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  1. The Royal Mint is now working with NGC to certify a portion of its new coin releases, starting with the Mayflower £2. Read more
  2. Numismatists can easily explore stunning, high-resolution images of the greatest collection of Colonial and early US coins ever assembled. Read more
  3. Hello @Early Releases, Your request has been fulfilled. Please be sure that you are logged into your account and click on the down arrow in the top right corner while on the chat boards. You will see an option to "Ignore Users."
  4. The possibilities for collecting colonial coinage are as endless as the coins are fascinating. Read more
  5. The Numismatic Literary Guild recognizes NGC's work to provide high-quality content to the coin collecting community. Read more
  6. Encapsulated coins feature signatures from 16 ANA living presidents. Read more
  7. Colorization is a historic innovation in US coinage that NGC is recognizing with a special attribution. Read more
  8. Hi @VKurtB, We encourage collectors to submit their labels when cracking out coins and provide a $0.50 credit for every label received. We quickly remove these coins from the census in order to update the data. Unfortunately, we do not have a metric in place to track the volume as this is a manual process.
  9. Hi @VKurtB, Unfortunately, I know some things but not all things. My guess is that it was excluded in error.
  10. Hundreds of NGC-graded coins from the unparalleled collection will be sold by Heritage Auctions over the next year. Read more
  11. Hello @Axel Ulen, Thank you for your post. Please see a few remarks below. I hope this can clear up the SCD questions for all of our members as it can be tricky. 1. Please understand that posting in an open forum such as the "Newbie Coin Collecting Questions" section is meant to be addressed by fellow board members. I would like to ask that everyone extends courtesy to one another on the boards. There is an "Ask NGC" section of the boards which is monitored and answered directly by NGC representatives. You may also want to reach out to customer service at NGC members do not browse the individual threads but I happened to stumble across this one and tried to assist. 2. The SCD Forum originated in 2011 (along with most of the content) and had a few positive responses of late. The NGC census data is tied to an internal numbering system for all coins. Due to the wide variety of attributions for SCD, Tokens and Medals (specifically those graded many years ago) were not always assigned a unique number which meant that they were not displayed in the census. For those older coins, collectors can contact our customer service team with the details, images, etc and request that they be added to the census. In most cases, we are able to honor these requests. 3. The NGC Census is updated every week on Wednesday. Please see the screenshot below for reference. Any coins, with an assigned number, that were shipped through 8/8/20 will now appear on the census. NGC tries to ensure that all coins are included in the census in order to reflect accurate data for our collectors. Please feel free to contact our team via the methods above if you have any specific items that you wish to add to the census. Thank you.
  12. Hello @Axel Ulen, Thank you for your post and I can understand your frustration. Unfortunately, the newly released book by Jeff Shevlin uses a different attribution system and we are not able to integrate these into our current format. I am not too familiar (unfortunately I am not a collector of SCD) with his book but I believe it is not a comprehensive text of all SCD either. We encourage our collectors to submit their collectibles along with documentation and/or notations for newly discovered pieces, sub varieties, etc. Please note that we will examine the piece as requested but can not always honor those requests as some may be too minor to distinguish.Attributions can carry a heavy premium on the market and we must be cautious when assigning them.
  13. I scrolled through the registry list and it looks like they are all modern. Here is the full list
  14. @Maurine Unfortunately, we are not able to safely remove coins from mountings. This would need to be done prior to submitting to NGC for grading. Thank you
  15. The collection of more than 200 errors was submitted to NGC’s London office for certification. Read more