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  1. It's an older sheet, but I haven't seen any movement in this stuff for years. For 'P' rolls.......Bid only, no ask column......7.50, 7.00 and 7.00......
  2. 'ULINE' has clear label or stickers. It looks like round or rectangular.
  3. Yes, I have to agree with the late 70's for that one. "Jake's" moved quite a few of these over mm's. I bought one of these from them, probably 1978.......
  4. For the 39 years that my store was around I always had a world 'junk box'. I always enjoyed people going through it too. I remember for my 8th or 9th birthday, my mom drove me to a shop and I got to pick out 10 world coins from their junk box. I concentrated on odd shapes and animals depicted at the time. John is so right. The amount of fun you can have versus expense is immeasurable !
  5. I don't know if I've ever had a confederate 'one'.....plenty of 20's........
  6. The first gold coin I bought as a kid. I couldn't swing the total as a kid, but I did lay it away. Took me a couple of months to close the deal.
  7. I've always liked proof Indian cents. I like your transitional year !
  8. I've never seen these, let alone be able to authenticate or attribute them. Sorry.....
  9. Not every clerk knows the Domestic Mailing Manual (DMM) inside and out. I've often had to go to a different post office when mailing in a specific way because a clerk somewhere tells me it's not allowed. It just happened at one of my favorite offices when I encountered a 'new' clerk. I asked her to please ask her supervisor, which she did. The mailing was OK'd by them,but now I have a clerk that doesn't like me.
  10. 1972 was a year that sure offers a lot of fun for the searchers !
  11. Those are pretty wild. How the heck did they grade them ?
  12. I thought this would be a "die-clash" Lincoln ghost.
  13. That is indeed a die clash. A nice one too ! Good looking nickel.