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  1. The condor tokens are a very interesting group of medals I have over the years read about them in several different coin forums and seen many pictures of them as well ....I like them and since I have a fondness for copper I have considered collecting them myself. Right now I'm looking to form a new collection other then my Icelandic coins. I have decided on northern European coins.... nothing new since I'm not big on modern stuff ...the more detail a coin has the more I like them.
  2. I agree with the all above I have read that each company has different standards which can influence the grade of a coin in either MS or PF.... I have coins in my collection,,,, both world and U.S. that is truly over graded and under graded ..As the old saying goes buy the coin and not the holder. And as to one of your questions above submitting slabbed coins to the other grading TPG services will pretty much look for a reason to stick it to the other TPG .....IMHO.....Its just good business.
  3. I just finished listening your podcast and found it very informative and very interesting. You did a great job.... if that was me I would have been tripping over my own words and not to mention freezing up at every question I was asked. Your a natural at this......Congratulation
  4. Congratulations....This is wonderful news and I wish you all the luck with your most deserved promotion.....
  5. Wouldn't that be wonderful......All hale the almighty Revenant
  6. Just think ....If you took the 10 richest people in the world and converted all there money to the Zimbabwe dollars you would need a 747-8 ..the biggest ever ....To move all that money from one place to the other.....
  7. I just got finished looking at your Zimbabwe notes Revenant......You have a very impressive collection....I loved the billion dollar and up notes....I would just get a kick out of have so many billions of dollars in my wallet......
  8. They look wonderful....I love the design on them. I have been contemplating starting a new world set and these look like something I would like to make a set with.
  9. I assumed they are both a brass alloy but one appears to have more tin in the metal. Now I have seen about 5 to 6 others in both types and they also appear to have the yellow brass and the tinish brass There is no mistaking .them as being toned Can they be analysed with out being damaged to determined the composition of the metal.
  10. Thank you gentlemen for the kind replies. I wish all of you have the good luck I've had in the recent few months.....
  11. I have two specimen Icelandic 1940 2 kronur coins that are from the EX-King Norton mint collection graded by PCGS and as well as two one Krona specimens from the same mint. I was thinking of have them graded by NGC. I have the one krona and two kronur in what appears to be in the yellowish brass alloy and the second set in a Tinish like alloy ...( A off metal) ....Now my question is will you or can someone be able to tell me what the off metal composition is and if so can it be noted on the NGC label..... as well as the mint collection it came from.
  12. Iceman

    ...Of Cracks and Clashes

    That is a very interesting clash....I wonder if there are many out there for this type coin Clash dies have been a interest of mine since finding a bunch of them in the Icelandic coins I have. It appears to be a common accurance among world coins ...I have never seen a U.S. coin with clash marks ...I guess we are much better in the coin making department
  13. I have seen a Ebay seller from Maryland put up around twenty Icelandic 1942 5 Aurar's coins in ANACS holders with a grade range from MS-64 to 66 and from RB to RD but he wants anything from $75 to $250 for the 66-RD. I offered him $150 for the best looking 66 red but would't take it and since you couldn't magnify the image of the coin so there was no way to see the details. I have read in the past that ANACS have graded some coins as much as 2 points higher then NGC or PCGS so all this had me very concern about just how nice these coins really are. About two weeks ago I was searching the internet and came across a coin site by a Dr Bruder and he had a 1942 5 Aurar MS-64 RD in a PCGS holder and only wanted $59.95 so I snapped it up and it now in my collection . Until these coin were on the net I have never seen a red 5 aurar before I have RB ones but no RD's Someone must have been to Iceland in 1942 or about that time and saved a whole bunch of them.