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    Whats wrong with this coin/vdb

    Looks like damaged, worn, fingerprinted, discoloration spot (?). Lots of miles on it so anything might have happened to it. Can you be more specific?
  2. Please put me down for a copy of your book.
  3. Very interesting, thanks for posting. One wonders if the hammer and its casket were ever executed as described, given the ambitious description. Have you seen any follow-up articles as yet? Is the present whereabouts of these objects known? Must be a fun and rewarding project, lots of history in commemoratives. .

    Removing Verdigris

    Here's the medal that prompted this question. I may not see another for a while. Find most of them in European sites. I think I'll pick it up, thanks.

    Conder Collectors - Post Your Images

    Pandora's Breeches? You don't say?

    Removing Verdigris

    Many thanks Bob.
  7. I'm considering buying a scarce, but inexpensive ($100) 18th century medal. There are a couple of verdigris spots on the reverse. I would pass but may have to wait years for another to pop up. Any way to safely remove verdigris without really messing up the surface? I'm never going to have it slabbed so don't want to have it professionally conserved, just DIY for this. I'm only concerned about the look, not whether it would ultimately straight grade for a future owner.
  8. Another entertaining report, thanks so much. After reading your tribulations, I'm glad I didn't try for Philly from Dallas that week.
  9. Congratulations to all the NGC honorees. NGC is a class act.

    1909-S VDB Question

    I've never been a 22 no D fan, nor a 3-legged buffalo fan. Worn or over-polished dies.My oh my how very interesting, certainly worth as much as a car or a trip around the world, yes? As for the 22 no D, imagine the values if Philadelphia had been active. I try not to knock what others collect, glass house and all, but sometimes the silly factor is just too much.

    Cool Buffalo nickel

    Bid at over 66 list big bucks indeed. Beautiful coin.


    Very seldom find any US on Ebay these days that fit the bill, but I've found it useful for foreign coins and medals.
  13. Makes sense then.
  14. Another 2 leaves variety sold for $87k earlier this year (Stacks). However, it looked a lot nicer photo-wise. This coin looks washed out in the photo, but may look much better in hand.
  15. Among the millions of wheaties that are sitting in fruit jars and sock drawers I would wager that there are still a few out there. If the subject coin gets enough publicity we might see one or two turn up.