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  1. More words of wisdom. I give myself an out by believing that I'm not "pre-occupied" by cons or other possessions, not most of the time anyway, Actually, when it comes to coins it's the research and the chase for me, more so than possession.
  2. A lot of wisdom in that observation. However, it is sadly lost on those of us afflicted with the collector gene.
  3. Ok, found True Views on a couple of the dimes in my type set.
  4. Here's the reverse of the 1870 dollar. I love the reverses on the seated series as well.
  5. Oh for Pete's sake. I'm a BIG fan of seated coinage. But I don't have any pictures of my dimes and am challenged in the photo department - sorry, all I can offer are the pictures I kept of some of the other denominations in my collection. Hopefully we can get some more players to join in.
  6. Lord help me, I'm slowly being drawn to some of these "coins", some of them are actually pretty cool. Very unlikely that I'll ever pull the trigger on line, but perhaps at a show and I'm a little bored.....
  7. Thank you Conder. After looking up Spence's bio and noodling around eBay, the three Thomas's reverse (?) is paired with themes consistent with his history, but the pairing with three men hanging is obviously someone else's doing. Still a lot of nonsensical misinformation out there in numismatics.
  8. I'm thinking may give an overall indication of the market for expensive coins. You may be right as far as MM coins, they may be in a tier of their own, unaffected by the lower ranks. The 94S dime might give us a hint. Will be entertaining for we of the hoi polloi in any case.
  9. The Simpson auction tonight might give some clues.
  10. I'm starting to take an interest in these Conder tokens. Can anyone suggest an up-to-date reference book that would include these pieces? Although of English manufacture and apparently more to do with the French revolution, I plan to include the major types in my Colonial type set. The little bit of shopping I've done, I've noticed three reverse types which I'll call The Jacobin Knave; The Wrongs of Man; Pandora's Breeches. Would be fun to identify other Conder tokens that relate directly or indirectly to early America.
  11. Watched the recording. Coin collecting 101, not a lot new. Some extra focus on patterns, HA has a booklet they've prepared on collecting patterns which should be of interest. Noted that all the coins being sold have all very recently been regraded, apparently with a number of upgrades.
  12. As an old timer myself, I think your last sentence is the key to all the grading fuss. I don't support a lot of what I have seen in the market, but it is important, if one cares about getting the most for one's buck and preservation of value, to follow and understand what's going on. As much can be said of other markets. BTW I'm with you on the wild toning thing. Silly.