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  1. Hey everyone! Got another coin auction ending today. Lots of really, really nice Franklin Half Dollars, a nice group of inexpensive early date Standing Liberty Quarters, world silver crowns, and cheap Capital Plastics holders. If you're bored today, swing on by and check it out:
  2. Good afternoon! I'd like to invite anyone interested to join us for our October 21 Coin, Currency, and Collectibles Auction. At the time of this posting, I know the auction will include: *Early US Gold *AU/MS SemiKey Peace Dollars *Plenty of Seated Liberty Silver (Halves, Quarters, Dimes) *Plenty of World Coins including some better German Notgeld pieces (all are bulk priced) *US and Canadian Silver Proof/Prooflike Sets *Some rare (and some not so rare) Medals including an R4 George Washington Inauguration Centennial Medal (76-200 known to exist; NONE available for sale anywhere I can see except mine; only other example I can find is in the collection of the New York Historical Society.) Live auction will be held in Jacksonville, IL. You may register to bid online through AuctionZip here:
  3. Please join us in person (or online) for our September 23 Coin, Currency, and Collectibles auction. We will have a TON of new material - much of it from old collections. Here's just a taste of what we have:*HUGE German Notgeld (Emergency Money) Collection (part 2 of 3 - maybe even a part 4 coming in October) - very few duplicates in these lots.*HUGE old collection of Seated Liberty Dimes, Quarters, and Halves*Indian Head Cents, Two Cent Pieces, and Flying Eagle Cents*World Coins (including lots of Chinese/Korean Cash coins)*Silver (rounds, bars, ASE, junk silver)*UNC Roosevelt Dimes*Rainbow Toned 1883 O Morgan Dollar...and more!Register to bid online through AuctionZip here: live auction will be held at the South Jacksonville Antique Mall at 1850 S Main St #C, Jacksonville, IL 62650. You are welcome to leave absentee bids if you cannot make it in person or do not wish to register online.
  4. Good afternoon, posting this for a local coin shop owner who is trying to put the finishing touches on a complete 148-coin Classic Commemoratives set for a customer. This is what sort of coin he's looking for: *Bright and white *NGC graded MS64 or 65 (but may consider MS66 if the price is right) These are the last 5 coins he needs to complete the set: 1936 S Oregon Trail 1935 D Texas 1938 P Texas 1938 D Texas 1938 S Texas If you have a coin that you think would fit the description, send me a PM and I will send you with the LCS owner's contact info. Thank you!
  5. Just received a new consignment of gorgeously toned UNC ASE. Listed as BIN/BO in my eBay Store but will of course consider discounted offers here to save fees. eBay listings have much higher resolution images (files reduced due to NGC Marketplace size restrictions.) Shipping costs are included in price. Payment via USPS Money Order or PayPal. 1994 (four available) #1 ($125) #2 ($150) #3 ($100) #4 ($100) 1998 ($100)
  6. Good morning, everyone! I'd like to share the Auctionzip registration link for my May 20 coin auction. There will be plenty of US and World Coins for you to bid on, including about $500 FV in Canadian change (includes older nickels and large cents), world silver, world mint and proof sets, silver art bars, type coins, bullion, and more. Thanks, and best of luck!
  7. stldanceartist

    APR 29 Auction, eBay auctions

    Good evening, everyone!Just wanted to give everyone a heads up for a couple auctions this weekend, plus to remind you about my two eBay Store sales (10% off all BIN/BO listings plus FREE shipping; additional 10% off all graded Type B Washington Quarters.)1) AuctionZip Coin/Currency/Collectibles Auction on April 29I have TONS of world coins in this auction, all with low starting bids. Selling bulk by the pound, better 2x2 coins by the page, silver in group and individual lots. The auctioneer usually puts in plenty of cheap US Proof/Mint Sets, bullion, junk silver, and gold. I also have a couple really nice coins in this auction starting at $1 bids - here are some of the best: 1939 DDR "Doubled Monticello" Jefferson Nickel NGC MS66 1964 Washington Quarter NGC MS66+ TONED 1967 SMS Kennedy Half QDR NGC PF66UCAM (Quadrupled Die Obverse, only UCAM at NGC - only one DCAM at PCGS, so this is a special coin) 1953 Proof Franklin Half Dollar (plus the rest of a 1953 Proof Set minus the nickel) 1956 Proof Washington Quarter Reverse Die Gouge 2) eBay Auctions ending Monday, April 30*Love Tokens*World Coins*Toned IkesHere are some photos:
  8. stldanceartist

    March 11 Coin & Currency Auction

    Yet another auction to let you all know about: This Sunday (March 11) I will be having another World/US Coin & Currency Auction. You may register to bid online HERE through AuctionZip. We'll have plenty of World Coins (just added images of a bunch of 1700's and 1800's copper) including bulk silver, silver crowns, hard to find mint sets, and bulk lots of more common items. I've also included some US coins including varieties, some recent pickups including a batch of 1970's silver art bars and 1800's love tokens, and finally some US Currency (lots of UNC consecutive Barr $1 notes.) If you're feeling the urge to add some coins to your collection, head on over and see if there's anything that piques your interest. All proceeds from my items will be going to help replace my car, which was totaled last weekend when I was rear-ended at a complete stop. If there is a high-value item like the 1875 Seated Quarter or 1967 QDO Kennedy Half, I am open to offers of trades for junk silver or gold bars. I can edit the auction (to remove an item) at any point until it receives an opening bid. Thank you, and have a great week. Here are some images of items in the auction: 1967 SMS Kennedy Half QDO (FS-101) NGC PF66 Ultra Cameo (only UCAM for this variety at NGC; one other exists at PCGS as PR67DCAM) 1875 Seated Liberty Quarter MPD PCGS MS64 Pop 1/0 (none other graded at either NGC/PCGS) 1964 Washington Quarter NGC MS66+
  9. Good morning fellow coin collectors. I have a few slabbed coins that I'd like to "distribute" from my collection to yours. All I want in return is a little bit of money (or a pile of silver) Here's a list of everything I'd like to offer here at significantly discounted prices if purchased here through the forum. All prices will include shipping costs - the price you see is the price you pay. Photos of each coin are available in my eBay store. Payment via PayPal or USPS Money Order. Will always consider trades for junk silver. 1962 Proof Lincoln Memorial Cent DDO-008 (attributed) ANACS PF67RED - $50 1941 D Jefferson Nickel NGC MS66 5 Full Steps (2 available) - $40 1941 D Jefferson Nickel NGC MS67 5 Full Steps - $125 1943 S Jefferson Nickel NGC MS66 5 Full Steps - $125 1946 D Jefferson Nickel NGC MS66 5 Full Steps - $50 1947 D Jefferson Nickel NGC MS66 5 Full Steps - $75 1956 Jefferson Nickel NGC MS65 5 Full Steps - $35 1956 D Jefferson Nickel NGC MS65 (2 available) - $20 1957 Washington Quarter Type B Reverse PCGS MS66 (not attributed) - $85 1958 Washington Quarter Type B Reverse NGC MS65 (not attributed) - $75 1959 Washington Quarter Type B Reverse (attributed) NGC MS64 (6 available) - $40 1959 Washington Quarter Type B Reverse (attributed) NGC MS65 (8 available) - $50 1960 Washington Quarter Type B Reverse (not attributed) ANACS OSH MS65 - $50 1960 Washington Quarter Type B Reverse (attributed) NGC MS64 (4 available) - $40 1960 Washington Quarter Type B Reverse (3 attributed, 2 not) NGC MS65 (5 available) - $40 1962 Washington Quarter Type B Reverse (not attributed) PCGS MS65 - $85 1963 Washington Quarter Type B Reverse (attributed) NGC MS63 - $35 1963 Washington Quarter Type B Reverse (attributed) NGC MS64 (4 available) - $40 1963 Washington Quarter Type B Reverse (attributed) NGC MS65 - $85 1963 Washington Quarter Type B Reverse (not attributed) PCGS MS65 - $85
  10. stldanceartist

    New eBay offerings Feb 2017

    Good morning everyone~ Been a while since I've listed anything on eBay, so I've decided to kick it off with some coins I've been hoarding for quite some time (as well as some freshly graded and unique items.) Got some lovely AU Walking Liberty Half Dollars, toned Kennedy Half Dollars, graded US varieties, and will be adding some World Coins to the mix this week. SIDE NOTE: I've just gotten the results of a recent NGC US Coin submission...and I have a great new coin to offer. It's a 1967 SMS Kennedy Half QDO (Quintupled Die Obverse) that will be coming back as a 66 Ultra Cameo. So far, there has been ONE Deep Cameo graded at PCGS (a 67DCAM) that sold for $2,500 last year. No UCAM examples at NGC exist (well, until my coin gets into the system.) It's a gorgeous coin with layer upon layer of doubling showing and will be a great addition to a registry set of Kennedy Halves (I'm not sure how it will change the Registry point set, but it's the only UCAM at NGC and one of TWO UCAM/DCAM examples.) I don't have it in hand yet, but I'll be happy to take offers now (either cash or trade for junk silver/gold.) Here are some highlights of what's in my eBay Store: 1875 Seated Liberty Quarter MPD (misplaced date) PCGS MS64 (only graded example, early die state, finest known) China 1984 Proof 5 Yuan NGC PF66UCAM 1941 D Jefferson Nickel NGC MS67 5FS (can make you a great deal on this and the other graded Jeffersons I have) 1957 Type B Washington Quarter PCGS MS66 (not attributed; also added a bunch of other dates of this variety) 1947 S/S Washington Quarter NGC MS66 (not attributed; also added a couple 1946 S/S) AU 1935 D Washington Quarter 1943 Walking Liberty Half (this one might be better than AU; added 20 AU Walkers in auction format and another 15 Kennedy Halves) 1939 "Doubled Monticello" Jefferson Nickels (4 added)
  11. stldanceartist

    UPDATED: December 17 Coin/Currency/Exonumia Auction

    Updated earlier today. Good luck!
  12. Good morning (morning for most everyone except the East Coast) Just wanted to update you on my upcoming December 17th auction. I've finished adding my items to the online portion, and there are a ton of cool items in there. *Never Go Broke/Encased Cents *World Coins (including many 1700's 1800's copper pieces, modern world crowns, plenty of Russian coins) *US Coins (including a couple sample slabs, some OGH Mercury Dimes, UNC Lincoln Cent Rolls, a nice AU 1935 D Washington Quarter) *US Currency (modern star notes, some silver certificates) Here are some highlights, because everyone likes pictures:
  13. stldanceartist

    November 8 Coin, Currency Auction

    Well...eBay never gave me a good link to provide, so I apologize for not including it but didn't have a choice. The auction was yesterday, though, so...think you might be a tad late to the party We'll be having another one this month, so keep an eye out!
  14. stldanceartist

    November 8 Coin, Currency Auction

    Auction begins in approximately one hour. Had some new items added as late as yesterday morning (lots of Canadian stuff.) Good luck, everyone!
  15. stldanceartist

    November 8 Coin, Currency Auction

    Good afternoon! Well, it's been a busy week here trying to find and process some new and attractive items for our upcoming auction on November 8. These coins below are just a small portion of what we'll have online and available by tomorrow night (I have a handful of Seated Liberty Halves, a bag of Large Cents, and a bunch of silver dollars and halves to work on.) Please visit AuctionZip or eBay (link currently unavailable due to an eBay issue) to register to bid on the auction. The absolute highlight of the auction (for me, at least) will be the stunning PCGS MS64 1875 Seated Quarter (misplaced date) FS-301. Quite possibly the finest known surviving example, it's a once in a lifetime kind of coin for collectors of MPD. I'm also including a very nice Cuba 1953 1 Peso (listed as "Caribbean Country" so as not to anger the lords of eBay), some very nice 1800's Mexican 8 Reales and 1 Pesos (from 1902-1904) and a huge consignment from an old world coin dealer's stock starting at bulk prices. I also plan to include some of my cherrypicked varieties with opening bids right around the price of the regular non-variety coin. Old Dealer Stock Box - all Canadian Old Dealer Stock - all 2x2 world coins with prices $15-20