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  1. Wow I had no idea this coin was only minted for 3 years and after reading your reply it sounds a little intimidating but I really love that coin. There is a coin show twice a year only 3 minutes from my house and I think you may be right in that I could be overwhelmed but I have to start somewhere don't I? Thanks so much for your input.
  2. I, again, want to thank you all for your informative advice and to help me by taking the time to get the best for my money. There where a couple people that said for now I should only get PCGS and NGC already certified and slabbed coins. Thanks again.
  3. I would save for about two months making that $800.00 to spend then. I like coins no less thanb MS63 but even that's a little low 64s and 65s much more preferred. I have to admit I'm not quite sure what you mean by "Series" but for now my purchases are random.
  4. BTW, I want key dates not just, for a lack of better words, a common Cent.
  5. Hi, most of you know how green I am so I appeal to Mark, Paul and any others I've missed, sorry, I really want to buy a Flying Eagle more reare Cent unlike the one I uploaded at a very high price. I will be putting about $400.00 a month aside for this purchase. I want a higher grade but a lower price and you are the only ones I know to ask. Will any of you give me some examples?
  6. BillJones and the rest of you I want to say thank you very much I am very excited to being able to ask you all about what I'm considering. Thanks so much for the advice on where to start and how. This means a whole lot to me. So I will do as you suggest. I am very happy and excited by your advice I feel I have a foothold instead of falling not knowing what to do. I will keep my questions to a minimum and not post until I have done as you all say.
  7. I actually don't have any particular collecting plan right now I love coins and I like having history in my hand so yes my purchases are random I only like US coins so my collection is anywhere from Colonials to older silver dollars. I also have not purchased the Morgan yet because I have not had enough time to study it. How many auctions should I use as a resource and which ones are good reputable ones? Going back to collecting goals I do plan on putting together sets of Morgan and Peace dollars eventually. All of you are very experienced collectors so please forgive my ignorance I feel like I'm wasting your time with my posts but your feedback is valuable and after reading all of your reply's you have got me thinking but if you are frustrated with me let me know and I will's just hard for me to know where to go to get answers.
  8. I would like to say that, first of all, I have been listening to you as, unlike the last two raw coins, I have not purchased this one yet, but, if I did he asks $650.00. I figured I might get feedback such as this so I picked out an 1890 S Morgan NGC MS64 just in case I did. The reason I would put $650.00 into a raw coin is because I don't know if I would ever be able to afford a coin like this again and with this one I can make payments, however, I guess it comes down to, can I afford to pay TO much for one but I really love the Flying Eagles. So, for now, I will go with the Morgan seen below. BTW the person I would have purchased the Eagle from even suggests buying coins that are already graded, also, he is selling the Morgan for $350.00. Sorry for the glare on this one.Thanks for your help all.
  9. Great it worked!! Please any healpful feedback. Thanks.
  10. I have posted a few times on this board and haven't left anything of feedback because I'm really only learning seriously for the first time. I had made some purchases before presenting them to all of you and felt slighted at the reply's but I'm past that now and hope I've learned more seance then. At first I thought that the only reputable sources of coin value where the Red Book, Grey Sheet and local dealers when I was informed of Auction prices. After some study and thinking I realize that auctions are the best way to go as they show what people are willing and not willing to pay for a coin. This, however, does not leave me feeling that I am now an expert in coin grading as a matter of fact I hope I don't make a fool of myself in this post. The next coin I'm considering to purchase is a 1858 Flying Eagle cent. I have seen from PCGS Auction Prices that the "Weak MS" 1858 Flying Eagle sold for $376.00 and the rest sold for way over $1000.00 (please tell me if I'm way off on this) so I am bringing to your attention a 1858 Flying Eagle cent I plan to purchase after more study and reading of your responses. The last time I tried to upload a pic. it only showed the file name not the pic. so I hope they come through this time if not forgive me. There are quite a few possibilities for this coin but I'm sure it doesn't fall under the heading of "Weak MS" so if the images come through, I am welcome to all feedback. Feedback is welcome even if they don't so here it goes. I'm using Firefox so if this does not come through I will try IE Edge.
  11. I'll try the upload again. If it doesn't upload then I give up but the original question is still valid.
  12. I asked a good friend and dealer this question. It will be in quotes. "If I don’t have a coin graded, doesn’t it lower the value of the coin? Of course if it is under graded it affects it negatively. Also how can I tell it’s value if I don’t have it graded?" His reply. "Well, I guess it depends on the particular coin, whether it's raw or certified, and of course it depends on how much you paid for the coin, I think it all comes down to, and again if it's a raw coin having the knowledge of what the coin was graded by the dealer and what you paid for it, if the coin is slabbed it is going to be worth more, but, again it goes back to what did you pay for that particular coin, most collectible coins, whether it's rare or not are raw, I guess it depends on the individual and how you would feel comfortable with where your money goes and you know what you paid for a particular item and what the actual grade is, or value,anyway" This coin sparked the question. I hope it's not to blurry I have a little tremor in my hands.This coin is problem free as far as I can tell I figured it would come back an MS63 or even a 64 yet it came back a 62 when I sent it to NGC. Any response?