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  1. 1st Coin - Hong Kong 10 Cents. 2nd Coin - Japan 10 Yen. 3rd Coin - Turkey 5 Kurus. 4th Coin - Russia 50 Kopek. 5th Coin - Russia 10 Kopek. All the above are clickable links. Follow them if you wanted more information. Cheers.
  2. Over 3 months now ! Images have not been uploaded yet !? Edit: Both have been resolved.
  3. Any updates regarding the Image Uploads on the NGC website ?? P.S: A big thank you to NGC for promptly responding & resolving my other concerns.
  4. Hi there, I had a few queries regarding certain things I was not able to figure on my own. They are as follows:- (1). For Invoice numbers "resolved" and "resolved" the images are not yet available. (2). My account balance (out of $150) after my recent submission (I renewed on 10/8/19). (3). My CC was charged $104, two separate amounts of $70 & $34. (aren't grading charges deducted from account balance, also one of the submissions did not cross over). Kindly, let me know soon.
  5. There might have been a mistake in the submission form for invoice # 4753676. I sent a response email to Ken Dudek regarding this after he reached out to me. Just trying to make sure that the submission is being considered for grading.
  6. Actually, by a solid core I meant something like the following coin:- 2019 Australia High Relief Koala S$1 Is it possible to request this kind of holder. Please let me know.
  7. Does NGC honour requests like provide me with a solid core instead of a pronged core thats holds coins in the slab ?
  8. There are 3327 minted proofs and about 86 NGC graded PF70UC. Is anyone on these forums owner of one such piece ?
  9. Is this the Oriental version of Lady Liberty ? Please Note: I am race neutral and hold no uninformed bias for/against any group.
  10. There is an on going trend of dropping Platinum prices for some time now (below $800 per ounce at the moment of this post). Is anyone here worried and more importantly is anyone trying to take advantage of this (opinions appreciated both from a hobbyist/numismatic and investment viewpoints) ?
  11. World Coins of intricate design and/or historical background are a great interest of mine. A couple of years back when I started, I added these distinctive coins with appealing gilt motifs: 1). Australian Dollar - 130th anniversary of the Melbourne Mint. 2). Russian 3 Ruble - 150th anniversary of the First Russian Stamp. 3). Belarus 10 Ruble - Candlemas Celebration.
  12. My interest in numismatics arose from quarters (most common in circulation). I was heavily invested in quarter collection in the beginning. This was my first serious (i.e. graded & pre-civil war) purchase:
  13. How true is it that sometimes die cracks add to the value of a coin ? Are they of any significance ? For example, for the type of coin below, I have never (either on-line or in hand) come across multiple cracks (across the crown & right below/along the bust on the obverse). Also, could the region on the reverse around the '8', which looks slightly elevated be a die break ?