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  1. Hi Everyone, my name is Amy, I am the owner/operator of ATM Antiques & Auctions in Crystal River, FL. On November 8th I have an auction that is a little different for us, the whole thing is currency, coins, stock certificates (well and a couple clocks that got thrown in last minute) The auction is available for online bidding provided by liveauctioneers but we also accept absentee as well as phone bids. A lot of the notes are already graded, some of them are error notes, I have uncut sheets, silver and gold certificates, sequential serial number notes, un-circulated notes, penny, nickle, quarter and half dollar albums, Stock certificates from Edison companies etc. This is a pretty specialized market and I am trying to reach the right people to let them know about the sale! If you have any questions or want to go through the catalog the links are all on the website at ATM Antiques & Auctions Home Page or to go straight to it on liveauctioneers so you can see photos of each item with the catalog you can go to Online Catalog Thank you for your time and allowing me to post this here, have a great day y'all - Amy