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  1. Stolen Coins.

    This is a post from Mrearlygold, Tom Pilitowski ATS. He is a member here also.
  2. Same coin, different color?

    Yes, it looks like a matter of lighting or maybe 'white' balance......Appears to be lovely album toning.
  3. 1871 2 Cent Piece, Stike Through or Die Crack?

    It's tough to tell from your photo, but die cracks are raised and 'struck-throughs' are, more or less, recessed.....
  4. Recent Submissions

    It's difficult to say exactly how that will affect the value. It would have different values to different people. It is conceivable that the value could be as much as half of what an undamaged AU would be.
  5. Book Project

    That's a beautiful cover. It makes you want to pick it up and buy it ! With that coming out, will we finally see some action in that segment ? It certainly won't hurt. Good luck with that Lee !
  6. Book Project

    I'm sure I missed it from another thread, but, what is your book going to be about ?
  7. Error List

    Hello and welcome to this forum. I think what you may be searching for is a 'variety' list. An error can happen to any date or any denomination (a coin that was struck twice, or off-center, as an example), a variety is a specifically struck coin that is unusual in some fashion because the die was unusual. Things like the 1955 doubled die Lincoln cent, for example. I'm not aware of a listing of these things, but for starters, here are some Lincolns you could search for. The aforementioned 1955....The 1972 doubled die is another fun one. There are perhaps as many as 9 varieties of this date. THE 1944 D over S Lincoln. 1960 P small date cent, 1970 S small date cent, the 1983 doubled die reverse cent, the 1984 double ear cent, and the 1995 doubled die Lincoln. That's a good starting point. You would have to be quite lucky, but it's not impossible.
  8. I think you were fed a 'bill of goods' with the 'dug these up on a battlefield' story. Most soldiers, at this time, didn't have gold to carry around. Counterfeit gold dollars are relatively common (those Mid East pieces Conder is talking about), as the premium over gold value is 300 or better percent. I think you were correct in your assumption to stick with graded pieces. I hope you didn't get dinged up too badly! Don't let it turn you off to the hobby. It's just part of education, and education costs money......
  9. Unique GSA graded

    I was thinking the same thing. I think GSA is playing a little joke......
  10. New info on 1913 Liberty Head nickel

    That was an interesting read for one of my favorite coins !
  11. Trying to make a comeback!

    Boy, that is good news. It's nice to read stuff like this once in a while, good news is sometimes scarce. Congratulations, and best wishes on getting settled in the new digs !
  12. Something for you Cubs Fans

    Did you see they gave Steve Bartman a ring today ? Bartman gets a series ring.....
  13. Vacation Tokens

    They almost look like pogs.....Are they cardboard ?
  14. latest buffalo nickel pickup from eBay

    That sure is one hammered Buffalo.....Very pretty.......