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  1. Post Your Most Recent Acquisition

    I added this one a few weeks ago 1829/7 O-101
  2. Coin Collecting

    I thnk it's a mentality. I've always collected something throughout my life, from baseball cards, beer cans, coins, books, etc. I still have most of the remnants of all my collections. So, I guess that puts it somewhere in an addiction category?
  3. I've used photobucket for all my photo posts here, but with the new service charges I'm looking for something else to use. I was wondering, since I have all my photos already uploaded into my collection manager, is there a way to use those pics to post here? Thank you for any reply.
  4. online database

    Actually, NGC's collection manager does allow any TPG and raw coins to be added to your collection, you just can't use them for a competitive registry set. It will also automatically value them based on the other TPG's grade or your own personal grade for raw coins.
  5. This COULD get nasty if we have a collector that decides to post $1 worth of half cents!!!
  6. Newps from local show.

    Thanks Jason, NGC does have it as a 40.
  7. Newps from local show.

    Thanks guys!