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  1. Should add the buff had a green CAC sticker, and looked to me all its legs.
  2. This is an interesting case. I recently sold a 38d Buff OGH 66 thru GC. I had held it for many years, bought it for my type set, but it no longer fit the set. Really beautiful iridescent toning, a superior example. I sold it with a number of other coins, so didn't pay much attention to the bidding or the result until well after the auction ended. It started at $20, had 11 bids and sold for about $814. Haven't tried to keep track of it but there must be some folks out there with very sharp grading skills or some real gamblers. Yes, I'm very happy, but can't help but scratch my head.
  3. Hope they didn't transport Ms. Liberty across state lines for immortal porpoises.
  4. Reminds me of Bartelby, Melville's character, but in reverse.
  5. If NGC hadn't gone back and forth on this we would all applaud this as a magnanimous and hobby-friendly decision, although it is clearly a business decision. I have a mixture of coins and always will - I prefer doing business with NGC but consider crossing a waste of time and money, other than replacing damaged holders with my holder of choice. I joined the forum about the time that the NGC-only decision was made. Although I have no interest in competing for awards, I am interested in the registry for other reasons. I had decided not to bother, but will now likely give it a shot. All good for me.
  6. Many thanks. Some marked differences, just the sort of thing I was looking for.
  7. Just what I was looking for, thank you. The difference in the leaves is really quite striking, to me worthy of treatment as a separate "type".
  8. Mark, this forum is also a source, or should be IMO. As many times as I've looked at the Redbook, pop reports, or the like I had no clue that there are as many possible varieties of Barber coins (see above) - for example.
  9. Good stuff. Can you elaborate, say just on the Barber dimes ( I have one only) to get rolling?
  10. Excellent advice you two and I appreciate it, but I was looking for series-specific knowledge more than advice. Although, I have to admit that was also trying to stimulate some conversation around matters of taste. This place is pretty quiet - reminds me of a junior high school dance most of the time.
  11. Sure, but I don't have deep knowledge of all series. I wasn't going to include both FH dollar varieties until I read about and saw the clear differences. I don't know what I don't know.
  12. I'm just starting on 18th century non-gold. I've decided to include both the 2-leaves and 3-leaves FH dollar varieties. After looking at the reverse designs it seems to me that they are sufficiently different to merit including them both, although only one FH example is "traditional". Conversely, at one point I had decided not to include the No-Drapery LS variety as I had focused only on the drapery. Of course, the overall obverse designs are markedly different, so they are now in my set. Always open to suggestions: what are your thoughts as to what to leave in or out, compared to the more traditional US federal types (all centuries)?
  13. Just a guess: our host doesn't have the resources to adequately police prices on coins with limited demand to ensure consistency. Although, software could be developed to catch these anomalies. I've seen this sort of thing occasionally on price lists for US coins as well. Just a ton of data to deal with.
  14. Until recently I collected Lincoln for many years - all sorts of Lincolniana, including cents. Numismatically, I also had a lot of fun collecting Lincoln medals and tokens by King number. A good subset that goes well with cents is Civil War tokens showing Lincoln. Another area of diversion that I got into was Victor Brenner medals. Of course the VDB medal and plaque that are associated with the cent are cool to own.