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  1. I think these features are no more than sales gimmicks. It's quite simple to measure and weigh a bullion coin. When these two parameters are correct, you know what the piece must be made of.
  2. Here in Buffalo, Pan Am stuff used to be so common. In the 70's and 80's I bought and sold so much stuff. I had an awful lot of those lucky Indians. Like everything else, years of dealer advertising has dried most of that kind of thing up......
  3. Boy, those are really pretty coins !
  4. While we're on the subject of 'junk boxes'....... I had a foreign coin junk box in my store. (Who didn't ?) There were three young boys that got off the school bus in my parking lot. Coin shops are like magnets for young boys. They came into the store EVERY day. It wasn't like they were coming in to buy rare coins, but I figured I could have some fun with them. Every day, I would grab that junk box and pull out three coins. Each kid was handed a coin. If they could tell me what country it came from they could keep it. Oh the facial expressions and gyrations were priceless. They would only get one guess and they REALLY wanted to get it right, they wanted that coin ! It went on for a school year or two....... Imagine my surprise, when, 25 years later, one of those kids found my other shop and came in to tell me how much that meant to him. Sure made me feel good !
  5. After thinking about junk box stuff, I remembered a bit of luck I had back in 1980 or '81.....It was the biggest show we had here in Buffalo, downtown at the convention center. Going through a foreign junk box. I was involved at the time, sorting through a barrel of foreign I had accumulated at the shop, and remembered a couple of Italian coins that you wouldn't look twice at. There was the 5 lire of 1955 or 1956, an aluminum thing with a fish on it. Well, it was a tough date in a series of common dates. I found three or four of them, uncirculated. There was no internet of course, but I was still able to sell them for the equillvant of a paycheck......Not as scarce as your find though !
  6. Jeepers, those are weird. I'm not a fan of the odd shapes (modern sport coins, even colorized pieces) of these coins. I suppose I'll just stick with classic stuff.
  7. A photo or list might be a good start. In coin terms, 'old coins' should mean 100 or 200 years old. Sometimes people think 30 years ago was a long time.......
  8. I remember getting constant mailings, perhaps a newsletter and catalog, from First Coinvestors. All I remember is that it was a lot of mail. I don't remember doing business with them though.......
  9. I've seen this on Lincolns quite often. It's never been clear to me whether it means a straight grade or not.......
  10. Great love token ! Count me among those not the least offended by the terminology.......
  11. Very nice looking '58 ! I was always a fan of George Five on Canada coins. That guy really looked like a king. Come to think of it, he looked like that guy in the old cartoon, "The Little King"......