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  1. What is the deal with eBay not allowing coin/bullion/paper money being bought or sold starting in 2021? this will be NOT permitted. what should we do?
  2. Who agrees? I've now read 2 articles in the past few days about complaints on not being able to add or update previous entries on PCGS coins. For me, this is why I started my registry set as well. And I too fell it is complete BS. We can't even update the existing PCGS coins. Personally, Now that NGC and PCGS only support there own coins and only allow there coins into there respective registries. I would like to see another company start a "combined registry" of both. like NGC was. its a service I believe it was something LOTS of us were using, and we may even pay for to show off our collections. I have way too many PCGS to try and cross them over, and I'm sure, only 1/2 of so would go anyway. It would cost a small chuck of change.
  3. Yes that is correct, burnished eagles had the "W" mint mark, as for the 25th anniversary pedigree, box must be sealed. The ones I had graded did not say "official US Mint" on the label, the 5 lines of text just started a couple years ago. and yes, NGC is saying no more PCGS coins in there registry. Its a shame, but i knew it was coming. i wish NGC had stock to sell, I'd buy some. I don't think its available however. I'm betting in a couple years they will be back, or another company will develop a registry that will combine these 2 companies. Then the NGC and PCGS can live once again toeghter.