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  1. The pictures that NGC takes of every coin are usually quite bad. You can’t tell anything from them other than maybe some very basic details. You certainly can’t reliably grade from them or infer anything about luster, reflectivity, or toning.
  2. I haven't posted a coin in a while. Here are some from earlier this year: PCGS MS67 CAC
  3. The top one is a large date. Note the difference in the loops of the 8 between the two. On the small date the bottom loop is much bigger than the top. On a large date they are about the same size.
  4. Very nice looking coin. Nice detail and appears to be free of hairlines for an AU55.
  5. Was that directed at my coin? It is an NGC MS61.
  6. Soon to be cracked out for my Dansco. Currently in an old NGC holder.
  7. Beautiful half dollars ldhair! Here are a couple of rainbow dollars that arrived over the past week: MS67* Ike and MS67 SAE
  8. Tough call for me as this was a busy year, but I love looking at this one and it's hard to find 83-Ps with nice color. PCGS 66+ CAC
  9. The Carson City Mint didn’t produce coins until 1870 so those are obvious fakes. Also, they don’t have the right look. You could show the seller this in the Red Book or any online database of coins. He is either a scam artist or completely clueless.
  10. Check out the Legend Regency sale, Lot 314. I am not an expert in Proofs but I have been collecting business strike Morgans for 15 years and I looked at the coin in hand. I have no idea why it doesn’t grade higher (or why it didn’t CAC) so this might be an opportunity
  11. It looks like a large date but it is hard to tell with a blurry backwards picture. The easiest tell is that the loop of the 9 points to the bottom of the 7 on a large date whereas it points toward the middle on s small date.