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  1. Not as intricate as the British Crown but very beautiful none the less. One of my favorites.
  2. Due to the enormous delays, I grew skeptic as to what the thinking and strategy was. I sincerely hope this was not the plan all along. I see even the Early Bird Tier has been already updated to $38 from $35.
  3. Perhaps by making it mandatory to submit beforehand, online, a copy of the completed submission form(s) alongside the shipping/tracking info of the package to count as incoming traffic. Anyway, the strategy to limit and how they do it is entirely up to NGC to implement. I see no other simplistic way NGC getting past these enormous delays in the near future. I am just trying to point out a path. Maybe there are other individuals just like this....but I am afraid I cannot relate to this at all...I fill in forms the day before mailing.
  4. Submissions entered into the system on 03/25, no status updates since 03/30 ! NGC has the option of disabling/limiting the submissions page for a short amount of time, but, of course this will not be considered a valid option because it is a business and profit the ultimate goal irrespective of the fact that most customers, if not all, are unhappy because NGC has made a mockery of the turnaround times (and I am not even taking into consideration the time it takes to get submissions into the system after they have been delivered to NGC). COVID has become a harsh reality of our times,
  5. In the garb of "Turnaround times are not guaranteed" NGC cannot and must not take twice the turnaround times. I try not to lose my cool, but at this point it is not acceptable.
  6. Package containing Express Grading Submission (besides a couple of re-holdering submissions) delivered on the 19th of March, but, not yet in the System (as of March 24th). Please look into this.
  7. The dime, as per today's market silver price, is worth more than 15x its face value. As per the entire P+D mint package is concerned, I have seen pristine 1960 sets sell on eBay for around $30 - $40.
  8. I think you are missing the point I tried making in my previous is unlikely and not necessary for all coins in a bulk submission to have the same grade or error designation.... Also, in case there is any confusion, I would like to clarify that NGC does not give the highest grade (i.e. 70) to coins with designated mint errors (atleast I have not seen one).
  9. Well....the number 101 after the dash means that the coin in consideration is the 101st coin in a bulk submission. It does not mean the 100 coins before that had the same grade or error. The seller may be right unless what he says you can do to prove him wrong....find a similar (in the same or higher grade and with the exact error) counterexample. P.S: The 100th coin in the bulk submission has grade 70. I looked it up, you can too.
  10. might depend on the type of membership you have. Some of the listed labels are for bulk submissions only (Elite Member Privilege). If you are a premium member, such requests are generally overlooked. P.S: If NGC mistakenly charged you for the label without providing it, you should definitely take it up with them.
  11. In these difficult times I pray everyone comes together and wholesomeness prevails (from darkness towards light).
  12. The status of my submissions has not changed for a while and turnaround time is complete. Also for invoice # 5909845 the images have been intermixed. Please look into it. Update [10/30/2020] - All issues promptly resolved. Thank you NGC.