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  1. Which are your favorite one ounce silver bullion coins, from a design point of view?
  2. I love the Koala's. The hardest for me to find was the f12, and the 2013 chinese privy. Good luck on your set. I am not sure how long I want to hang on to my set.
  3. I had graded a few 2015 Perth Mint silver Kangaroo's. It is the first year for Perth. On the coin it should be 2015P to indicate Perth as the mint, correct? Well, there is no slot in the Kangaroo Silver Dollars, 1 Ounce, 1993-Date, Mint State registry for a 2015. There is a slot for a 2016P but the coin listed is not a Perth coin but a RAM coin. This is confusing. Could you correct this or is this my mistake? I am confused.
  4. Dan, I have to say that your collection is amazing. I just started collecting slabbed coins only 4 years ago. I focused on Australian Koala's 1 oz. silver coins. I took me years to work the set up to number one. Along the way I started other sets. I do not have a lot of money, so some of the coins I bought and had graded to get the 70's I wanted. I know that you have done the same to build your collection. It does take a lot of time, effort and searching. searching, searching for what you have completed. After completing my few sets and looking on your vast amounts I have to say that I am impressed with them. I see my Koala set with a sense of pride, knowing what it took to gather all the coins in the set. You should be very proud of your collecting. With that said, good luck in the future and I hope you all the best.