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  1. I thought his license got taken away. You mean he let it lapse or he was protesting the Executive Order ? Seems rather harsh.....that's some serious change. No wonder he didn't trust the Feds.
  2. Roger, were your Production and Survivor Ranks updated or changed from Aker's 2008 book ? If yes, I may put them into an Excel Spreadsheet so I have the latest rankings (unless there's a website somewhere with even more updated info). I'm assuming you don't have the tables in the back of the book somewhere (I'm trying not to peek ! )
  3. Did they think forcing the public to turn in their gold at $20/oz. and then saying it was worth $35/oz. was good PR ? I've read about the famous gold cases and other incidents. Izzy Switt had like 100 gold coins (mostly Liberty DEs) just taken from him, even though he was a jeweler/dealer. Others had larger coin/bars sums taken, too. Thanks for the info, Roger...I'm gonna try and find that article on the failed attempt to save coins. Guess I'll just have to get a 1927-D the old fashioned way.....
  4. Reading about coins for which we have < 2,000 coins or even less....the wholesale melting of some of these coins by year/mintmark.....I keep asking myself WHY the Treasury and Mint officials couldn't save 1 damn bag for every year/mm for future collectors. Probably no more than 30-35 bars. No, they had to melt every damn coin.
  5. Great job....I'm getting a bit disappointed though knowing that I'm about 75% done with the book. Almost over !! It's a great book. I really commend you. Will be my go-to Bible for all my future Saint purchases. Wonder if I can get the yearly Appearance/Commentary sections somehow on my smartphone. Easier than lugging the book around at FUN.
  6. The Roaring Twenties....smack in the middle of the 1920's coin reviews, the 1925-S area. Hopefully, tomorrow I will get to my final coin that I own (1927) as well as the one I am itching to read about most next to the 1933, that being the 1927-D. Interesting Stuff, Comments Welcome: This "Merker Mines" has something to do with the Nazis, gonna have to explore it on my own as it was just 1-line in the book but I never heard of it before, had to Google it....Virgil Brand with 1,000 1923-D's was a numismatist and collector in the early-1900's but I knew nothing about him, had to do another Google....I was gonna ask who the "unidentified elderly New York Woman" was in the list of 1925-S owners and then Roger had a perfectly placed entire page on David Akers Comments on Exceptional Specimens (p. 459) which explained who she was. Not sure where this 1988 commentary came from, it's not in Aker's Gold book, at least the 2008 Ambio re-edit. Maybe it was from the original 1988 book. I love how sometimes the Commentary sections are Roger's thoughts and other times it's comments from others like Akers, Bowers, etc. Sort of like "The Tonight Show" in the 1980's when Johnny had multiple Guest Hosts so he could only work 3 nights a week. Serioulsy, why re-invent the wheel all the time in a 600+ page book....I really think having paragraphs or pages with comments from Bowers, Akers, etc. al is a real strength of the book. Get diverse opinions, and it changes up the pace. Kudos to whoever thought of this style format.
  7. How big were the original runs, a few thousand for each, or tens of thousands ? I may buy a 2nd Saint DE book rather than risk it going out of print or you never doing a 2nd (expanded/updated) edition. That way I can read one book that takes the damage and have the other preserved on my book shelf. Hope you get some nice coin (!) from my purchases.
  8. Roger.....folks over at CT are saying they can't find Renaissance 1916-1921 at Wizard. I presume that means the other 2 books are still available. Just curious....what was the runs for the trilogy, Girl Silver Dollar, and Saint Gaudens DE ? I guess once they're sold out, that's it, huh ?
  9. And yet most Americans didn't want to turn in their gold in 1933 when FDR said "hand it over".....and Gold Certificates I had read had mixed popularity. I think we need to differentiate between wanting gold for everyday commercial use....and for storing one's wealth in an era where banks went under and you didn't have FDIC insurance behind you.
  10. Vagaries of grading...maybe you got 2 coins that legitimately weren't do they look to you ? Look at them under a lens. I wouldn't worry, you can always submit more or buy what you want for a decent premium.
  11. Most modern bullion coins come back as 70 or 69...the floor is usually a 68....I presume they were in fact Proofs which is why they got the PF designation. Regular bullion that LOOKED proof-like would get a PL.
  12. So it's the size of the coin and denomination he's at odds with, not coins made of gold.
  13. Going back to the miners being delerious at $40 gold.....the big story in the last decade or so was the inability of most of the big mining companies to make money as the price of gold went up 6-fold to $1,800/oz. in 2011 and then stayed above $1,200 for years after. They actually did better when gold was at $500/oz. Their cost structures blew out (the same factors that drove gold up drove up the cost of producing gold) and they made the most idiotic acquisitions and mergers. The destruction of shareholder wealth was ridiculous.
  14. Just Some Quick Tidbits on the early-1920's Sections: I liked reading about Frank "Inept" Scoby the discussions on hoards; MTB is still around, they give gold prices in the MarketWeek Section of BARRON'S (been seeing their name there for almost 35 years) mentions and reading about the old firms that are no longer around like Paramount and Superior (would love to read a brief, few pages history of their activity, their main players, etc.); these guys helped build the hobby for the Baby Boomers and others.
  15. Today's finesse players or The Bad Boys from the late-1980's ? Roger, just finished 2 sections on coins I own, 1923-D and 1924. Loved it....I accidentally skipped towards the end to put my bookmark and saw that you have several sections after 1933 that deal with stuff I was hoping might be in the yearly coin I'm looking forward to getting into the mid-500's page-wise (promising myself not to skip ahead ). You know, Central and South American banks are still so far behind technologically with computer systems tracking their assets and get a small bank in a rural area.... you never know if it might have a stray bag of 1927-D's or some other super-rare year or mintmark of Saints. But then again maybe the chance to sell at a premium in the 1970's and 1980's when Akers and MTB and those guys were scouring the Big Banks had them all look and there's nothing there. Oh well, one could always hope.
  16. I haven't finished the book yet (about Page 400 ) but I don't think our Mint records (and therefore probably theirs) would show what the source of gold that was being coined or turned into bars came from: gold mines, gold bars, or gold coins from another country. But I suspect Roger knows more......
  17. You won't regret it -- the book is outstanding. I default to double space whenever I hit ENTER but if you want stuff single-spaced just delete the spaces between sentence, as I did above with your 3-line quote which is now 1 1/2 lines.
  18. Cat, do you have Roger's Saints book ? Several pages on the 1908-D No Motto, more than other books which just give paragraphs.
  19. Not familiar with it, can you provide a short summary ?
  20. I would suspect that very few companies were authorized to sell printing press equipment to the mints. So I'd expect a company like this to make sure the customer was happy.
  21. Any idea how much a press back in the late-1800's or early-1920's cost, Roger ? I would expect those companies only made minting presses for governments.