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  1. Nice, I believe I have seen this before on the internet. It's making its rounds. But, what I'm looking to have done is the making of an actual album for me.
  2. I have reached out to Dansco, and they did say "No, doing one album would cost too much." I asked how much, they never gave me an answer.
  3. Hello all, like many collectors, I have a mix of certified coins (which are my MS or keys/semi-keys) and circulated coins. This post question is for my circulated items. I would like to know if anyone knows of a company that can make a coin album to-order? An album like that of the Dansco or Intershield U.S. Type albums. I cannot use the albums that they mass-produce because they do not contain enough ports for the Seated Libs, or 3-cent silver...so on and so forth. And yes, to answer a follow-on question, I already have my circulated type in a 3-ring binder, but I want them in an album. Thank you all for any advice you can provide.
  4. "WHEN" do you certify coin or currency? Is the answer based on value? If so, at what value do you say, 'ok, I need to certify this.' Thank you.