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  1. I don’t know if your being nice or if this trap. My interest are in US 1831 to 1933 gold and o mint silver and Morgan’s. I am a true Newby . To busy fighting offf tigers to collect seriously. Do keep late hours. hugh
  2. Thank you for the reply, Just Bob. That is my style. I’m sorry. Many folks could commit just from the headline and that’s what I was looking for. Facts pertaining to an 1853 25c NGC PR 66 UCam . There is only one so the authority regarding this coin would know already what it looks like, how it smells and even spends. I never give much info about coins because I don’t want to weed thru 10 or so comments when looking for answers not more questions. i know I’m unusual. Thanks, hugh
  3. If anyone else owned this coin it would have WOW written all over it. i assume the lack of interest is because of where it came from before me. Priory to last owner this had an amazing pedigree . 1853 25c NGC PF 66 UCAM
  4. Attached please find a top pop Rare Coin. What issues do you see that might limit interest in buying. Some say it’s the holder. I don’t believe that and curious what you think leave top buyers uninterested.
  5. I’ve been Back balled by a large Coin Company and there friends . Question , is it a life sentence usually or a few years? Are sentences mandatory or do affiliates make their own decisions? Lafitte
  6. I’m curious if this is normal . Attached are pictures of the same coin. One on the left 5 years ago the one on the right taken today. It is easy to see the toning which looked like dark chocolate when it was sold to me, is much lighter. The coin is kept in a bank safety box with other coins and they haven’t changed. Any opinions or feedback will be appreciated. Also any guess on what it would sell for. Thanks Hugh
  7. Nothing shocks you guys and girls. Just another day at the office. I was angry, horrified and disappointed. i guess I will learn how not to sweat the small stuff, too. Thanks for letting me share. I’m going to post a coin on the way out just for fun. thanks, Hugh
  8. Out of respect for the New Collectors I will give a few examples of what to watch for if you happen to be in PCGS’s Registry from my experiences. Anyone can go to the site and verify, but do it soon as it will be corrected I’m sure. 1. Stiel Collection Coin Values And Population figures are not correct. Many don’t match the PCGS quote on their site. For Condore example 1854-O $3 PMS 62 top pop they quote 50 better. 1 out of dozens of incorrect figures 2. My sold coins about 1200 have been deleted And they refuse to add back. It’s called coverup and help the big dealer in trouble 3 Coins added by others never owned by me to give appearance Of me not being honest. 4. At least 4 times all collection deleted about a couple of months before judging annually. I’ve added them back each year but drop out of competition. 5. Dealer have been give passwords to sign in. 6. Rules changed to keep me out and others to allow some special advantage in sets. 7. Although I paid there has never been a regrade report giving to me. Hundreds have been requested. 8 I’ve been a member 6 years and not the 2 year they say. 9. Later more maybe, Im done for tonight. I hope someone gains by my experience. Hugh ps PCGS. Com Stiel Collection or google it
  9. Conder101 you don’t know me at all and I just soon keep it that way. I’ve been a member here 5 or 6 years and from the first day you’ve followed me every step of the way telling everyone to ignore me and anything else you can think of to distract me from meeting anyone of substance here on NGC. ‘Do you do this to earn a living or just the sport? if you don’t mind, minding your own business and like you suggested to everyone 5 years ago act like I don’t exist. Thank you and your the last person I would care to have a discussion with here or anywhere else. My side of the street isn’t perfect as yours however from what I understand it is in good enough shape to participate with most here. Atleast the beginners. If in fact anyone cares. I come here to read and have every day the 5 years. Everyone appreciates your warnings. Hugh ps Thank you for not replying here.