one the original instruments used by the Casa de Moneda de Mexico to mint coins." "The “Sun Stone” is one of the most famous Aztec sculptures, the original sculpture weighs around 24 tons and has a diameter of 11.75 ft. It’s believed to have been carved around 1501 and it currently sits in the Aztec hall of the Anthropology Museum of Mexico City. Although the exact meaning of the “Sun Stone” has been subject to multiple theories and discussion, it´s one of the most representative remaining sculptures of the Aztecs, the greatest and last pre-hispanic empire in America."
  12. The German empire Mark 1874-1915 Proof Issue. Will you be updating this set to include all coins from 1873-1916. I have many proof marks with no slots to enter them into. The set seems to be limited at this time.