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  1. I saw your email and replied. For years now I have had an ANA submitter account, and have submitted under it in the past. Why did I lose it and need to reapply?
  2. Did NGC stop allowing ANA members to submit? I'm a life member, but can't download the submission forms. It just keeps trying to get me to upgrade.
  3. Peer review is common in other areas, so I don't see why it wouldn't make sense in coin grading. Sometimes it's good to have another set of eyes. Besides, the CAC'd coins sell for half to a full grade above quite often, so it's a nice selling point.
  4. Hello! Does NGC reserve any rights to the photos or intellectual content posted in journal entries? Do they sell, make content available to others or themselves for commercial use? Can NGC republish content I post without asking?
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    I've been an NGC guy for almost 10 years now. One of the main reasons being that PCGS and NGC coins were allowed in the registry. This just seems elitist and foolish. I don't know why Salzberg has taken to openly bashing PCGS lately. He just comes off as petty.