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  1. Matt G

    first release vs. early release

    Yes, the early and first release designations can still be attributed as long as the coin is received at our facility by Monday, October 8th. For some sets, we request that coins are sent to NGC in the original shipping box to receive the proper set designations as some coins may not be unique to the set.
  2. Matt G

    Grading mistake?

    Each coin is evaluated by multiple experts who reach a consensus on the grade. While this is a very consistent process, it is still an opinionated service, therefore there is a slight chance that it could change. The coin was not originally submitted for the mint error process therefore it was graded as is. If you submit again you can request for it to be examined as a mint error to see if this designation can be attributed.
  3. Matt G

    Grading mistake?

    Thank you for your post. The markings on the coin were taken into consideration at the time of grading. If you would like the coin to be evaluated again please submit as an appearance review and our graders will look at it again. Please email me directly for instructions on this process. Thank you
  4. Matt G

    Off center 1972 penny?

    Thank you for your post. The coin may have a slightly misaligned die but this is too minor for NGC to attribute as a mint error.
  5. Thank you for your post. When submitting ancients please put down any relevant information you may have regarding the coin. Our graders will edit the information once they evaluate the coin. This is a Solidus of Constantine IV from the Constantinople Mint. Struck Circa 674-681. Helmeted and curiassed bust facing slightly right, holding spear over shoulder and shield / cross potent set upon three steps; crowned and draped figures of Heraclius and Tiberius standing facing each other holding globus cruciger.
  6. Matt G


    Thank you for your post. Please follow the link below for a list of NGC authorized dealers in your area as they may be able to provide an opinion. You can send through the NGC authorized dealer or you can sign up as a paid member of our collector society to submit directly to NGC. The grading fees and services page is the second link below. Common date Morgan Dollars qualify for the Economy tier or Early Bird Tier.
  7. Matt G

    1943 Copper under zinc one cent

    Thank you for your post. Unfortunately, this is a novelty item and NGC would not authenticate or grade it.
  8. Matt G

    Reholder Question

    Thank you for your post. The NGC holders are sealed in a way that makes it impossible to tamper with the coin. If someone attempts to swap out a coin in an NGC holder, the outer casing will crack and splinter. I would first use the resource below to ensure that the coin data and image matches the physical coin in hand. If you still have doubts please send clear pictures of the coin and holder to for more information.
  9. Matt G

    Getting A Congratulations Set Slabbed

    Thank you for your post. Yes, the Congratulations Sets need to be in the original sealed mint shipping box to qualify for the attribution.
  10. Matt G

    US and World submission question

    Thank you for your post. Please submit US and World coins on separate forms. Each grading tier will also be placed on a separate form. Crossover coins, regrades and normal grading services must all be on separate forms as well.
  11. Matt G

    2018 proof palladium

    Thank you for your post. The Palladium Label is the default label for this particular coin and is free of charge. Please find the submission instructions at the link below.
  12. Matt G

    NGC Slab making Sound

    I do not see anything in the images that cause concern. The coin should be safe inside the holder but you can always submit as a reholder if you are concerned.
  13. Matt G

    first release vs. early release

    The early and first release designations are available for select coins that are received at our facility within 30 days of being struck by the mint. It is personal preference as to which wording the submitter may use but they describe the same designation.
  14. Matt G

    NGC Slab making Sound

    Thank you for your post. The coin looks to be firmly in the core via the images you provided. The noise you are hearing is most likely the white inner core making contact with the outer holder. Given the tolerance of the machinery used to create the cores and holders this can happen on occasion. This will not cause damage to the coin at all.
  15. Hi Tom, I will send you an email shortly with submission instructions. Thank you for your patience in this matter.