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  1. Here is my setup: Canon t5i, Sigma 150mm macro lens, 5500 white light, and a photocopy pro stand. I use the canon utility to remote shoot. Attached is an example of my clicks, more examples can be found at Let me know if it helps. I am going to get this book and see if I can improve my pics.
  2. Thanks @Conder101 - Appreciate your response. A repunched 3 without any double strike marks on the other numerals, is that a possibility?
  3. Hi All, I recently acquired this 1933 half rupee, this was part of the Fore sale in 2012-2013 and sold as 1933/2 Overdate. Could you please help me validate what the last digit seems to me. Is it: 1. Actual overdate 3/2 2. Die re-engraved 3. Die ghosting due to double strike etc.