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  1. Interesting the different methods used by Pietz, thanks once again for an informative post. Who was Edna Kimball Wilkins?
  2. Thanks for posting. Interesting and amusing exchange. I didn't know that JPJ "invaded" England either. Had to look it up.
  3. Very nice proofs, thanks for sharing.
  4. Without question. Exception might be: to preserve for sentimental or presentation reasons, like a birth set or gift. Pretty costly though. Common moderns can be had on eBay or Great Collections for a lot less than the cost of slabbing to a civilian.
  5. Looks very nice, I'll bet the toning is super in hand and looks lustrous. I know too well what it's like to buy a nice coin that I already own, if it just grabs my attention. Part of the fun.
  6. The second buyers will be the big losers. Flea market newbies and the like.
  7. "Full split beak" on the quarter? I'm cynical as it is when it comes to reverse strike designations. Totally nuts, and someone I assume paid good money for this.
  8. Please do, I for one would love to see it. I'm assembling an 1859 proof set as a proof type set, since it hits 6 types. Wish I had thought of using 1883 for similar purpose, at least for the nickels.
  9. I dunno, the OP just seems to be doing "show and tell" or really just "show", which sort of opens this thread up to about anything anyone wants to share that they're proud of. The same member posted a 1932 $10 Indian without comment and the next post was a 1914 Indian. Harmless sharing of very nice coins we're proud of. If the OP had a point or a question to put across, that's different. I agree that hijacking can be annoying tho.
  10. Ok, continuing the analogy my collecting consists of sprints and long distance runs. I set a reasonable condition goal and fill the easy part of the checklist. If I maintain my standards, the tougher parts of the checklist require patience. I'm not a hole-filler. I like the sentiment expressed in the article. Worthwhile things often require patience and maintaining a stride.
  11. Thank you for the report and all the engaging photos. Pittsburgh has become a great city to visit.
  12. You're correct that spots will detract and inhibit selling. Spots on yours not bad IMO, but I agree with Mark, based on the photo. As far as grading, IMO (again) the services are too lenient when it comes to carbon spots, that or they have developed in the slab. Not sure about CAC. When I collect copper or bronze I avoid spots like the plague unless very minor, but based on auction results for scarcer coins others are more accepting. .