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  1. What @Buffalo Headdoes is true art. So is what I used to do in photographing beautiful women. But trust me, what their significant other saw at home was not like what I put on film.
  2. It should have ended up as the covers of a Nikon F3/T. Loved that camera.
  3. For a 1979, that would be a II; for a 1981, it’s a I.
  4. True, but I’ve seen horrible shots by both of them AND Stacks Bowers. Not often, but some. There IS NO WAY short of holding the coin in your hand, under lighting you choose. I will always believe that. Coins are 3D objects, not flat art.
  5. I hope you realize these may have been raw coins submitted by a collector with no present plans to sell. I hope you can get them, but I would not EXPECT it.
  6. Most over-rated, over-hyped, over-sold, over-bought, over- slept-out-overnight-on-concrete, over-everything but valuable gold coin ever? The 1964-2014 gold Kennedy half dollar. Heck, the total population of “Chicago bought” slabbed coins exceeds the total number sold there. So the number in OGP must be a negative number. That’s ATS for you. I’ve never trusted PCGS from that day on. NGC required proof by sales receipt. PCGS never did. Besides, the PCGS slab looks like hog slop.
  7. All? Absolutely not. ALMOST all? Yes, certainly. Remember, rare coins set aside for decades can REAPPEAR in circulation by someone who knows nothing about them when a family member dies. That is probably the circumstance that could still yield an amazing find. Ironically, modern coin slabbing makes this far less likely. But the routine slabbing of ordinary mundane coins threatens to undo that distinction. Choose your poison.
  8. I did once learn on YouTube how to change the in-tank fuel pump on a Subaru wagon. Step 1 - KEEP THE DARNED WINDOWS OPEN!
  9. One reason I virtually never use it for ANYTHING. Facebook even less. The signal to garbage ratio is just unbelievably low.
  10. How many people who have NOT suffered the pestilence use language like this? Most people can’t even conceptualize what square edges even are. His coin’s edges are NOT square at all. Sharp, maybe.
  11. And where does that pestilence come from? Predominately from YouTubers. And who does it infect? Predominately new collectors. And where do they go next? Here.