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  1. @Beginner 76 here is the link to the fancy numbers that PMG will recognize. Unfortunately, none of the ones in this thread will qualify.
  2. @Hinkle We reported this issue to our IT Department. We believe that the issue is with the company that hosts our chatboards and that it is not an attempted hack. We hope to have this resolved soon. Thank you
  3. The patterns were struck in the late 1800s as proposed coin designs and compositions. Read more
  4. @Paulezy The NGC bulk prescreen program is available to Elite Members and Dealer and typically consists of 100 or more of the same type of coin (Silver Eagles, Morgans, Peace Dollars, Lincoln Cents, etc). These members will chose the minimum acceptable grade and submit the coins for evaluation. NGC will only encapsulate the coins that meet the grading criteria and the others will be returned raw. The raw coins will not be charged a fee unless more than 35% of the coins do not meet the criteria. The graded coins will be charged a fee based on the numerical grade assigned and these fees are listed in the member portal along with the min grade requirements (for common coins). *This is called the "Prescreen" service as the submitter is asked to evaluate their coins and send the best possible ones that have a chance at meeting their criteria. This service is very beneficial for the submitter and can keep costs down significantly especially for those coins that may have been over-graded during their prescreen evaluation. For your set of coins, I would follow the suggestions of our seasoned veterans and bring them to a few local coin shops (link below) or the Long Beach Show which NGC attends.
  5. The ANA Registry will bring the hobby together in an inclusive platform for the benefit of all. Read more
  6. @kbbpll while we do not have this interactive grading "in the works," we do have a counterfeit detection section of the website that provides a lot of in depth information.
  7. More than 100 people match skills against professional graders at the FUN show. Check out the coin information and photos in this article to see how you do. Read more
  8. The numismatic treasure trove boasts several beautifully toned Morgans. Read more
  9. The chairman of CCG reflects on the highlights of 2019 to usher in the new year. Read more
  10. With 45 million coins graded, NGC continues to be the industry leader. Read more
  11. A few reasons to still love the Red Book. Read more
  12. The silver coin, the “rarest British circulating coin in 200 years,” was one of 371,000 minted that year, all of which were supposed to have been destroyed Read more
  13. Collectors and dealers can compete for prizes and recognition at the Orlando convention. Read more
  14. With the popularity of online set registries, coin collecting has become a competitive sport.Read more
  15. I second the British Museum coin exhibit and it is a short walk from our London Office as well as the Bloomsbury show. My colleagues would be more than happy to provide samples at the events in which they attend.