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  1. Bought this in the early to mid 80's. First coin I bought besides wheat cent rolls, and still in my collection.
  2. I realize this may not be related to what you were looking for, but this doesn't seem right either. The articles I've read related to the hoard say the 400 quarter dollars found in it were dated between 1818 and 1828, which would ignore the 1815's marked L or E. From searching other articles related to the L&E quarters, it seems there's no real answer, as most theories have drawbacks to them that would eliminate them as valid. Sorry for interrupting your thread.
  3. I read a few articles in the John Reich Journal about Bust Quarters dated 1815 & 1825 stamped with either an R, L, or E. Going back through the Newman Portal, the first mention I see is the Dec. 1987 edition. I recall there being several follow ups afterward, but don't recall what the conclusions were........ I guess this means back to the portal!!
  4. This is what you should be looking for in any coin you buy. If your initial impression is only "I need this date" then keep looking till you find one you actually like. If you don't like it when you buy it, it'll just be a hole filler and nothing more.
  5. About the only thing I have aside from books, and general collection material is one of these...... Decanter