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  1. I like the old way where the 100,000 point PCGS set would win Best in Category but the 75,000 point set would win Best NGC Set in Category. I wonder if anyone at NGC with authority is even listening to us lolol
  2. Yes. And now this tiebreak rule is going by the wayside to, yes? For the record, I support this. I also support that 75% need to be NGC coins so a PCGS whale can't come in here and dominate. Thanks!!
  3. I'm very familiar, thank you. It would be nice not to have to toggle back and forth and to make the overall points all pretty like the rest of the new registry.
  4. Over the top? Not if you have tens or hundreds of thousands invested.
  5. Thanks. But that's the old registry. Happy New Year
  6. Beware. There is a penalty for using PCGS coins. If your points tie with someone using more NGC coins than you then you will be ranked behind them.
  7. I've never heard that ludicrous suggestion until now. The old way: one award for Best in Category and another for NGC Best in Category served us well for many years. This new rule - if it's a new rule - is senseless. At a minimum this PCGS penalty should have been clearly stated at every possible chance, hell it should have been shouted from the rooftops. Rule changes cost some of us a lot of $$. No bueno!
  8. So now NGC accepts PCGS coins for US Sets but get penalized for using them? It used to be that you could win best in Category if you used some PCGS but then you probably wouldn't get NGC best in category, Now you can't even get to number 1 if you tie the top scores). That's very disappointing. I liked the old way much better and 99 percent of my coins are NGC. Check Silver Eagles, 1986-Date, Proofs, Including Varieties. I'm second because I registered two PCGS coins. Not cool
  9. Thank you for this journal entry. It exemplifies some of the greatest things about our hobby.
  10. Hi - I love the old registry because I can see where I rank overall as well as in US Sets and World Sets. Where is this in the new registry? This is one of my favorite features. Hopefully it doesn't go by the wayside. It's a great motivator lol.
  11. it certainly makes it easier and less expensive to complete sets