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  1. I am selling off a big Morgan collection sitting in a bank box. It includes a lot of high grade PL and DMPL Morgans. What is the best way to contact you? I tried to send you a message via the NGC Registry but your settings do not allow messages to be sent. Thanks
  2. Great coin. Found in bottom of the bank boxes with all my Morgans. I might as well (try) and sell some of these as well. $1770
  3. Very hard to find above VF Details. It is Details:Corrosion. Very nice surfaces though. Not bad corrosion at all. I am asking $1600 which is a very good price. Very good. Last XF Details was sold few years ago and got Details: Env Damage and sold for just under $1300. This is in far better shape. A dealer would want well over $2000 for this coin.
  4. 1880-o VAM-6a MS 64 (This is an early generation holder) 1880/79-s VAM-8 MS 65 DPL (This is an early generation holder) 1880/79-o VAM-4 MS 64 PL (This is an early generation holder) 1882-s MS 66 DPL 1880-o MS 64 1901-o MS 66 1884-s AU 55 1881-s MS 67 PL 1896 MS 66 1896 MS 67 1888 MS 66 1888 MS 67 (This is an early generation holder) 1880-s MS 67 (This is an early generation holder) Send me a PM. Thanks!
  5. One of these days somebody is going to call or email me about a 1776 Dollar and it be day.
  6. Another Hoosier? This is part of the Great Numismatic Desert. There cannot be two of us! Yeah it is rough. In regards to that 82-s it is one of my best Morgans but I'm committed. I'm cleaning out. I don't want to be a coin hoarder, I'm a coin collector.
  7. Delete. For some reason it won't let me delete this post.
  8. I think full disclosure here: I'm not a good coin seller. I'm like the rest of you and enjoy buying them way more than selling any. I get frustrated by the process easily and while I think I'm always easy to work with and I always go the extra mile to make it a smooth transaction when I sell (because I can so relate to being on the buy side of a deal) I don't like selling. So I think it is decently well known I am starting to sell a ton of Morgans. All key dates, conditional rarities, PL & DMPL, etc. Nice coins. I started like 2 months ago with a pair of 1902-o MS 66+ CAC. It took awhile but they sold. I figured that those were not super hot coins and I had sort of made it sound like the 2 had to be sold together (they did not) and that is why it took so long. I figured once I got into the "good stuff" it would be easy sailing. Morgans are still the most collectible series in the world. Thus far it has been a nightmare. I had a great 1880 8/7 Rev of 78 MS 66 and had essentially zero interest. Not over price just zero overall interest. I started over last month to reach out to Morgan collectors I knew and then ask around. It is amazing to me but thus far it seems like everybody has checked out. Even the buyer of the 2 1902-o MS 66+ CAC (A very, very big private collector) was pretty much out of the market. Did something happen to the Morgan market in the last 2 months? I know the coin market is not "BOOMING" by any stretch of the imagination but I have not seen a weaker Morgan market yet. I've started going around asking "Hay know any big Morgan guys buying?". So far answer is almost entirely "No." Strange.
  9. Maybe it is a 35 cent piece? That would be a really, really special piece! All joking aside love to see it. Sounds awesome.
  10. I'm still sluggishly trying to sell the boatload of Morgans. The twp 1902-o MS 66+ CAC finally sold and got busy but week or so ago started to pick it back up. I've got 2 1880-cc PCGS MS 66 Morgans. One is "regular" and the other is the much rarer 8/7 Rev of 78 which I thought would sell fast so started there. I've not posted a price but solicited offers. What do you guys think is a fair number on that coin? Auction records show a slight dip in price in last few auctions this year.
  11. It absolutely kills me that Overton did not include 37-39 Capped half dollars. I could not tell you a darn thing about any of the die marriages of that year. Does anybody have a good source for those 3 years?