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  1. This would have to be my earliest purchase. Well, actually, my grandmother bought it for me. We had a department store here in Buffalo called 'Sattlers'. I think there were a few of them, but the one downtown had a coin department. They had a "Berg-motion case" with the shelves full of coins. I remember standing there with my finger on the button, watching the shelves rotate and looking for something affordable. I think it was the 'moon and star' on this 1947 Turkish 50 Kurus that really intrigued me. My maternal grandmother liked to shop downtown, and if I would go with her and behave, the reward would be a coin from Sattlers. I picked out this Turkish coin and she bought it. The year would have been 1963 or 1962.
  2. How cool is it that at that time, that nickel mattered. It may have gotten you another bottle of pop and maybe even a cent or two change. We had RC Cola here in the 60's. There was a gray plastic seal on the inside top of the bottle cap. You peeled out this little seal and printed underneath was a cash amount, redeemable at the store. It may have been 2 cents, 5 or 10 cents. Maybe even a quarter ! But, at that time, it was a silver quarter.
  3. I'd say a '3'.......Although it probably looks nicer life sized......
  4. I see coins like this all the time. I've never seen a certificate of authenticity from the US Treasury from 1916. Any chance that you could post a photo of that ?
  5. The first coin pictured is Chinese, no doubt. The second one pictured is lovely.The third one pictured is hilarious !
  6. That's a nice looking coin. The obverse looks to be a 62 and the reverse,perhaps a 60. I guess I would call it a 61....... Gee, we used to have REAL money in circulation huh ?
  7. Travis, are you buying those rolls on ebay ?
  8. That's a neat photo. What's with that half dime. It doesn't appear to be a high-grade or a scarce date.
  9. If I were still actively putting together a collection it would, most certainly, cut into the discretionary budget. Yes, the re-assessments are an attempt to garner more tax money.
  10. I live in New York. Geographically it's a beautiful state, but they are always trying to draw my blood. I have to fight new real estate assessments almost every two years.
  11. Very nice. I always enjoyed Victoria's portrait on coinage. Your '58 is pretty sharp.
  12. What Bob said....... Seriously though.....Those are some great looking coins. You did a nice job with your photos too ! Fun stuff !
  13. I WOULDN'T try sending it in to NGC to see what they say !