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  1. The following gold coins are offered for sale after being removed from ring holders that were in turn attached to a gold bracelet. They have been in storage for over 50 years and as such do not have nicks/wear from circulation but rather from the clanking against each other when they were originally worn. I have other gold coins (World and US) that had a more conventional path to present day (ie. that have not been clamped to jewelry) but will see if there is any interest before removing them from the safe deposit box. I have limited exposure on these boards but have nearly 200 positives on eBay under the name “comictrader7” and have been a member since 1997. To my knowledge these coins are all original and I’ve attempted to be as accurate in the pictures/descriptions as possible, but since I’m a better judge of comic books rather than coins I will allow returns within 7 days if item is not as described, with the buyer paying for return shipping and (of course) the condition of the coin needs to be the same as when sent. Prices include insurance and shipping, which will be limited to CONUS. Each will be enclosed in an individual mylar sleeve, wrapped in cardboard and (depending on the amount ordered per buyer) will be sent in either a padded envelope or small box. I will accept PayPal or personal checks if you prefer but I reserve the right to wait until the check completely clears. No HOS or Probational Users please. Any or other form of acceptance in the thread will take precedence over PM discussions or offers. 1945 Mexico 2 1/2 (2.5) Pesos – very clean, very light wear with raised edges/ridges. $ 95.00 1903 British Edward VII Half-Sovereign – light surface scratches but still strong details with little wear, also has raised edges/ridges. $ 180.00 1916 Cuba 5 Pesos – slight wear and faint scratches, still has raised edges/ridges. $ 525.00 1916 Cuba 10 Pesos – has the most wear on the faces (seems more like pitting than scratches) with about 3 nicks on the edges (most obvious one on the obverse under the “16.718 G”) but again, still has raised edges/ridges. $ 850.00 1947 Mexico 50 Pesos – though some slight surface scratches all details very strong with raised edges/ridges. This one has the most obvious darker areas every quarter where the clamps held it in place and most likely some proper, non-invasive cleaning would remove the dirt (but I sure wasn’t going to try it). Writing on the side of the coin itself reads “Independencia y Libertad” $ 1,700.00