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  1. My company was only allowed to call back half the people working there. I'm near the top of seniority in my dept., so I got called back. We did have some senior people turn down the callback, and with things getting worse over here, we've had some that did get called back request the layoff again. I guess right now I'm in a holding pattern, wait and see......
  2. I was laid off last week for the virus, but my company applied for a waiver and got it granted. Soooo......I'm back to work, although I was looking forward to a longer vacation. Post something to for my last day of freedom.
  3. From J.H.Kline's "Standing Liberty Quarters", "This date will often have full head, shield and toes, and yet have the top half or third of the date missing. Have examined many examples of the progressive die break through the top half of the date. The explanation for this is that the die eventually broke away completely."
  4. Just picked this one up at a local show.......
  5. Mine would be Bust Halves and Proof Indian Cents. When I go to a show, those are what I always look for first. After that, I'd say I'll look for Morgans, Walkers, & Standing Liberty Quarters. As for completing any of the sets, I doubt it, since I'm priced out of some dates for each set.
  6. I guess the average of the rest of my Morgans would be around MS64, so I guess that one would be a filler till I can find/afford better.