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  1. How accurate can the population numbers be ?

    For the question by Morpheus1967 we are unable to handle this electronically as we need the labels to be removed from circulation. Certification labels can be mailed in along with submissions to save on postage. If a coin is sent to NGC in its original holder we are able to update the census by removing the original certification number once we crack the coin from its holder. Unfortunately, we can not track coins that are submitted raw as we do not have the original certification number. We provide the incentive to persuade submitters to send back in the cert labels but we cannot force this issue.
  2. Upgrading Membership to Elite - Credit Question

    Thank you for your question. When you upgrade from the premium to elite membership you will receive an additional $150 credit on top of your current $150 credit. Please log in to your account and click on upgrade. This will show you the full amount due in order to upgrade to the elite.
  3. How accurate can the population numbers be ?

    Thank you for your question. We make every attempt to ensure that our population report is accurate by requesting labels to be sent back to us when a coin is removed from the holder. We provide a $0.50 credit for each label we receive as an incentive. Unfortunately, not all labels are returned to us so we are not able to update our census when a coin is removed.
  4. Missing serial number

    Thank you for your question. The seller may be using a stock photo for the sale. Some larger retailers may reuse the same image to expedite the sale process. I would advise you to contact the seller and ask for the images of the actual coin for sale and use our certification verification tool on our website to verify the coin's authenticity.
  5. Explanation of Variety Certification on Encased Cent

    Thank you for your question. The attribution is from the "Panorama of the Pan=AM" book by Frederick M. Lavin. The book is not easy to obtain through normal outlets such as amazon or ebay so it may take some digging to locate a copy.
  6. My NGC Coins are not in the census

    Thank you for your question. Recently we began implementing the tokens and medals into our online census. Therefore, if the item was graded before we began this process it will not show in the census. Please provide me with a list of certification numbers to the email address below and I will forward them to our experts to see if these can be added. If you feel that any coins are attributed incorrectly please notate that as well. We will adjust the labels and ship the tokens/medals back to you free of charge if it is deemed to be a mechanical error.
  7. How do you post pictures on this site

    Please find a link to our tutorial below.
  8. How do you post pictures on this site

    Thank you for your question. I have emailed you a brief video tutorial which may help you with this issue.
  9. PDF Submission Form

    Thank you for your suggestion. I will pass this along to our I.T. staff for consideration.
  10. koningin 25 cent coin

    Thank you for your question. Please find a link to our online price guide below. Please note that you may need to sign up for a free account to access all information. To find the value of the coin you would need to determine the year the coin was minted and the grade.
  11. How to Access Photos of Submitted Coins

    I apologize for the delayed answer. Are you able to provide an example of this issue? It may be an issue with your browsers compatibility so please try another web browser.
  12. 1982 coin

    Thank you for your question. Our graders would need to see the coin in hand to determine if it is genuine. I have attached the link to our online price guide for the value but please note that you would need to know the grade in order to have an accurate value.
  13. How do I get this ?

    The owner of the label is an authorized NGC dealer and they are the only ones able to submit coins to receive the particular label. Unfortunately, the label is not available to our other collectors or dealers.
  14. Thank you for your question. Based on information from the mint and the opinion of the graders we decided to designate these as proof coins. The strike differences are too minor for us to designate as MS and PF.
  15. How do I get this ?

    Thank you for your question. Unfortunately, the label is owned by one of our dealers and is not available to the public. The only way to acquire a coin with this label is to purchase it through a 3rd party retailer.