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  1. At it's high point, PCGS valued it at $10,000. Eventually the value dropped below $6,000 as I recall and now is valued at $8,000. If it were cracked now and sent to NGC, what designation would be attributed to this illustrious Rossie? My guess would be MS66+, Maybe MS67. . https://www.pcgs.com/cert/03572701
  2. One graded MS68 FB. by PCGS and one MS68 FT by NGC. No info as to ICG or ANACS. Old thread come back to life! Check out Buffaloheads post. A truly remarkable story destined for the history books! Still only one graded by PCGS. Highly doubtful there will ever be another graded @ MS68.
  3. Paradisefound, no nickel and diming here Lol! The copper content in Rosies, Buffs, Washington's etc in reaction to sulfur via any means is the primary way most of these coins tone, Now, I need to find my flux capacitor and get back to the future!!!
  4. That's one awesome Buff! Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to more images if you can compress the files.
  5. Buffalohead, could you post photo's of some of your best examples if possible?
  6. So glad to hear the good news. I believe miracles can and do happen. I've had nightmares about my modest collection being submerged under water, stolen.or simply vanishing. I'll try a dance too!
  7. Thanks for all the great comments. This has been epic!
  8. Integral the Presidency is respected. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gold_Reserve_Act This may lead to more questions than answers.
  9. Wow...Fernández-Armesto gained media attention in 2007 for his alleged brutalising by five policemen in Atlanta, Georgia, as a result of jaywalkin
  10. Probably. BTW Germany retrieved their gold reserves from Paris. https://www.pcgs.com/news/1933-20-st-gaudens-sets-new-world-record-price-of https://qz.com/1060645/germany-has-pulled-all-of-its-gold-out-of-paris/?utm_source=kwfbus&kwp_0=515222
  11. They should get some compensation for alerting the Gov imo. And what's the Gov gonna do with them? For decades they hounded the globe trying to find a minute amount of gold. Baffling... I think this is more attractive, Lol!
  12. Very good article and point. Seems there's a shroud of mystery where him and crew landing in 1492. Guanahani (Named by the Taíno, the natives that lived there at the time) Bahama is what Wiki info says the landing occurred..but which island in the Bahamas?? There are more then 700 islands in the Bahamas. GEEZ!! The conquistadors SOB were far worse. A bit OT but relevant in a abstract form.
  13. My experience on Ebay has been good as a buyer. I steer away from raw coins unless their inexpensive and the photos are good. I use Numismedia as a general price guide, very good source imo. I had my best buys bidding which I've taught myself some good tricks...without using a snype! One of my better finds was a 1913 type 1 MS66 Buffalo. The opening bid was $160 and the auction ran for six days. The photo was terrible. I ended up winning the coin for I was the only bidder. When I opened the package I was astonished at how beautifully toned it was!! Dealers have told me it's the best Buff they've seen in hand. Just recently won a 1954 S MS66 Franklin with REAL rainbow toning, five different tones on the obverse. The photos didn't do it justice. A dealer friend told me I could sell it for at least double for what I paid. I do not sell any of my coins with great eye appeal! I find the above comments very interesting. Have sent this thread to my friends that sell on ebay. BTW, I did get through to ebay via phone on a dispute and had the customer representative chat with a rep from paypal. Had to use three phones,lol! Problem was resolved in my favor.
  14. http://abcnews.go.com/Business/judge-10-rare-gold-coins-worth-80-million/story?id=17159793 http://www.coinworld.com/news/us-coins/2016/08/langboard-family-loses-appeal-1933-double-eagle-case.all.html
  15. Agreed. NGC headquarters In Sarasota structure [s above storm surges and and can withstand high winds. The best forecaster's predict Irma's trajectory will strike East Florida. Most important is people evacuate if possible. Knowing how to use live radar can be a life saver. You can zoom in on any area. https://www.accuweather.com/en/us/northeast-region/satellite-interactive