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  1. When my parents left Italy to come to America for a better life I was eight years old in 1956. Before I left my grandfather who I was very close with handed me a heavy bag. Much to my amazement it was all Roman coinage. He told it was given to him by his grandfather and had most likely been passed down for centuries. I have identified all the coins. two are gold total of 68 coins. However I will never submit them. They go to first grandson when he comes to age. With instruction to hand them to his first grandson. We Italians love tradition !
  2. The coins that are colorized outside the RCM or USA mints cannot be graded as they should not be. Coins may be minted by RCM or USA mints but colorized by a third outside party. They buy the coins cheaply in Monster Boxes or tubes, stick a decal on them and wham they get $100 for a $20.00 coin. These are not mint issued coins and have no value other than melt. it's to bad so many people have fallen for this trick sale. if you notice the boxes they come are not mint issued, the COA's are made up to look authentic. Do anyone actually believe the original mints are only going to produce 100 coins, DUH ! However they keep coming out and some are very nicely done. So if you want fancy decals over your bullion coins in your collection go for it. As for me I collect International coinage from real mints. Your first clue should be to check the NGC Registry. If you cannot find the coin anywhere, which you wont. It's a fake. We don't need a book to let us know which are fakes just use common sense. Sorry to hear you wasted money with NGC and the price of a Maple Leaf or Silver Eagle tube coin. However you have the coins. My advice put them on eBay, possibly you can get some of your money back. Good Luck, Bob (Charleston-Coin)
  3. Forget the camera and use a scanner. Cannot imagine all the fancy and expensive set ups people use for camera photography. Don't even own a camera except on my phone and I never use it. Scanners take very true pictures and don't lie, you can make many adjustment to make a marginal coin look great with cameras. Check my scans on eBay under charleston-coin. Then tell me you can do better with any camera !