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  1. Here is a photo. I am working on a new setup for images. We will see how good they are
  2. I love the NGC census. I do have a comment/suggestion though. For the Jefferson Nickel group, because of the amount of data it loads VERY SLOWLY on a PC, likely impossibly slow on a cell phone, although I have not tried. I would like the filters to be available before the entire document loads. So if I am looking just at 1941 coins I can make that my search which will improve the speed. Thanks
  3. I happened to speak to a registry member about their coins. They mentioned that they had actually sold them all off, but that the coins remain registered because they were not claimed by purchasers or users. My comment is that once someone has a set that is registered, even perhaps one of the top few ranked, there is no way to have them verified as having ownership. I think this makes it tough. I am likely a few positions back from where I would be. Is there a verification process of ownership for those that win the cash prizes or grading certificates. Perhaps telling them they have 30 or 60 days to prove ownership (like a photo with a newspaper date similar to movies). I am not going to win anything this year anyway, but what is the process. thanks
  4. This coin is part of the Top 100 Modern Coin Set. Not released for circulation. It is encapsulated with the special label for this set. It is ranked #29 This is $90 shipped via F&F PayPal. NGC 3774641-019. Here is the exact coin on NGC site. I can add additional photos https://www.ngccoin.com/certlookup/3774641-019/66/
  5. It is a silver war nickel. Do not worry about the results of any test you perform. 35 percent silver is there
  6. Yes, i would like the DDO and DDRs recognized for the War Time Nickels. I do not know if enough people would want this given the relatively low population of some of them.
  7. Davids5104


    A good percentage of the commentary on this post is people with almost no posts. They are likely secondary accounts being used to argue the merits of NGCs decisions. It is their registry to function how they choose. It is up to us to decide if we choose to use it. Being offended is fine or disappointed but given the opportunity to include them in the custom registry set is a reasonable compromise.
  8. I would like a War Nickel Variety Set for the Varieties recognized by NGC
  9. I apologize if you miss took my statement. your coins are quite nice, but there are only a few Morgans that are rare. As an example, there are 5000 1890-S Morgan dollars graded in MS-63 at NGC alone. I did not check the population ATS. This particular coin can be acquired quite easily for less than 90 dollars. My point was if you are going to sell them, you can sell yours for 90 dollars raw or graded as a MS-63. but if you paid 25 dollars to get it into the plastic you are erased some of the profit. You may be aware of NGC population report, but if not it may give you a better indicator of what rare means. Pricing guides are also unreliable for information for assessing value. Please use this resource.... https://www.ngccoin.com/auction-central/us/morgan-dollars-1878-1921-pscid-49 It gives you sold auction prices of coins which is better. Your post may have been specific, but the title "grading tips sought" is less so. good luck and if you wish to reach out I am happy to help
  10. I just got an email about NCS eligible coins, which I am happy to have go to NCS, but now what about the pictures I just received, do I get Pre-NCS photos? that does not make sense. thanks again, I know you all will make this right.. David
  11. On my submission I received access to my photos today. I had on my customer notes on the submission form that I only wanted photos of the star designated coins and the 1949-S dime, but I received photos on every coin. I did not ask for this. It says contact NGC for special requests, what more should I have done? Please help me. David
  12. Oh! I was not even specifically asking about mine, but this is terrific to know. I appreciate your info.
  13. i do not collect morgan dollars per se, but I would add that MS-63 morgans are not particularly rare and are often not monetarily worth the time and effort to submit for grading. Ironically, my jefferson nickel submission is about to be sent back to me, which is probably the prime example of coins that cause you to lose money on the resale market depending on how you acquired them. I would look at each coin, determine grade, and decide for yourself if you are paying for the fun of the submission, the education of grading coins for yourself, and intent of getting a graded specimen. If you are going to be selling them, it may save you money to just sell them raw. Education is reasonable goal, but know that there are an abundance of grading resources online and paper that can help you ball park grades and it may be quite a bit cheaper. With regards to the shipping, I rubber band tightly the group of coins and bubble wrap and more bubble wrap in a box
  14. I would also like to see when it is "scheduled for grading", to have a tentative date for the occurrence. It can have the caveat of "this is our best guess" type of language since it is done in advance of the event, but it would be nice to know if it is tomorrow or 18 days from now. thanks
  15. 3 Coins available.... 1941 NGC MS-67+ (top pop) - $450.00 OBO Common Date 1881 S MS-64 PL - $130.00 1945 P FS-801 DDR Jefferson - $550.00