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  1. 2847969-001 Still trying to add this coin since October. Its the 5 oz silver 2020 Britannia 10 Pound
  2. 2847969-001 Tried that already. It sends me to request new registry. The coin is already listedi n the Registry, but has no points allocated to it.
  3. Have attempted to add this coin since October and still no luck. Any suggestions?
  4. When will it be possible to add this coin to my collection?
  5. In the registry for Britannia, Silver 10 Pounds, 2013-Date, Proof when will you be updating for the 2020 coin? I am looking to add my coin NGC cert. # 2847969-001
  6. Drum roll please! Just received information on the crossover:
  7. I don't believe you to be a disturbed person but someone who has a deep love for the truth. I am sincerely thankful for the time and effort you placed in the research. The coin is with NGC now for the crossover and I hope to see what they say by the end of the week. I'll post the results when I receive them. Also, to all collectors, I highly recommend returning labels to the original graders so the pop reports reflect some accuracy. Thank you once again.
  8. The digital image was passed on to me from the prior owner. Only wish I had the original NGC certification numbers. Spoke with NGC and they couldn't get me that information. It's absolutely stunning to look at. It has the deepest mirror finish I have seen for a coin that is 110 years old.
  9. Will you be adding the total year range to the Mark, 1874-1915. Proof Issue? Currently not all the years are available.
  10. Please tell me any information you might have concerning this coin.. It's 5 oz silver, that I know. Thanks.
  11. I recently acquired this magnificent 1910 E German Empire 1 Mark.The coin is currently in a PCGS slab but was originally graded by NGC as PR67UCAM. I have sent it back to NGC for CrossOver service and proud to say back to its originating grading service. This coin I believe to have been the NGC Price Guide Plate Coin.
  12. The Request Mailed Award is now functional. Thank You Ali E.