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  1. I'm also a Pr65 Cam person.......RB.......
  2. I've always enjoyed using real money......
  3. You probably didn't have to tell him....Just have him check the balance on his 401K.....
  4. The lister is correct on one hand, "the status is visible from the photos"....
  5. The 'matte' you refer to in your paste above refers to a surface 'finish', not to a coins composition. If your circulated dime were struck in 'matte finish', due to it's circulation, you could never tell. The Denver mint has never struck matte finish coins.
  6. I've submitted tokens, especially very cool California gold ones. I've submitted a medal though. They're generally big, and it just feels too good to be able to hold them raw....... (I meant I've never submitted a medal.)
  7. I loaded up on a bunch of early commems about 25 or so years ago. Their price was so attractive to me then. To look at them now, it's almost unimaginable. They're beautiful, historic, and they have low mintages. I always thought that if just 1000 people in the world woke up one morning and decided to collect commems, there they go ! It just never seems to happen. Over the past 4 or 5 years, I dribbled most of them off........It's a shame really.....
  8. Looks like a lot of fun for less than a tank of gas !
  9. A hole-filler is a coin that you bring home and your wife says , "Why would you buy that "? PS: I really like that '16D as a VG too !
  10. The only 1815 half I ever owned was holed. I guess that qualifies......
  11. Nice way to keep having fun in the hobby !
  12. The weight is good.....It just may be fine...... You know how it is when you just look at photos.....
  13. It looks like it's a cast piece. Perhaps you could check the weight......should be 27.1 grams......
  14. As the mint continued to create new issues, they had to have hired more and more people. To keep these people employed, more new issues had to be created.To purchase everything they manufacture in any given year has to be a small fortune today. I think I computed the number 15 or so years ago and it was like 18 grand, give or take. I think I stopped buying their stuff after the 1988 Olympic issues. I did great on the SoL stuff in'86. Many of my customers pre-sold their extra sets with me, excited to get a profit from some modern issue. Of course, the Constitution stuff didn't hold up just a short year later.