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  1. My complaint deals with the fact that NGC does not UPDATE the population of NGC GRADED So-Called Dollars on their "NGC GRADED POPULATION." If one goes to: and opt's for discussions, and scroll down to the last topic, "Is There a Serious Problem" one can read the comments from random SCD collectors AND Jeff Shevlin. NGC is refusing to address an administrative problem which deals with the GRADED POPULATION OF MEDALS GRADED BY THEM. Where is NGC's PROFESSIONALISM? New forum and discussion topic suggestions
  2. OK, Please research when the last time NGC UPDATED the registry population for SCD's graded by NGC? The population of NGC graded SCD's has not changed in over a year.
  3. As a So-Called Dollar Collector I feel that NGC does not support our "SCD COLLECTING HOBBY." As a life Member of ANA and 'presumably' NGC, I have found NO REASON to send raw medals to NGC for grading. It's infuriating to belong to an Organization so Unresponsive to Collectors they claim to Serve. I would dare a representative of NGC to post a response as to why So-Called Dollars are not updated to include newly discovered and TYPED by Jeff Shevlin and others. NGC needs my business far more than I need their's.
  4. In the past month I have purchased at least 6 NGC graded medals, 5 on eBay which I have entered into my "Custom Set" in So-Called Dollar category. None of these entries have been entered into my collection. What have I done wrong?
  5. Please refer to the online "So-Called Dollar" site been updated since 2008. Also see the below site for verification: The SCD for my picture is an ungraded HK-356. Also consider plating can oxidize to brown when stored with other oxidizing metals.
  6. Your'e right! Try this site: Happy Collecting!
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    So-Called Dollars

    Thanks Daniel, Welcome Home!
  8. I'll begin using 'scd' in place of 'So-Called Dollar' In the beginning I had to learn to grade scd's from photos, learn the differences in copper bronze and brass as opposed to copper and toning of each metal, "white metal" and even lead. I have one gold scd and want no more. Years of poor inventory control placed me in a unique situation. At one point I kept some scd's in Airtite containers in albums, others in 2" x 2" coin flaps in a desk drawer and a growing number of graded SCD's in 20 holder boxes. My list and collection totals didn't match for years. Oddly, this "collector head space"(in Army electronics repair, user error was referred to as, "Operator Head Space") and cataracts aided in purchasing scd's which are unlisted in both "SCD" editions. Upgrading my SCD's has given the 'collection' a number of duplicates, some graded. The HK-366a I believed I owned. is an unlisted, 32.1 mm So-Called Dollar as described on J. Raymond's site: I never thought I could complete a Alaska-Yukon Pacific Expo. until I purchased The 1909 SCD, HK-356A Alaska=Yukon Pacific medal. My collection has (at this time) a mis-graded HK-364 medal and three unlisted Alaska-Yukon Pacific So-Called Dollars. I need only the below medals to complete a registry set. HK-358 Utah Dollar, Ag HK-361 President Taft Dollar, AYPE HK-363 Seward-Chief Seattle Dollar, br HK-364a U.S. Government bldg I have SCD's and Early Commemorative Half Dollars. to offer in a trade for SCD's I need to complete my Alaska-Yukon Pacific collection. Go to your local coin store and ask to see examples of so-called dollars... - Anonymous SCD Jokester
  9. My collection is "So-Called Dollars" featuring the 1909 Alaska-Yukon Pacific Expo. Last October while searching on eBay I came upon this medal, HK-356a, NGC MS-63BN. This is a silver plated bronze and has oxidized to a flat dark brown patina. Q. Should I submit this for conservation?
  10. Both search terms brought ZERO results.
  11. Thanks Matt! Using this page, I used the [Search] button on the upper right corner and entered, 'So-Called Dollars' and So Called Dollars.' I've not tried "so called dollars' because some bots don't recognize case sensitivity to aid searches. Be gentile if I'm searching wrong, I'm new in this area of NGC
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    So-Called Dollars

    I began collecting So-Called Dollars in the mid 2000's. I was drawn to them because of their unique beauty and further representations of Our Country's historical heritage. I grew tired of collecting coins with the same faces and changing dates and mint marks and fell for their beauty and uniqueness. IMHO, Because of the many sections of So-Called Dollars I found a need to set parameters of my collection. As a Disabled Veteran, my funding status is a red flag; I discounted Monetary medals as too expensive and realized "Part I, Commemorative and Exhibition Medals of National Significance" represent an affordable route to satisfy my collecting parameters. Being a Northwest Native, my collection centers in all North Western and Northwestern Expositions, specifically the 1905 Lewis & Clark Expo, the Alaska-Yukon Pacific Expo. and PPIE Expositions. Over the past years, I've devised many schemes to detect and secure rare Medals from the above categories. To this end, I scour all available search modes. (As a young coin collector in the early 1960's, I cashed my allowance into various coin rolls from banks and built my collections. Decades later, I use the same drive and determination to fill my So-Called Collection.)
  13. I find it impossible to collect SCD's without owing and cross-referencing Both Editions of the book. There are enough discrepancies in books and including the app to determine the proper HK number. In many cases (see HK-299-304, with stars), "NOTE: Two varieties are known, With or without a star on the map at St. Louis: variety without star rarer " The Alaska-Yukon Pacific Expo. medals, HK-364 - 378 are represented by different pictures in both editions which demands the question, A well planned 3d Edition of "So-Called Dollars" to tie together both Editions.
  14. As a So(-)Called Dollar collector I find the category difficult to follow. Apparently the search engine is set to accumulate like words in its it's search resulting in all types of "Dollar(s)" clogging this Search. Is it possible to tighten the search parameters? Thanks!
  15. I collect So-Called Dollars from Hibler & Kappen's same titled book. My collection features 'Part I' medals from 1876 thru 1962 and US Congressional Mint medals.

    My most complete collections are 1909 Alaska Yukon Pacific Exposition and 1915 Panama Pacific Intl. Expo. 5a58347ff208e_DSCN0083-Copy.thumb.JPG.f4e25964b05b15ce091f4b00f738cf53.JPG