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  1. It appears to be the key to the limited series. NGC Price guide...... I'm not sure I would want to pay 'guide' price, but I would also want to consider the source. As far as reliability goes. Why is there no serial number on the PCGS label ? That's a bit suspicious.
  2. 1901S Barber 25c - Altered Surface?

    I've had a couple of significant coins come back from NGC as an 'altered surface'. Mind you, the 'surfaces'appeared just fine to me. NGC did not encapsulate them. The first time this happened, I called them. It was explained to me that when a coin has an 'altered surface', it can't be certified. Even after speaking with them, I came away not knowing what an 'altered surface' is.
  3. 1887 dollar coin.

    I wouldn't worry too much about the poster wasting the money on submitting this coin. When someone appears to be this 'in the dark', they're hardly capable of sending a coin out for authentication and grading.
  4. Where are all the NGC coins

    I've never been one that drank the PCGS kool aid. I've got plenty of PCGS, NGC and ANACS graded coins. For the most part, I agree with the grade on most every one of them. You make an interesting observation. I can't imagine why it is that way however. (As I'm typing this, a rectangular box, that I could type in, called 'spoiler' is under what I'm writing. Any idea what that is ?)
  5. Can you tell what date this is?

    What an amazing cash register find 130 years later....That poor nickel must be exhausted !
  6. PCGS Incorrectly certifies California Fractional Gold

    That's a pretty big mistake ! I'm surprised.....Excuse me for a moment while I put together a submission
  7. how much do coin dealers pay a retail customer?

    Oh my, the competition here (Buffalo) is pretty heavy for bullion related pieces. After all, it doesn't require any brain or physical work because the material is easily 'turned-over'. If I would have ever tried to pay 20 back, or even 10 back, there's no way I would have ever gotten anything. I was always happy to work on 15 bucks for a one ounce gold item, I would just hope that you had 20 or 30 of them to really make it worth while. It's easy money.....
  8. Two tailed quarter

    I'm not sure why I think this, but I did think that the obverse and reverse dies were a different size. I guess not, huh ?
  9. US $50 US Assay Office - Imitation

    There is a market for them, although it's rather thin. They can't be sold on ebay. They can be found in souvenir shops and at gift shops at museums and such. No doubt, it's the only way most of us could afford an example of such a thing.
  10. Sadly, we see this all the time. The worse case I ever saw was a guy who came in after his father had passed away. His dad had loaded up, and I mean loaded up, on those goofy gold plated state quarter five piece sets. Those, and the platinum plated ones. They came packaged in plastic and in a cardboard (beautifully printed) box. Similar set-up to a proof set. I felt so bad for this guy. He really thought he was going to get the money. I tried to sell some of them on ebay for him, it was a slow and non-profitable go. The poor guy had 4 bannana boxes full of these sets.
  11. Going through an Old bank bag of junk silver

    Yes Conder, that first boom was something else. It was wild, the stuff that got melted. I couldn't bear the thought of melting a '16 D or a 42/41. Let alone a D or S Washington. I would be on the floor, on my knees, checking dates until into the late hours. It didn't seem to matter that I didn't get dinner until 1 AM. Of course, I was a little younger then too......
  12. Going through an Old bank bag of junk silver

    WOW, beautiful Washington ! Yea, odd that that would be in a 90 bag .......
  13. Stolen Coins.

    This is a post from Mrearlygold, Tom Pilitowski ATS. He is a member here also.