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  1. Welcome to a great group of knowledgeable people here who are willing to share!
  2. Most likely PCGS and NGC will be around 20 years from now with most of their grading done on foreign coins, especially Chinese ones. Unless there is a boom in numismatics in the U.S then, the TPG's will have more offices abroad
  3. The reverse is pleasantly toned with a mini rainbow. No dark areas in hand as there are in this photo.
  4. The CAC bean adds exactly 20% to the value according to CDN. I paid about 28% over FMV retail as a BIN on ebay and bought it within minutes of seeing it. I would not have hesitated to pay more. Had the coin be up for auction, I bet it would have sold for a considerably higher amount!
  5. I've examined the coin thoroughly with a quality glass 4x magnifier and determined the obverse with it's clean cheek and distinct hairline is MS65+. Some very light chatter on the left field hold it back from a 66 imo. The reverse is clean with no hits and a solid strike. It doesn't have the "Pop" a 66 has, especially in the wreath. Overall, a good candidate for a MS 65+ and I would not send it in for a regrade unless I was sure of a MS 67 designation!
  6. Found this beauty recently and most people like it, some very much so. I almost had second thoughts after one person said "Looks like it's been hit by a blow torch". He also said "I don't get this toning thing some collectors have". After explaining to him why I like nicely toned coins he replied "I guess I'm just a purist" which I took for preferring "White" non toned coins..This conversation made me examine the reasons why I and others like toned coins and are willing to pay a premium for them. I came to the conclusion I simply like them, am happy with this one and will continue to get more!
  7. Agree. I prefer most of my medals raw though on high end rarities, an assigned grade makes them interesting.
  8. NGC has certified 35 of these in MS70 and 3 in MS69 so far. Found this one on Modern Coin Marts site.
  9. I like the concept of a rarity holder but these look too large and bulky. Also, how many times has this V nickel been slabbed!?
  10. Seems they pop up at auction every 1/2 dozen years. This one looks like it's got fingerprints all over it. https://coinweek.com/prices/rare-1964-sms-kennedy-half-dollar-sells-47k/
  11. Guess my luck has been good in light of the stories here. I ordered a total of 4 2019 Apollo 11 50th Anniversary silver coins, 2 five ouncer's and 2 one ouncer's from them back in March and all were packed well and arrived on time. Also, they all look at least PR69 to me. Very happy with the transaction.
  12. This Buff has found a permanent home and the luster is booming! Almost certain this would CAC, maybe a gold bean. I never get tired of checking out the nuances on this beauty with a 4X magnifier but it takes 8X to see the D/S!