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  1. 1964-d quarter type c 65' reverse?

    your coin appears not to have the definition of the leaves that is typical. However I can not tell from the images posted. Your leaf does not appear to go past the A in dollar, but perhaps with better photos....
  2. 1964-d quarter type c 65' reverse?

    here are two images of my AU53 version.
  3. 2014 D dime

    They look identical to me. I am sorry I do not see what you see.
  4. looking for an AU High relief peace dollar 140-150ish. Willing to trade https://www.ebay.com/sch/davids5104/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_ipg=&_from=
  5. evaluating coins for strike

    these were all from war nickel sets i bought. I picked maybe one or two coins out of each set that looked worthy. The problem is a war nickel in MS-66 is a trash grade to submit. if you divide your 85 dollar acquistion over the 11 coins and then grading fees, you cant make a buck doing that. So, I am trying to eliminate the 65's completely and increase the 67's but that is my problem currently. I am not smart enough to tell the difference. I will take your advice Rick and look at the rims. I just bought a hastings loupe too.
  6. evaluating coins for strike

    I am reasonably good at picking nickels and dimes out for grading. I had a primarily Jefferson war nickel submission and didnt get surprised with many low grades. What I believe I am not good at is strike evaluation. I understand the term, but I believe I am unable to tell the difference between a 65 and a 67 when they look the same in hand. I even have counted marks on the surface with 5X magnification to figure out why one is different than the other. I believe it is not the luster or the surface that I am missing but the strike. I feel like this should be the easiest of the grading concepts to have but I dont. I have books and plenty of examples. Any tips? I DID get surprised on two of the cleaned coins on the submission
  7. Washington Quarter

    not an error, just damage. nothing but a quarter
  8. Post Your Most Recent Acquisition

    here is my most recent
  9. 1941 Mercury Dime

    sadly no double die... just a slightly more interesting looking 1941 but nothing more
  10. 1941 Mercury Dime

    Got the expert Dr. Wiles to look.... his commentary was "You are seeing the metal flow lines from the late die state." Now, next up, to find a specialist that agrees with what I want this coin to be.... Any takers?!
  11. 1886 S Morgan VAM 1A & 1B?

    two of those are 1886 and one is an 1886-s
  12. 1886 S Morgan VAM 1A & 1B?

    add a link to the ebay coins in question so we can take a look. thanks. you have done a lot of research so far
  13. 2004 Jefferson Nickel (peace coin)

    I am happy to help as we were all in this place at one time, me not so long ago. you are, however on an NGC webpage that had to have an account created to post here, so.... I am unsure how to continue. Quickly, if this is a legitimate question. There are a handful of companies that grade coins. NGC and PCGS are the two top organizations. DDO stands for Double Die Obverse which is a relatively rare strike of a coin. you can search that term for more info
  14. 2004 Jefferson Nickel (peace coin)

    there is a variety of this coin that has value. There is a DDO from the philadelphia mint. It has always been hard for me to see. This coin is for sure on the NGC top 100 modern list and I think on the PCGS one as well.
  15. Various Coins on Ebay

    I am in the process of listing quite a few coins.... of note here are the ones that I find the most interesting 1. 1939 P - Mercury Dime - MS-67 DDO FS-101 2. 1950D - Jefferson Nickel MS-66+ FS - Great Toning!! Very Rainbow 3. 1945 P - Jefferson Nickel MS-66 DDR - FS-101 4. 1946 S - Roosevelt Dime - MS 67 FT STAR - Picked up my first MS-68, so this one is now available.... Kinda sad to see it go. Last but not least.... I have an 11-coin jefferson lot that is terrific and I have no idea for some low level jefferson coins why this hasnt sold.... take it off my hands, you wont be sad. Here is my link https://www.ebay.com/sch/davids5104/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_ipg=&_from=