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  1. Thank you for your question. Unfortunately our NCS conservation service is not able to restore the coins once they have been deemed improperly cleaned. At some point during that coins lifespan there was some improper or harsh cleaning done to the coin that has damaged the surface. NCS can remove harmful residues from the surface of the coin and stabilize its surface but cannot remove damaged from cleaning. I have copied the link to our details grading brochure below. https://www.ngccoin.com/pdf/details_grading_brochure.pdf
  2. Thank you for your question. I have copied the link to our coin explorer page which contains details of the 2011 W MS silver eagle as well as a second link for the proof version. These coins should be available for purchase on many secondary markets, coin stores or auction websites. Thank you https://www.ngccoin.com/coin-explorer/silver-eagles-pscid-76/2011-w-eagle-25th-anniversary-set-s1-ms-coinid-710379 https://www.ngccoin.com/coin-explorer/silver-eagles-1986-date-pscid-76/2011-w-eagle-s1-pf-coinid-710091
  3. Thank you for your question. Our grading room is a controlled environment that lacks natural lighting. Our graders use incandescent light bulbs between 75-100 watts. We also use a 5x magnification loop when needed. We do not use the magnifier lamps as we have ample lighting from our lamps that we do not want to introduce a secondary light source.
  4. Thank you for your question. I would recommend using http://conecaonline.org/ as they are a great starting point for varieties and errors. We do not list error values but do list most varieties in our online price guide as well. https://www.ngccoin.com/price-guide/united-states/ . When browsing our online price guide simply click on the highlighted link as shown below to view the different varieties for a particular coin. You may need to sign up for a free membership on both sites to view all content.
  5. Thank you for your question. Unfortunately we do not authenticate or grade the Daniel Carr pieces.
  6. Thank you for your question. It is always up to the submitter to decide when or if they would like a coin to be authenticated and graded. If NGC deems a submitted coin to be genuine we will grade the quality of the coin and encapsulate it to preserve its condition. Having a coin certified will remove any doubt of potential buyers or sellers as they trust that the coin is genuine and the grade is guaranteed by a reputable 3rd party grading company.
  7. Thank you for your question. The grades will be posted once they both ship out of our system to you. If an invoice is completed and being held for other orders the grades will not be available per our system restraints.
  8. Thank you for your question. Please feel free to copy the hyperlink to the NGC certification verification page for the particular coin you are selling. We highly recommend that all buyers refer to the NGC certification before purchasing coins to confirm the coins are genuine. Unfortunately the photos are proprietary so you will not be able to copy and paste them for your sales. Thank you
  9. Thank you for your question. Our graders would need the coin in hand to determine if it is genuine as we cannot make the proper evaluation via images.
  10. Thank you for your question. Unfortunately we do not have an ancient census that is made available to the public at this time. This is a difficult task due to the vast amount of varieties, dates, etc. We are aware of the demand of this information and are always welcome to our collectors feedback.
  11. Thank you for your question. It is rather difficult to see the difference when looking at the obverse or reverse of the coin in the holder. The best way to determine if a coin is in a scratch-resistant holder would be to stack a few coins of the same generation and to look at the sides of the holders. The scratch-resistant holders will have a darker blueish hue to them whereas the normal holders will be lighter and more clear. Another way to determine the difference is by feel. The S.R. holders will have a more silky smooth surface compared to the normal holders.
  12. Thank you for your question. The Legacy Series Dinner is sponsored by the ANA and they will be recording it. I have copied the link to the ANA Legacy series page which has the previous interviews as the new one should be posted here as well. https://www.money.org/LegacySeries
  13. Thank you for your question as well as your edited response. As this is new software we are happy to hear of any troubleshooting techniques you may have used to improve your experience.
  14. Thank you for your question. Coins sent in for reholdering must first be inspected by our experts before we remove them from the holders. If a coin/holder is deemed to be genuine we would remove it and perform the reholder service.
  15. Thank you for your question. Please submit the coin for the reholder service, please note that you do not need to chose a grading tier. If there are not any issues with the coin or holder we will perform the reholder service and mail the coin back to you. If you simply want to have the coin and holder verified please email photos of the obverse, reverse and sides to consumerawareness@ngccoin.com. If our team can make a determination from the photos you will not have to send the coin in. If you have any further questions please feel free to contact our customer service team at 800-642-2646.