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  1. Until recently I collected Lincoln for many years - all sorts of Lincolniana, including cents. Numismatically, I also had a lot of fun collecting Lincoln medals and tokens by King number. A good subset that goes well with cents is Civil War tokens showing Lincoln. Another area of diversion that I got into was Victor Brenner medals. Of course the VDB medal and plaque that are associated with the cent are cool to own.
  2. Thanks for the heads-up! I'll try to track down a copy. May try the ANA lending library if I cant find one for sale.
  3. Used several sources, a good one being registry type (ATS). Most recently found a list of coins dug in Jamestown and duplicated those types as best I could. Lots of cheap fun finding those old coins raw (could not find slabbed examples of most). Many were details graded when I sent them in, but that seems appropriate for coins of that vintage. I haven't done any gold, reasoning that few 17th - 19th century Americans used gold, but if I find out otherwise, I'm ready (any excuse to collect...). One thing I should do is add more South and Central American examples since they were the staple of foreign circulating coins. As of now I just have one example each of a cob 8 reales, and 1/2, 1, 2, 4, and 8 reales, some portrait, some pillar. Lots of fun and learning and probably as relevant to early American history as US federal and more traditional colonial coins.
  4. "On occasion, I have also thought about working on one or more cheaper and much easier series so that I can buy more coins regularly. I don't do it because I know I will regret not spending the money on coins I would rather own." I've made this mistake more than once out of boredom, regretted it, and ultimately sold at a loss. I do expand the limits/definition of my collections so as to keep active.
  5. Enjoyed it and do recommend it. Typos are numerous for sure but great content. As a kid I was once a TA/reader in college, and I would write on many papers "did you proofread this?"
  6. I have two core collections: 1) US Type, including colonial type and foreign types that circulated in the US. I should be able to complete the US type if I stay away from early gold. Down to 18th century types; and, 2) medals of Jean Dassier and his sons. I doubt that I will complete this collection as these are truly scarce to very rare, and different metals and finishes keep popping up.
  7. Unfortunately (?) whenever I buy a piece that catches my eye outside of my main areas of interest, the piece strangely begins to breed. My icon is a Jean Dassier damascened medal of Elizabeth I. I bought it about three years ago because I thought it was beautifully made. Once I learned that it was part of a set made c1731 I had to have the whole set, which in turn led me to collect all the medals engraved by Dassier and his sons. I now have about 250 medals. It's a sort of sickness, the result of which I have no oddball examples to share as nothing remains odd for long. I likely need professional help. Very nice proof set BTW, beautiful toning.
  8. A nice change, but, sadly, could be very inconvenient.
  9. I agree with p-f's rather blunt, but IMO accurate, definition. I also agree with your statement. I just upgraded a DB 10c from 8 to 15. Transaction cost will be at least 10-20% no doubt (GC has it). The 8 was an unintended hole filler, and was the result of impatience. Not the first time nor probably the last time that I'll make that mistake. I do admire collectors who bide their time to find just the right coin. Not my nature, I look for a satisfactory coin depending of course on scarcity, and I'm too damned old now to take the most rational path to completing my objectives.
  10. I dunno. I think of a hole filler in a more negative sense, as a pejorative. In your example, I would be content with a 58. If I filled the hole with less than an AU I would not be content (nor would I do it).
  11. Beautiful commems posted above. Love many of them but not all types.