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  1. Would you check on my submission #2832791? Online says it was received on 4/4. This is 1 reholder. Not a big order so why is it taking so long? Thank you for looking into this.
  2. That is like NGC and PMG. They randomly change what they'll consider for grading. It's very frustrating to believe you've done your homework on which coins or notes to submit and then find out they changed their mind and grade those items anymore. NGC/PMG may grade these items in the future though. They just won't tell you when and if something changes. From the feedback I've received at least from the PMG side is the choice to grade an item is completely up to the grader.
  3. The customer is paying for the service of having their coin graded. If the coin cannot be graded due to issues, at least give the customer the option of having the coin slabbed or not. A nominal fee for looking at the coin is expected but why cycle it through multiple graders and then through the encapsulation process? Just because the coin ends up in the slab doesn't mean it's going to stay there. This is not a complicated problem. There could easily be a question on the submission form asking the submitter whether to encapsulate the coin regardless of condition or return the coin with notat
  4. Thank you. If you need a copy of the front of the COA let me know.
  5. I sent in the following coins for grading. They were in their original packaging/boxes and the COA's were also inside. I asked for return packaging which you did. You sent me back the boxes and COA's and charged me. Now you can't grade the coins because you have no COA? This is ridiculous. Please advise. Coins for NGC Invoice Number 2827556 LineItem Year Mint Mark Variety/Pedigree Denom. Grade Comments Comments 001 2008 CHINA 2oz MINSHENG ROYAL
  6. In response to the previous comment I believe we all enjoy collecting whatever coin type we fancy. It does no one good to be so condeceding to make another feel stupid and ignorant because you know better. I myself have been duped by NGC with "colorized outside the mint". The coins I have "do not have stickers" ....OMG . I searched high and low throughout the NGC instructions provided and reviewed the list and types of coins not eligible for grading. I could find nothing that says NGC will not grade and encapsulate coins "colorized outside the mint". This is highly irritating and at a mini
  7. Of the burnished eagles I have acquired, I've noticed some labels notate "Burnished" and some do not. Please explain why. Is this considered a Variety you charge extra to distinguish? I have several that need new holders and I'd like to find this out before I resubmit. Thanks,
  8. Just wondering why the 2013 W Enhanced Finish (SP) Silver Eagle does not have a space in the Registry under Silver Eagle Proofs including Varieties. This coin came in the set with the a Reverse Proof so I'm able to add that one but not the enhanced finish coin. Thank you,
  9. Does NGC or PMG ever run a promotional sale or a discount on submissions? Other TPG's periodically have specials but I don't recall NGC or PMG ever offering anything to their members. There was that one period in time several years back when NGC accepted cross-overs from PCGS at a 50% rate off of current grading prices. Except for this blip in time I don't recall anything ever offered. It would be nice though. What do you think? Thanks!
  10. First, please explain what the difference is between a "Reholder" and an "Upgrade to Scratch Resistant Holder"? Also, I know I can choose a new label if I get a new holder but what if I just wanted a new label but not a new holder? Sorry, this may seem silly but I'm sure you've heard it all. Thanks Kathy
  11. That's interesting because I was inquiring a few days ago regarding bulk pricing and submission and received a different answer. I have approximately 15 years of silver proof quarters (well over 100) I am considering submitting. I am currently an Elite member. My question was to the NGC Rep: Also, would the State Quarters and America the Beautiful Quarters count together for a bulk submission since they are still quarters? See the response I received below: I asked Lisa again for specific clarification and that was three days ago. No response. Am I missing something here? Hi K