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  1. Does anyone one know if the Registry awards have been mailed out yet ?
  3. Ok Thank you Ali. Yes I would prefer and agree with you to email or speak with you about this. Thanks Again.
  4. Hi jrcoins2210, I read your post and I really do think we have a valid point. I just received a message back from the person who is selling the coin I mentioned above and he said that he has had it since October 2015 and still has it and never rented it out. So NGC is it possible to revoke someone's Award for cheating and minipulating the system ? I wish you the best jrcoins2210 and I hope NGC will take appropriate action looking into this.
  5. I have a question NGC ? Who Claimed they owned 3968582-044 when the 2015 NGC Annual REGISTRY Awards where announced ? Because I truly believe that I was sabotaged by a notification that was brought up that a competitive Snake and my comments were removed about this person trying to "Rent" a Coin from me but end up rented by someone else to win an Award? I heard with my own 2 Ears about what is going on. All I want to know is why ?
  6. Great Job Ali ! Please add these following Set types for the country NIUE into the competitive set NIUE : SILVER $2 ORTHODOX SHRINES COMPLETE INCLUDING VARIETYS AND OR SILVER $5 all denims together if possible for a complete set of ORTHODOX SHRINES Also please add New Set Type for: Niue: SILVER S$2 DISNEY CHARACTERS PRINCESS 2014-DATE PROOF Also Please add New Set Type for: NIUE: SILVER S$1 & $2 DISNEY CHARACTERS 2014-DATE PROOF COMPLETE Note: The 2015 Seasons Greetings $S2 I am aware that it the Registry will not let that coin be added to a slot with the other Disney Characters, Disney & Friends (Colorized) & PRINCESSES, STAR WARS CLASSIC coins so since you told me ONLY DISNEY Characters are allowed in the slots for the SILVER S$2 DISNEY CHARACTERS 2014-DATE PROOF SLOTS. PLEASE add all the Disney Coins in S$1 & S$2 2014-DATE PROOF including the 2014 S$1 SILVER COIN & 2015 NIUE S$1 DISNEY CHARACTERS Half Oz Coin that says on the title of the NGC FIRST RELEASES & EARLY RELEASES. But either way I don't understand why we can't get at least all the DISNEY SILVER PROOF COINS as a complete set. Please take another look because it only makes sense. Please Advise. Also please add New Set Type for: NIUE: Set Type : SILVER S$8 LUNER YEAR OF THE MONKEY PROOF 5 oz Also please add NEW SEPARATE NIUE GOLD G$25 STAR WARS CLASSIC NIUE: Set Type : GOLD G$25 STAR WARS CLASSIC 2016-DATE PROOF 1.) NIUE 2016 G$25 STAR WARS CLASSIC - DARTH VADER - 2016-DATE PROOF 2.) NIUE 2016 G$25 STAR WARS CLASSIC - HAN SOLO - 2016-DATE PROOF
  7. Please update the census for the NIUE 2016 $G25 STAR WARS CLASSIC HAN PROOF SOLO EARLY RELEASES. The cutoff date has long past for the coin above and can NOT get a resolve. At this time on this coin all that are known according to the census is all Brown Labels 5 are in the census for FIRST RELEASES (Extremely Rare) then there is my coin in EARLY RELEASES 1 Known but not showing up anywhere but the one I have in the registry. Please correct this issue if possible. Thanks Now, I thought that was bad until..... This never before seen to me happens.... Ugh !!! I hope NGC will get things straightened out with these extremely rare FIRST RELEASES and EARLY RELEASES labels that now bare both titles on my HOLDERS. All I wanted was to have my graded coins in scratch resistant holders and I get them back as a major errors on the new labels. NIUE 2014 & 2015 S$2 DISNEY CHARACTERS STEAMBOAT WILLIE MICKEY MOUSE PF70 FIRST RELEASES ( Population 18 ) But now 1 one Known WITH BOTH FIRST RELEASES & EARLY RELEASES on it . I have 2 others like it even may be even more rare. Should I keep them the way they are or what. Please comment. Thanks.
  8. I bought this coin and own it NGC 3969166-001 please release it to me please. Your holding me up Dharma King. Thanks
  9. Please Create a New Competitive set for the country of Niue Silver and Gold Disney Complete Set 2014 - Date, Proof Please include : DISNEY CHARACTERS, DISNEY OCCASION'S, DISNEY PRINCESSES, DISNEY STAR WARS S$1 - G$200 Complete Thank you and good luck to everyone!
  10. The most happiest place on earth