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  1. As those who read me know, I only collect American Silver Eagles. I'm not an expect by any means, but it would seem to me that a complete collection including varieties would include all varieties. not just some. This set has made varieties of where they were minted without a mint mark, yet, there are not any slots for the Annual Dollar Silver Eagles from 2007, 2008, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, or 2016. NGC has graded them as being from the Annual Dollar Set. NGC currently has 114 slots in the current set listing of which I have 111 with the 2018 already ordered plus a couple that don't have slots yet, but I'm sure will as they are in the other years prior. NGC should add these slots so we can collect a COMPLETE set as the set's name states. If anyone knows of any varieties of Silver Eagles not list for this set, please let me know. Thanks in advance. freerider
  2. freerider41042

    NGC at it again.

    Couple of days ago, NGC notified me of a pending certification transfer and if I wanted to accept or reject. I rejected it as it is part of my 100% silver eagle collection and had not sold it. I replied to the email that I rejected it and dina said no problem. it wouldn't go through. Imagine my surprise to seethe coin was removed from my set and given to another user and I can't get it back into my collection. I just took a photo of the coin in question a few minutes ago. I need it put back into my collection.
  3. freerider41042

    Complete Silver Eagles Competitive set?

    ah, they see reason. now somehow see if I can reinstate my account
  4. freerider41042

    Complete Silver Eagles Competitive set?

    All sets and coins removed. How do I delete my profile? I want nothing more to do with your company. You took a lifelong hobby and destroyed it for me today. Be proud of yourself.
  5. freerider41042

    Complete Silver Eagles Competitive set?

    I still think you're insufficiently_thoughtful_persons. The coin was released as part of a special mint set from the US Government . I'm done. I'm removing my set and cancelling after I post this.
  6. Obviously, NGC doesn't have an all inclusive Silver Eagles competitive set available. According to Maribeth Bouche of NGC, "Hello, Thank you for the feedback. The 2013 SP Enhanced finish is a special strike and was inadvertently allowed in the MS ad Proof sets." This coin doesn't rate for the Silver Eagles, 1986-Date, Mint State and Proof (Incl. Varieties) competitive set but is good enough for the Silver Eagles, 1986-Date, Bullion Issues competitive set. This doesn't make any sense. The are only 281K of this coin available and the reverse proof is part of the complete set but the enhanced finish isn't? A (P), (S), (W) implied mint mark is a variety but the enhanced finish isn't? Hey, everybody, you're 2013W SP coin only rates as common bullion by NGC. Ok, then. I don't argue with experts. NGC has perverted numismatics with their varieties. Watch out, next thing you know, it will be the individual labels you have to collect as these are "varieties". I'm not going to play this game with them anymore. I've spent too much time and money building a 100% complete set for the issuing company (NGC) not allow recognition. I'm not renewing my membership and stop my upgrading process. I'll be selling my entire NGC collection is anyone is interested (serious offers only) I'm getting away from them.
  7. freerider41042

    No "S" Silver Eagles!

    I agree that this has become almost ridiculous about coins. It used to be, that you had the bullion and proof editions. Period. If you have a definite variety (95W, 06W, rev. pfs, etc.), it should have a slot. Bullion is bullion. I really don't care where it's minted.
  8. When was the 2013 SP Enhanced Finish Silver Eagle only from the West Point Mint Set removed? This is definitely a variety and part of the collection. I only figured this out by having to rearrange my boxes when NGC decided to release 2015 and 2016 eagles in 2017, and noticed I had 1 more coin than the total on the screen. This coin needs to be placed back in to the set listing.
  9. freerider41042

    score changes?

    Is there a listing of score changes that occur in a particular registry set and why? I understand that scores change because the population of particular grades changes with newly graded coins. Just wondering if there is a particular list for the users to see .
  10. freerider41042

    re: ASE PF70/ MS70 vs PF69/ MS69

    I realize that the engraving and press punch machinery have advanced technologically in the last 10 years. You state a minimum of 3 persons look at each coin to ascertain grade. My question is, How many graders are there and how many coins do they look at per hour? I notice that about 2-4 weeks after the coins are released, there are 1000's of coins available.
  11. In the Silver Eagles, 1986-Date, Mint State and Proof (Incl. Varieties) set, NGC has the 2017W Proof eagle erroneously listed as 2017(W) struck at West Point PF when it should be correctly list as 2017W PF as the W is minted on this proof coin and not inferred.
  12. freerider41042

    2016(S) & 2017(S) American Silver Eagles

    ALI, thanks for your info. to the others, I agree. I got started on the American Eagles in the late 90's, and have been stuck ever since. I just want to maintain my complete collection. I agree regular bullion coinage being "specialized" by where it was made is a way for NGC and others to make money. But the Collector's Society requires it, so what can I do?
  13. freerider41042

    2016(S) & 2017(S) American Silver Eagles

    I understand that but when are they being released to the public and where are the census numbers?
  14. freerider41042

    2016(S) & 2017(S) American Silver Eagles

    oops, should read "April 10, 2017 to April 16, 2017". sorry.
  15. I'm an avid fan of the American Silver Eagles. I take pride in maintaining a 100% NGC collection. I may not be the highest ranked but I have all of them, varieties included. I'm just wondering where, from April 10, 2017 to April 16, 2016, a mysterious 2016(S) Minted in San Francisco variety was added? I've never seen one listed for sale and there is no population report available. It's second quarter 2017, they didn't just mint them. Where's this mysterious coin? I notice there is now a spot for the 2017(S) Minted in San Francisco variety so I expect it will be issued sometime this year (but, why have a slot for a non-issued coin?) and will be on the look for it. The 2017S PF slot is now available as the coin was released recently and I already have my coin ordered for it. I missed out on the unlimited purchase quantity available from the mint because the big companies bought all of them in 2 minutes. I would welcome a reply from NGC as to how these mysterious slots came from.