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  1. thebeav

    Canadian Coin Question

    If it's raw, you'll need some powerful pictures of that date.
  2. thebeav

    Got the USB and this is all I've got so far

    Your pictures are looking good. I never had one of those scopes.
  3. thebeav

    1857 Large Cent - Large or Small Date?

    Nice coin !
  4. thebeav

    Biggest Story of the Year

    I'm sitting on the 1913 nickel, number 6......I really don't want to talk about it though ....
  5. thebeav


    The second coin, although a nicer copy, is also a cast counterfeit.
  6. thebeav

    1 of us doesnt belong!

    Obviously the Lincoln Cent in the upper left !
  7. thebeav

    Happy Easter

    It was a nice Easter !
  8. thebeav

    1972 penny

  9. thebeav

    Coin ridles

    "I know.........I know........."
  10. thebeav

    1972 penny

    Maybe he meant 'frog' ?
  11. thebeav

    1916 Telephone Pioneer Medal

    I remember reading somewhere that the first telephone operators name was Emma Nutt. I can just hear her being sworn-in to telephone allegiance. " I, Emma Nutt......"
  12. thebeav

    Does anyone remember Teletrade on VHS?

    Wow, that's wild. I don't remember it though. I was trudging around on the show circuit, trying to make deals so I could eat. I guess I wasn't paying attention to some of that stuff.
  13. That ebay link doesn't go to the English variety.
  14. thebeav

    1969 s penny doubled die?

    It's not the BIG one, at any rate.......
  15. I think it's either a re-enactment or they simple seeded the area to make the video. It would be hard to believe that these guys are running a video camera every time they dig up a 'blip'. That's an awful lot of video work for the many years before they finally struck 'pay-dirt'......