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  1. <<< Is this "CAC" thing a load of *spoon* or what? >>> In a word....yes.
  2. As if it wasn't bad enough pcgs has changed their grading 'standards' at the drop of a hat over the years, has what I'd consider possibly the most incompetent and ineffective customer service dept I've ever dealt with (whoever heads that dept should have been terminated years ago IMO), and has essentially served no real purpose to either the industry nor the hobby over the past decade.........with the departure of David Hall, pcgs is now just a generic non-entity going forward IMO, and I'd be mildly surprised if they are even an ongoing concern in the coming years.
  3. I always find these 'Professional Coin Grading Screwups' threads entertaining.
  4. Yes....definitely remember popping those VHS tapes in and seeing the auction lots. I also remember getting frustrated calling in near the end of a sale and not getting through.
  5. dragon


  6. Helluva nice piece for a 62, and looks significantly better in your pics to me.
  7. Cool........would be interesting to know where it was hiding all these years and how it surfaced.
  8. <<< It is well known that NGC originally decided not to certify moderns in the 1980s and into the 1990s. The market was not there. That was 30 years ago, and now there is a big market for modern coins; the mints themselves, have gotten into the business of gimmicky coins. There is no reason to bar certification of moderns, anymore. >>> Backwards logic IMO. It was the grading services and their registry sets and MS70's and the hype that created the market for moderns to begin with.
  9. Exactly...100%! I was just picturing a Pawn Stars actor's photo and signature on a GIA diamond grading cert and then just shook my head and chuckled. Has anyone here been around coins long enough to remember a well publicized letter from NGC many years ago stating something to the effect they would NOT be participating in the grading of "modern" post 1964 coins as they felt these otherwise common coins in super-grades would possibly lead to pricing far beyond their true value by unscrupulous individuals, and they were taking the 'high road'? Well it looks like dollar signs s
  10. <<< a holder that is an exact NGC clone >>> These holders are not exact clones of genuine NGC holders, not even close IMO. Look at the outer shell edges which are clear for starters.
  11. I don't really see any color on this piece. It does however appear to have been cleaned at some point and has residue from that, and also looks to have some PVC.