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  1. 1669 -s

    Hi Cindy, In 1968, the San Francisco mint started striking circulation strike coins again. They had stopped in 1955. 1969 was a pretty common year and these can be had for just a few cents. Stay around this board and ask more questions.
  2. I really like this coin. Sorry Allmine, I don't agree with you on this being dipped.
  3. Is NGC on Holidays?

    That's understandable, certainly. A coin that needed more information however would not be in 'quality control'.....
  4. Is NGC on Holidays?

    I've had coins stuck in quality control for weeks until I contacted them. It almost looks like some things get forgotten at times.
  5. Is this a real 1776 continental coin?

    Those are the names of the colonies in the chain links. Your coin is a mushy cast copy so those names can't be read. As an example.....
  6. Grant Gold Dollar edge lettering error

    Yes Dave, I was a little miffed by this threads title also....... For a second I thought, "did I ever look at the edge of my Grant dollar"?
  7. Rare British Columbia Gold !!

    Those are great pieces, and certainly quite scarce. Congratulations ! I have one or two of these somewhere, but they were ex-jewelry.
  8. Coin club raffle win

    That's a great raffle win !
  9. Beautiful dime. That looks like Wayte Raymond toning.......although I don't know why the obverse didn't do what the reverse did.....
  10. Questions about California Fractionals

    Well, it kind of matters what your definition of reference is. Does that refer to a 'catalog number', a rarity.....a price ? I have, what I believe are all the references. I use them all. I suppose the Breen-Gillio books are important as far as listing all the varieties, and having a reference number for them. That seems to be where most people go today. The Doering books have become pooh-poohed over the years. I do like their photos though, and descriptions. But that's not to say you don't want to peruse the original Lee books. As far as tokens, and even good Cal info, you have to have a Burnie book. As far as PL surfaces.....Yes, they do seem to exhibit that quite often. Perhaps it was because the producers were, for the most part, jewelers. That would have meant that they had easy access to polishing materials. Maybe if I were to attempt a coining die, and I was a 'polish' guy, I would have worked that die over. Maybe...... I guess if you were to have one book, it would have to be a B-G......
  11. I have to agree with P-F......There is no set factor. You may be able to determine that Lincoln cents routinely bring 62 percent of this guide. Then you look at state quarters and they will only bring 31 percent. There really is no such thing as a comprehensive US coin value guide. If there were, dealers would be able to run advertisements stating that they will purchase any US coin at 23 percent of current Redbook value, or whatever guide.
  12. Rare change find

    I guess that's a nice find. I don't know what I'm looking for in your photo. I thought wide AM referred to the 'AM' in the word 'America'. Of course, I may very well be mistaken.
  13. Received coin today

    It appears to be in NGC plastic. What did they call it ?
  14. When it comes to coins, scans are never as good as photos. The three-dimensionality makes scanning impractical. Now, currency.....that's another story.
  15. 1888 liberty dollar with hole?!?!?

    Yes, it's difficult to tell from your photo, but this dollar does have a bad look. It appears grainy and the luster appears un-natural.