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  1. That's a great looking error Scott .....I'm a bit green with envy .....Is there a story behind it ....Like how you found it....Sure would love to read about it... Congrats on your new addition Love it .
  2. He's looking good and yes he looks so much like you no losing him in a crowd and the fact he likes coins is a great thing as well a true chip off the old block...... Well it good to hear that he is doing so much better it all takes time...I was also born with many problems as well and one was that I was a preemie as well ...They didn't think I was going to make it.....But I did and grew up to collect and love coins..... Well Happy Birthday and Keep up the good work kid...You have a bright future.....
  3. Thank you...It took a long time to complete to its present completion. I have Carlson's little book and it doesn't say much about them and we need to put something more comprehensive and up to date about Icelandic coins. Krause is no help either and it doesn't reflect the rarity or scarcity of any of the coins in the Kingdom Era. I have a publication in German that is no help either and I have been toying with the idea of putting together a small book about this Era of Icelandic coins I even have the Icelandic publication put out by the National bank of Iceland and they are not much help ...I have found some unpublished varieties and a few other things that are not in any books that I know of ...I might have some time in the next six months to devote To this....
  4. I feel your pain. I collect coins from Iceland and I have been focusing on the Kingdom set 1922 to 1942 which comprised of coins which was the first coins minted for Iceland by the Copenhagen mint in Denmark. There is very little info about the minting of these coins and as variety of the small 14mm ! Eyrir which I have found a number of varieties in that series. Its always the least popular coins that get the least amount of attention over the years and when starting this collection back in 2003 I had no idea that it would take me over 16 years to find nice Uncirculated coins and some of them like the 1933 25 Aurar That I have own seen two of these in Unc and the 1931 2 aurar I have only seen one of.....So yes like you collection you just have to keep at it will all come together with a little persistence and time....So good luck.
  5. One of my recent purchase a PCGS graded Iceland 1942 5 Aurar in MS-64 RD
  6. I just never understood the need to go crazy over any modern coin that has a high mintage even in the PF/MS -70's to pay such high prices only to see the value go down in a short period of time. To me its like the beanie baby craze some years back when people were paying thousands of dollars for on little stuff colorful animal
  7. That was a great bid of a history lesson ...I really enjoyed it very much . If I'm not mistaken in believing that this was your conclusion to the lapse in mintage of the coins in mention.....I think you hit the nail on the head made sense to me. Well I must say again you do have a way of making your readers interested in the history of coins reading a good thriller you can't but down .
  8. Iceman

    The Mighty Peseta

    A very interesting read ...As always Gary. I must say that you have sparked my interest in world coins and good luck on your new collection....
  9. Happy birthday.....I hope your enjoying your wonderful presents I try to get the birth years for the ASE in proofs for the grandchildren.
  10. The condor tokens are a very interesting group of medals I have over the years read about them in several different coin forums and seen many pictures of them as well ....I like them and since I have a fondness for copper I have considered collecting them myself. Right now I'm looking to form a new collection other then my Icelandic coins. I have decided on northern European coins.... nothing new since I'm not big on modern stuff ...the more detail a coin has the more I like them.
  11. I agree with the all above I have read that each company has different standards which can influence the grade of a coin in either MS or PF.... I have coins in my collection,,,, both world and U.S. that is truly over graded and under graded ..As the old saying goes buy the coin and not the holder. And as to one of your questions above submitting slabbed coins to the other grading TPG services will pretty much look for a reason to stick it to the other TPG .....IMHO.....Its just good business.
  12. I just finished listening your podcast and found it very informative and very interesting. You did a great job.... if that was me I would have been tripping over my own words and not to mention freezing up at every question I was asked. Your a natural at this......Congratulation
  13. Congratulations....This is wonderful news and I wish you all the luck with your most deserved promotion.....