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  1. Suspicious for sure, but if it tested out as gold and weighed right, it would be worth $600+ as melt.
  2. Please let us know how it turns out. Raw gold is harder for a collector to sell what with counterfeits and all. I think the money will be well spent even if they grade below your expectations.
  3. Excellent article. A very good balanced summary of the two sides of this particular coin.
  4. Interesting, thanks for posting. I don't recognize either brand of soda> .
  5. These intaglio coins are impossible for me to grade, but the coin looks nice in the video. As a collector I would submit it to NGC as a learning experience if nothing else.
  6. You guys are way too patient with this guy. Did you see the cute quote in his last post? "Experience without objectivity breeds ignorance." Travis, knowledgeable numismatists are taking their time to give you their opinion, for free. Get the damned thing certified.
  7. The point of the adage "a thing is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it" is that whatever YOU think something you own is worth may not be relevant. The market determines the value of something, which is determined when it is sold. Market timing and luck are huge determinants as pointed out above, but all those uncontrollable variables are what defines "the market", which is not perfect. Not understanding this can only lead to disappointment, at least on occasion.
  8. A great show report and very moving personal narrative. My dad served in the Pacific as well, we scattered his ashes in the San Francisco Bay, not far from where he lived since the end of WWII. Thank you for sharing. P.S. those photos of the stars look like your dad may very well have taken them. Very cool.
  9. Agreed. This is the first time a package nearly made it to my doorstep then was sent away, felt the need to share. I think the local PO folks get a bad rap as well, my local PO personnel all awesome. Amazing the dimwit stuff they put up with from the public.
  10. Package just arrived back in Dallas. Fingers crossed.
  11. ...or not to track. I habitually track incoming purchases. Sometimes I wish I hadn't - waiting in ignorance might be less frustrating. A group of medals arrived in NY from Germany on the 24th of January, left NY for Dallas (final destination) on the 29th. Arrived in Dallas on the 30th. (Now I'm eager with anticipation, my medals are 20 miles away.) Then sent to Chicago on the 31st. WHAAAT? Left Chicago for its "destination" February 1st. Now (February 5th) en route. I'm afraid to see where my medals will turn up next - back in Germany? I guess it's better to know than not, as I'd otherwise be wondering why the shipment has taken so bloody long. BTW I think the USPS does a great job 98% of the time, but there are those times....