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  1. I added a 3 proof Indians to my collection, a few Bust half dates and marriages I didn't have, and a few Walkers. I didn't really add much to my Morgan or Peace dollar collections this year. Been a pretty good year, although it seems I'm always working and have little time to do much else.
  2. AcesKings

    For the love of copper

    New addition......
  3. AcesKings

    Early Commemoratives For Life

    My favorite Commemorative design, bought at the local flea market.
  4. AcesKings

    For the love of copper

    Thanks Dean, it's in a SEGS holder and graded PR64RB.
  5. AcesKings

    For the love of copper

    New addition....
  6. AcesKings

    Best no longer minted coin of the April

    My favorite isn't listed, (Bust Halves) soooo.......????