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  1. I think Dealers can get the Retro Black Holders with certain bulk submissions. I think the last time regular submitters could get these was Oct - Dec of 2015. I got a few during that time frame.
  2. Congrats on a fine job Walkerfan ! I was pleased just to complete the two circulated Whitman albums, with a few of the Keys in slabs.
  3. McBlzr

    1829 CBH score

    I think it should be worth 2500 points !
  4. Thank You Ali E. Good timing, the postal carrier just dropped off the NGC package of my 18 Coin & Chronicles coins & Medals. They are nice looking.
  5. Hi, I just had 3 TR Bronze T.ROOSEVELT NATIONAL WILDLIFE REFUGE medals graded. I would like to add them to my two Coin & Chronicles sets. The Silver TR medals show up, but not the Bronze. NGC #'s 2686651-013 2686651-014 2686651-015 Thank you.
  6. I tried to add my NGC graded FDR Bronze medals. 2682597-003 , 2682597-004 , 2682597-005 , 2682597-006 They sort of show up in my inventory, but they can NOT be added to My 2 Coin & Chronicles Medals sets. Silver medals added easily. Thanks & Please Help.