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  1. True that may work and show a better image to work with but I do not have such software. Maybe someone here can provide such an image.
  2. hoping, would be nice to find out what coin the die was used for. Makes it hard when the text in the dies are hard to read.
  3. Thanks for posting the image, lets see if anyone can find this out.
  4. Hey All Pick up some vintage coin dies today but not sure what coin they were used for or anything. Can anyone help me out. Here is a link to the image of the dies. Thanks!
  5. So true my friend I should have come here first. I am really new to this but feel in love right away. So its great having a place like this to go to for some help. I am the CEO of a major company but I would love to do more in this field and I think I will. Again thank you for the help everyone!!!!
  6. WOW, Thanks for letting me know. I have not paid yet so good thing I came here first to find out. Thanks for the help. And sorry one more thing, How can you tell its a fake? Thanks
  7. Here is the link to the bid add
  8. It was listed as a restrike but I did not think that there was a restrike on this coin? paid $110 for the coin, but thought since this is a EU auction place they may think it was a restike but its really the real deal. Not sure
  10. Have a question, I just won a 1853 "Liberty Head" - Restrike in gold at auction looked like a great coin but I have never heard of a 1853 Liberty being a restike coin. Has any one heard of a Liberty Head Restrike?