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  1. Hello, Will NGC, grade silver rounds (US Coin Replicas), such as an 1/2 oz silver Incuse Indian? Regards-Jeff
  2. Hello, Will NGC, grade silver round (US Coin Replicas), such as an 1/2 oz Incuse Indian? Regards-Jeff
  3. Thank you very much for taking the time to review this. I am not new to coin collecting but have no experience with grading and conditions of a particular coin. I have recently started researching the subject and joined NGC to help understand the process and technical aspects of grading. You mentioned it looks like the coin has been polished. What indicators could i look for when buying future coins that it had been polished? Is there a distinction between cleaning, and polishing? Regards-Jeff
  4. Thank you for the assistance. I have attached the reverse and obverse images. Regards-Jeff
  5. Hello all, I have a 1881-S Morgan Dollar that someone had graded it at MS66. It is a very appealing coin with the exception of one mark on the edge visible to the naked eye. It almost looks like the coin was damaged somehow. I would like to have the coin re-graded, but fear it either will not be gradable or it will be graded much below MS66. Any comments are welcome. Regards-Jeff