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  1. Awesome, just deleted a bunch of sets. This has reaffirmed to me that I will not be completing any of my not completed US sets, so those are all going. Haven't decided what to do about the sets that I was tied for first but am now loosing due to the tie breaker, which coincidentally, I still haven't gotten my certificates from last December. I may leave those sets on the registry in protest. PS: I was buying both PCGS and NGC coins prior to the changes in January.
  2. Finally got one, wanted one since I was a kid. Awesome toning on the reverse.
  3. Why does it matter where the coin was struck if the only way you can differentiate them is on mint box?
  4. Here is my most recent purchase. It is a MS 62 - 1806A France 2 Francs that I picked up for my Napoleon Type Set. It has an incredible surface which the pictures just don't do it justice. The observe picture does a slightly better job of showing the different colors that dance across the surface depending on the way the light is hitting it. Thanks for looking.
  5. I was using NGC as a way to keep track of all my graded coins in one place. I'm leaning towards going to PCGS for US coins and keep NGC for world coins. The way PCGS scores their sets is less complicated then the dynamic NGC registry scores so you don't need to check the scores for individual coins. Here a plus grade on a coin can mean the difference of a 1000 points or only 50 while on the PCGS registry it's 0.5 unless it makes it a top pop and you get the bonus. I figure the change to PCGS will increase the number of coins in my collection quicker and for a lot less money; for example, I can settle for the MS 67 buffalo instead of trying to get a MS 67+ which costs 4 times as much. I think it will also allow me to focus on just collecting coins I like because it will be harder to get to the top on their lists so I probably won't even try or at least have it as less of a priority. Additionally, I can't see crossing my PCGS coins to NGC as it will instantly loose value if it only crosses at the same grade.
  6. I am disappointed in the decision to no longer accept PCGS coins. I'm not sure how I will proceed. I'm fairly new here so I doubt my thoughts will have much impact on NGC's decision but I wanted to atleast let them know I am disappointed.
  7. Could we get a Columbia, Gold 5 Pesos. 1919-1924 with Simon Bolivar, Large Bust. Thanks
  8. They actually do claim that it supports the NPS on this link: "Licensed by the official charity of the NPS that was founded in 1967, this coin is an opportunity to support a great national nonprofit organization." I assume they are talking about the National Park Foundation but doesn't answer how much goes to them. I find the marketing rather strange on this coin. I don't have enough numismatic background to know what to think about this coin as I have only recently gotten back into coin collecting after taking years off since childhood. If it is as they purport it to be, I would be ok wasting some money on it. However, if as some of the other commentators state this was never Saint Gaudens idea for the coin I wouldn't want in.
  9. They are selling these on e-bay as well. I asked MCM through e-bay how much of the cost went to the National Park Service (NPS) or the National Park Foundation (NPF) and they told me I would have to ask the mint. I found it kind of strange because it isn't marketed in an ungraded form on either the NPF or the NPS web site despite the NPS talking about the US Mints Commemoratives, nor could I find anything on the Saint Gaudens National Historic Site about it. It does look like you get a National Park Foundation bag with it so it seems like it should be sanctioned and that they get some of the proceeds as I doubt that they would let GovMint/MCM use their name like that if they weren't getting some proceeds from it.