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    Up 20 words per minute since I signed up

    The second coin, although a nicer copy, is also a cast counterfeit.
  2. 1 of us doesnt belong!

    Obviously the Lincoln Cent in the upper left !
  3. Happy Easter

    It was a nice Easter !
  4. 1972 penny

  5. Coin ridles

    "I know.........I know........."
  6. 1972 penny

    Maybe he meant 'frog' ?
  7. 1916 Telephone Pioneer Medal

    I remember reading somewhere that the first telephone operators name was Emma Nutt. I can just hear her being sworn-in to telephone allegiance. " I, Emma Nutt......"
  8. Does anyone remember Teletrade on VHS?

    Wow, that's wild. I don't remember it though. I was trudging around on the show circuit, trying to make deals so I could eat. I guess I wasn't paying attention to some of that stuff.
  9. That ebay link doesn't go to the English variety.
  10. 1969 s penny doubled die?

    It's not the BIG one, at any rate.......
  11. I think it's either a re-enactment or they simple seeded the area to make the video. It would be hard to believe that these guys are running a video camera every time they dig up a 'blip'. That's an awful lot of video work for the many years before they finally struck 'pay-dirt'......
  12. It appears to be the key to the limited series. NGC Price guide...... I'm not sure I would want to pay 'guide' price, but I would also want to consider the source. As far as reliability goes. Why is there no serial number on the PCGS label ? That's a bit suspicious.
  13. 1901S Barber 25c - Altered Surface?

    I've had a couple of significant coins come back from NGC as an 'altered surface'. Mind you, the 'surfaces'appeared just fine to me. NGC did not encapsulate them. The first time this happened, I called them. It was explained to me that when a coin has an 'altered surface', it can't be certified. Even after speaking with them, I came away not knowing what an 'altered surface' is.
  14. 1887 dollar coin.

    I wouldn't worry too much about the poster wasting the money on submitting this coin. When someone appears to be this 'in the dark', they're hardly capable of sending a coin out for authentication and grading.