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  1. Question Regarding NGC Scoring

    Since you separated A, B, and C, we can assume they are different coin types, or different finishes, or different something. The difference between a 69 and a 70 is minute. Assuming that the differences are real, and each coin is a different something, then, if NCG is accurate, or nearly so, we can conclude that there are differences in the care that was exercised in handling each: A, B, and C. Or, that there is a different degree of difficulty keeping each pristine, or that the design or finish of each more readily shows flaws. Or, as some believe, myself included, these trivial differences are meaningless, highly subjective, and the offspring of marketing minds.
  2. 1799 GIII Half Penny

    I've noticed that a large number of these are available in very high states of preservation. Anyone out there know why? Restrikes? A hoard? Many thanks. Here's one I picked up for my colonial type set,
  3. Post your favorite coin purchase of 2017

    The toning looks even, attractive and original to my eye. I would leave it alone, but that's just my taste. Perhaps send to NCS for a look, in case it's heading to the "terminal" toning state that is so often mentioned. I've found them responsive and they can respond to the "need" for conservation as well as aesthetic considerations.
  4. What is a Fresh Coin?

    Amazing sometimes the difference when a coin has never been dipped or messed with. Sort of like the difference between a tomato bought at Safeway, and one from your garden. No contest.
  5. 1909 vdb matte proof penny

    The population reports support the lower estimates as well. Surely a very tough coin if someone has accumulated over 50 of them. I can remember when you could cherrypick these raw. I actually picked one at a Steve Ivy auction, but, alas, I was not alone. Because so many really nice business strikes abound, the proofs tended to be obscured.
  6. What is a Fresh Coin?

    All great posts on this topic. This concept applies to lots of things.
  7. Pet Peeve 2018

    To be clear, I wasn't so much focusing on Legend, although it was their FUN report that set me off. More, my pet peeve is the tendency to look down one's nose at other forms of collecting. I can remember many years ago, before it became fashionable to collect high-grade Lincolns (at least that was what prices reflected), I was scouring shows for the real key dates. Many of the hotshot young dealers would ask me "why are you interested in that junk?" So, not only is such behavior bad manners, it can be shortsighted as well. Lastly, 98% of the population thinks we're half nuts - we need to stick together.
  8. Pet Peeve 2018

    Good stuff.
  9. Why A Male Hobby?

    I believe this explains why the vast majority of geezer collectors, like myself, are men. I have noticed that a lot of the younger attendees at the summer seminars are young women, so the demographics may be changing. Since we tend to follow the behavior and beliefs of our parents, it will take time to balance out.
  10. NGC Tours

    As that a pun on my comment? Seriously, yeah, if NGC screens for dealers with a track record or a rep I can see that, and agree wholeheartedly with strict security. But, they could do the same for collectors. I suspect that if one of the better-known collectors wanted to stop by they would be allowed admission, particularly if they had an important collection to grade. A better policy to me would be to say no admission except by appointment and only if the person is known to NGC.
  11. NGC Tours

    Someone with a collector account is more of a random Joe than a dealer? I've been to lots of shows and met a lot of dealers with tables and without that I wouldn't let walk my dog. No offense to the vast majority,
  12. Pet Peeve 2018

    One of the early collectors who mentored me was a lady friend of my mother. She collected Indian Head Cents. I remember her fondly.
  13. NGC Tours

    Policy seems harsh as respects collectors, but I guess the volume/hassle ratio would be too low.
  14. Pet Peeve 2018

    Caught me, but she isn't alone, maybe just unusual?
  15. Why A Male Hobby?

    Hunting and competition - seems reasonable, maybe more so the hunting aspect.