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  1. I am interesting in buying paper money *cash paid*

    I also want to mention that I don't need to obtain pictures from you. The web is full of them. You made me uncomfortable almost immediately after having just a short conversation. It is unlikely that you will know why. Just move on and go live in peace. No need for this type of behavior.
  2. I am interesting in buying paper money *cash paid*

    You can say what you want but you contacted me and I responded to you. You did not respond for several weeks. Then you contacted me to tell me that all of the paper money you offered me earlier you had sold locally except for one banknote. Then you tried to sell me coins for high retail. The next thing I know your texting and calling me all the time. I told you I did not want to do business with you and you continued to call me so I blocked you. Then you called me from another phone line. After I blocked that number you came here to this forum and wrote your comment. Why don't you just accept that I passed and do not want to do business with you? Why do you continue to harass me? Just move on and let people be in peace. This kind of behavior is not necessary.
  3. 1882-O mirror surfaces must see

    Thank you gentleman
  4. I am interested in buying large size type notes and national currency. I am also interested in buying batter small size currency. Please message me with what you have to offer.
  5. 1882-O mirror surfaces must see

    This coin will easily impress you. It is raw and original. No funny business.
  6. 1882-O mirror surfaces must see

    I am recycling my posts instead of starting a new one.
  7. I am not very knowledgeable about coins. I am selling off an accumulation that was left to me by a family member. I can take additional images or make a video. To me this coin looks amazing. I am open to a fair offer. I have $0 into it so someone is likely to get a great deal.
  8. I am offering this 1958-1964 proof for sale. $300 delivered PayPal okay.
  9. I have sold the following- 1910, 1913, 1919-D 1912
  10. Auction lot I won- question

    I'm not offended at all. I just like to use this forum for discussion and to learn more about the hobby. I hope your post was not meant to offend me. I didn't take it that way.
  11. Auction lot I won- question

    Here is another one that might be helpful- People willing to help other collectors
  12. Auction lot I won- question

    I decided to throw a bid in and ended up winning this group. Do I have any key coins here?
  13. Coin question

    I can't believe they could do such amazing engraving back then.