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    wanted 1960 Franklin PR 68

    I am looking for a nice white 1960 Franklin in PR 68. I prefer NGC. The ones on ebay do not look right or are not the right grade. Or they are too much money. If anyone has a nice one send me a picture. thanks bob I am seekbob1974 on ebay 100% feedback. Update, I found one guys thanks.
  2. I have a 2014 Isle of man Angel coin. It is 1 ounce .999 silver and NGC graded ms69. I was looking for a price guide value for it but when I put in the info it says no info available. can someone help? thank you
  3. 1879=65,1893=66,1898=65 wow all great coins!
  4. seekbob1

    Stars and Non-Stars

    Thank you so much., still I would have preferred the higher grade instead of the star. bob
  5. seekbob1

    Stars and Non-Stars

    Question? So how much does a star designation increase the value of a coin??10% 20%?
  6. seekbob1

    My account comes up in english and another language.

    Hi all, My issue has been resolved, I went to Microsoft support. it was a cookie issue. they cleared all my cookies and the Chinese language went away. Moral of the story, stay away from the globe . global sites. that problem drove me crazy for awhile. thanks bob
  7. seekbob1

    My account comes up in english and another language.

    Hi, my operating system is the new windows 10 and my browser is explorer. I think the language is Chinese. I must have gone to a global site when I was trying to find the home page. Please help me get rid of this. it only happens when I go to NGC. thanks Bob
  8. When I go to NGC my account comes up in another language along with English, I don't know how to edit it or change anything. I want English only. there is a black banner bellow the blue banner in NGC also when I go to price guides it shows another language. when I press on the world globe and pick united states it does not change. I don't want to delete my account but what can I do?