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  1. Thank you for your post. The invoice was "pre-received" into our system which allows the customer to see that it is safe and items are accounted for. We then look over the items more closely and then receive it into our system. This is part of the normal process and does not have a bearing on the estimated turnaround time.
  2. Thank you for your post. You selected the mint error and variety plus services for this coin. After evaluation our experts determined that the coin would not receive an attribution for either service. Therefore, the coin was graded and encapsulated per our normal procedure and placed into the poly bag along with a notation that it was evaluated for both services.
  3. Can you please provide the email address you sent them to or a screen shot? I answer my emails within 24 hours.
  4. Hello, It looks like you emailed the wrong address as you did not include "coin." My email address is below
  5. Matt G

    Is it coin?

    Thank you for your post. Unfortunately, we are not able to identify this item therefore, NGC can not grade it.
  6. Thank you for your post. Please find the link to the coin explorer page below which provides the details including weight. I see that you have posted similar questions on the chatboards. I would highly suggest purchasing the "Official Red Book," if you do not currently own one. This will provide individual coin details including mintage, mint mark, weight, etc.
  7. Thank you for your post. The census is designed to list all coins of the same year, denomination and mint mark. The higher grade will include all varieties of the 1964D Jefferson 5C in higher grade including PL, DPL and 5 full steps.
  8. Thank you for your post. It looks like the package was delivered on 10/20/18. Please let me know if this was not the case.
  9. Thank you for your post. I understand that you have spoken to our customer service manager regarding this and she is currently looking into it.
  10. Thank you for your question. I will move your post to another section to allow our other members to offer their opinion. NGC does not appraise, buy or sell coins so we are not able to provide recommendations on how to handle these scenarios.
  11. Matt G


    Thank you for your post. Unfortunately, due to the fragile nature of the item we are not able to encapsulate it.
  12. Thank you for your post. I apologize for this error. We would like to have this corrected and shipped back to you free of charge. Please email me directly and I will provide directions on how to have this taken care of. Thank you
  13. Thank you for your post. Is the capsule still covering the coin, if so this could be a hair or scratch on the lid. We would need to see the coin in hand to determine if it is a mint error or as made during the mint process. When submitting the coin for grading please be sure to select the "Mint Error" checkbox.
  14. Thank you for your patience. The census data is correct as this example reflects the total number of PF69 UC ER C&C graded coins as 662 and PF70 UC ER C&C at 1,199. The "Higher Grades" will include all other regular and special label PF69 UC and higher coins.