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    P.S. You might try pulling up some other, older threads on this topic, which will include photos of copies and genuine coins. This comes up fairly often as many of these were made as souvenirs.


    It's just difficult to verbalize. If you are unable to upload a good photo, then I suggest you find photos on the internet of real continental dollars and compare them to yours. Copies are usually crudely made with rough surfaces and poor details and the differences will be apparent. Failing that, show it to a dealer.
  3. I'm collecting medals almost exclusively at this time. All are scarce or rare, but fortunately medals tend to be cared for better, and not a lot of demand (in my specialty). That said, I still have to lower my collecting criteria on occasion. Just bought some cleaned bronze medals (they're orange/pink for goodness sake) of a series I may never see again.

    Happy New Year All!!

    Happy New Year! 2019, wow. Where are the flying cars?

    Need Help

    Asking for a lot as well. Maybe better to ask how to proceed to get this information, from whom.
  6. Usually not a fan of modern mint collector issues, but those ghost ships are very cool.
  7. What a great collecting theme. I wasn't aware that there were so many medals issued representing the same commemoration. I do know that expos or similar events seem to have an unlimited amount of related materials, including medals. A lifetime of collecting enjoyment indeed.

    Early Commemoratives For Life

    Always liked the old B&M KIngswood holders. Really nice display.

    Auction Catalogs

    used to keep them. Recycle now.
  10. I like tejas' guesses, but #2 looks original to me and #7 looks like it has been cleaned along with its other problems.

    Do you have any show stoppers

    I can't bring myself to pull the trigger on a nice MS 16D to complete my Mercury set. They seem fairly available, which means I just need to write a check. That puts me off as does as the lackluster US coin market. Not really a stopper money-wise, but I hate knowing I would eat $3-$5k in transaction cost in the near term and I'm no YN. My attention has shifted elsewhere for now - to 18th century medals.
  12. History there - numismatics!
  13. If it becomes possible, Chinese coiners will likely be the first. However, the supply of valuable coins that would have sufficient meat on the bone to pass muster might be a limiting factor.
  14. P.S. most of my collecting most recently is 18th century medals. More like how I used to enjoy the hobby. Beauty, rarity, no slabs, no CAC and in my series', low cost/risk.