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  1. Oldest NGC holder I have seen. Did not know they did FS this far back? Looks like there are 4 in this grade (including this one) and 1 in MS67+ STAR. $600 shipped via PP friends and family
  2. Via F&F paypal 165.00 Shipped
  3. Davids5104

    1964 John F. Kennedy Half Dollar

    No for that coin. like previously mentioned, the cameo or ultra cameo are worthwhile. still nice and a keeper
  4. Davids5104

    I need the following NGC coins

    Sounds good.... upload to ebay so we both can get 8% ebay bucks and send me a link
  5. Because of the 8% EBay bucks for buyers AND sellers I thought I may be able to find a deal on EBAY. I need the following coins and prices ALL NGC ONLY 1. 1997 P Law Enforcement commemorative - MS-70 - $170 2. 1996D Tennis, Rowing, Paralympics, High Jump Dollars - ALL MS-70 ($250, $160, $155, $200 for each) 3. 1992-D Baseball Dollar - MS-70 - $155 4. 1983 DDR FS-801- Lincoln Cent MS 64/65 - $200 5. 1981-s SBA - MS-66 - ~175 6. 1994 P Silver Eagle Proof - PR-69 - ~100 (NO milk spots) 7. 1995-W silver eagle proof - $15 dollars...... Just kidding..... i want, but can not afford 8. There is a coin that is very rare.... 2010D Zackary Taylor misdated. I guess it has a 2009 date. I just was wondering if anyone had a picture of one.... If you have them let me know. I will add the prices I am looking for in a bit
  6. Davids5104

    Looking to TRADE for Silver Roosevelts

    Thanks!!! Takes a long time
  7. Here is my list of silver roosevelts. I am trying to upgrade any of them. https://coins.www.collectors-society.com/registry/coins/SetEdit.aspx?PeopleSetID=179184 I am interested in trading only Here are the coins I have available for trade. https://www.ebay.com/sch/davids5104/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_ipg=&_from=
  8. Davids5104

    U.S. Coins is on Life Support

    I emailed NGC to add a forum that is titled "is this an error". I am no longer posting until something is done.....present occurrence excluded.
  9. Davids5104

    ignoring users

    what is the process to begin ignoring users posts?
  10. i reported it as spam here already
  11. No. It is not an error.
  12. Davids5104

    1984 I see a doubled 👂?!

    I agree that this is close. Too close for me to tell
  13. I think all your pennies in these posts are just pennies. I think a better place to start is looking for double dies or varieties that are known to exist where you can search the Internet for pictures of examples. While "new" double dies likely do exist in the world, you obviously do not have the skill and knowledge to identify them yet. I am in the same boat in that I thought I had a dime that was special, it wasn't. The difference is I had photos of the real thing and mine where a real discussion could occur. Not simply asking, getting replies and not learning from the reply. Stick with known varieties, build knowledge, then branch out to new discoveries.
  14. Davids5104

    collection manager question

    I have a VG-8 and a VG-10 1921D Walking liberty half dollar and they say they are the same price in the manager. thanks