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  1. they did not. I had a friend take it to the ANA in Philly and asked Mark if the coin was PL. He said neither side was PL, no further explanation. It's being sent off for a few more sets of eyes to look at it. It might end up heading over to ANACS to see if they will grade it with the designation.
  2. Allow for ANACS, ICG, SEGs, etc, crossovers? I have several coins that are in ANACS old soap box holders that I want in NGC plastic, but I'm not going to cross it over to PCGS just to then cross it over to NGC. I know they stated many of the coins that were sent in did not cross over in the past, which is why they now only allow for PCGS crossovers, but if the customer is willing to pay to have the coin looked at, why don't they offer this? Doesn't this push more collectors towards PCGS when they buy coins from all different TPGs? Is there jus
  3. Were you able to view the video in the original post? I'm curious of your opinions based upon the video. It's in line to head to the grading room as of this morning.
  4. Yes, Robec was nice enough to contact him for me and he's seen the video and his response was "Wow, that is by far the most PL copper Wheat I've ever seen. Your pictures in the GTG thread aren't convincing (I would have guessed that the obverse was a strong semi-prooflike, and the reverse wasn't as strong - I probably would have guessed it may earn a Star). However, your video is quite convincing. The obverse in the video looks slightly weaker than the reverse, but still should qualify for PL based on what I'm seeing. What I've found after a few years of submitting PL coins raw...
  5. I've owned two NGC PL Lincolns. Those were from 2004 and 2007. The population isn't very big for PL Memorials, but they are non existent for Wheats, at least copper ones. It's been scanned into the system so hopefully by weeks end we have an answer.
  6. I'm thinking that 40-S looks much nicer in hand than what appears in those pictures.
  7. This recently came back from NGC as a MS66RD. I was hoping for a MS66RDPL. It's currently on it's way back to NGC for Designation review to get the PL added... What do you think? Here's a link to a video of the coin on my Instagram page