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  1. Finding error coins in census?

    Thank you for your question. Unfortunately, NGC does not list the mint error coins in the census. Most mint errors are unique, therefore we are not able to group these on the census for comparison purposes.
  2. Variety Plus

    Thank you for your question. Variety and mint error coins can be submitted with other raw coins if they qualify for the same grading tier.
  3. No VAM?

    Thank you for your question. Unfortunately, NGC does not recognize the 1884CC Vam-3A variety. I have copied the link to our variety plus page which show all NGC recognized varieties for U.S. and World coins. If you are submitting the coin for grading and mint error designation, our experts would chose the most distinguishable error on the coin if applicable.
  4. Worth grading?

    Thank you for your question. Unfortunately, we are not able to provide accurate evaluations via images. I would suggest bringing the coins to a local NGC Authorized Dealer by following the link below. The dealer may assist with identifying which coins may be in good condition or higher value. An NGC authorized dealer can also submit the coins to NGC for grading on your behalf. You may also want to purchase "The Official Red Book," as it will provide detailed information for U.S. coins which may assist you in making your decision.
  5. 1966 SMS FT Roosevelt not in census

    Thank you for your question. SMS coins are not graded with strike designations, but a few were in error, such as your coin. Therefore, the census will not have listings for the full torch designation. We can have the label updated if you would like to send the coin back in for a reholder. Please contact me via the email address below and I would be more than happy to assist you with this process.
  6. encapsulation date

    Thank you for your question. NGC plans to add this feature for copper coins in the future, but not for any other compositions. Per the NGC Guarantee, copper coin grades are guaranteed for 10 years.
  7. What is NGC's Exact PL/DMPL Determination Process?

    Thank you for your question. Unfortunately, the exact details may vary by coin type but the baseline evaluation method is listed below. PL - fully reflective obverse and reverse DPL - fully reflective obverse and reverse with minimal metal flow or striations
  8. Membership Renewal

    Thank you for your question. You will receive a $150 credit when signing up or renewing with the premium or elite memberships. The credit will automatically be applied to your invoices and will cover all fees except for the handling and return shipping fees. If you account is set to auto renew or if you manually renew within a month of the account expiring you will receive a discounted renewal rate of $129 for the premium and $279 for the elite membership. The full $150 credit will still be applied to your account.
  9. Query regarding Size/Dimension

    Thank you for your question. Our standard size holder will be used for coins up to 45mm in diameter. If the coin is over 45mm in diameter it will be placed into our oversized holder which can be used for coins up to 120mm in diameter. Please find more information regarding our holders below.
  10. Error 1969 s penny no FG error?

    Thank you for your question. Unfortunately, the coin is worn and it is not possible for our experts to make a determination via the images. We would need to see the coin in hand to perform a proper evaluation.
  11. When Did NGC Begin To

    Thank you for your questions. Unfortunately, we would not be able to determine the certification numbers when these designations began. NGC began designating Full Torch on April, 14,2003 per the newsletter below. The star designation began in 2001 and has been expanded to many coin types throughout the years.
  12. Thank you for your question. The coins you mentioned are slightly rotated and are outside of our quality control tolerance. Please place them both on a new submission form and include your shipping information and the coin information. Please write, 'mechanical error-coins rotated in holder." We will reholder and ship the coins back free of charge. Thank you.
  13. New Ancients label?

    Thank you for your question. When submitting to NGC using the Ancient Bulk tier, the submitter may choose whether or not they would like the grades to be assigned to the coins. In this example, the original submitter only wanted the coins to be attributed and did not request them to be graded.
  14. Tiny Strike-through affect NGC grade?

    Thank you for your question. It depends where the thread is struck through. If it is "hidden" in the devices, then it may not detract from the grade, but if it is in a focal point of the coin or can easily be seen, then it would affect the grade.
  15. Where is the link to the Collection Manager?

    Thank you for your question. First make sure you are logged into your collector society account using your email address and password. Next, click on the registry header option at the top right of the page and it will bring you to the page. **Side note - bookmark the link above to access the page quicker. Then hover over "my collection" option and click on "collection manager."