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  1. Good evening everyone! Just a quick reminder that I'm having a mixed US & World Coin auction TODAY starting at 1 pm CST. 566 lots of a variety of stuff - US Proof Sets, World Silver, US Silver, Silver Collectible Rounds, Encased Coins, Wooden Nickels, US Mint Medals, So Called Dollars, Die Varieties from my collection, Graded Coins, Type Coins...just a bunch of variety, a bunch of cheap stuff and a bunch of cool stuff. Auction Link (AuctionZip) Auction Link (Invaluable) NOTE: any graded/slabbed coin listed in this auction is available for direct purchase from me via PM. No buyer's premium or additional fees. Feel free to send me reasonable offers!
  2. Good evening everyone! Just a quick reminder that I'm having yet another World Coin auction tomorrow starting at 1 pm CST. 250 lots of older/better world silver (most starting around melt), 250 lots of older (1800's) world copper (almost all starting at $1.) Auction Link (AuctionZip) Auction Link (Invaluable) I'll try something a bit new this time - once the auction is done tomorrow, anything that does not sell will be available for direct purchase from me here at the opening bid. No buyer's premium, no live fees, nothing extra - just exact shipping costs rounded up to the nearest dollar (most will end up being either $4 for First Class or $9 for Priority Mail Flat Rate Small Box.) Send me a PM with the Lot Numbers you want and I'll send you my PayPal info.
  3. Good evening! Just a quick reminder that I'm hosting yet another coin auction tomorrow (September 13) starting at 1 pm CST. Register to bid on the auction here through AuctionZip (link) or Invaluable (link). 250 Mixed lots of older/better World Silver (most starting around melt) and 250 lots of older (1800's) World Copper (lots of Great Britain and German Empire) with almost all starting at the minimum opening bid of $1. Also added some US type coins at the beginning for those who haven't discovered the wide, wide world of non-US coins. Thanks, and best of luck!
  4. Good morning! Well, I've been keeping busy putting together auctions. I'll keep this short and sweet: I have four auctions this month I'm working on. This coming Sunday's auction (September 6) is ready to go, and I'm working on the other three. All four auctions will have tons of coins from my collection (I'm trying to significantly downsize the scale of this hoard) as well as a few consignment items, many of which I've not offered for sale online before. NOTE: If you see a GRADED (SLABBED) coin in an auction and would like to make a reasonable offer, please feel free to do so here via PM. Again, this is ONLY for graded coins. September 6 (AuctionZip Link- Invaluable Link) 520 lots, mixed US and World Coins, lot of silver, lots of BU/Proof/Mint Sealed coins, some coin supplies, tokens, etc. September 13 (AuctionZip Link - Invaluable Link) 300 lots right now, will be over 500 when I'm all done - this will be an auction with 250 older/better world silver lots (almost all starting around melt) and 250 1800's non-silver world coins (almost all starting at the minimum opening bid of $1.) I'm also planning on adding some US Mint/Proof Sets and Commemoratives to this auction. AuctionZip link isn't available at the current time, we're working on that and I'll get it added as soon as possible. September 20 (AuctionZip Link- Invaluable Link) 288 lots right now, will be over 500 when I'm all done. Another 250/250 World Silver/World 1800's non-silver auction. Might add some mixed nicer world/US coins at the beginning. September 27 (links coming soon) This auction will be 500 lots, I'm going to try to make this auction have a lot of variety, random stuff, US and World Coins. I don't have any lots uploaded yet (I will soon) but once I do, I'll edit this to include the links. Thanks, and have a wonderful weekend!
  5. Good morning! Just a quick and friendly reminder that my August 30 World Coin Auction will be starting in a couple hours (10 am CST) - lots of cool stuff here (including the coin supplies and canvas bags I added since posting, we're up to 533 lots now.) I'll be keeping an eye on the auction, approving new bidders, answering questions (feel free to PM me here as well if you're more comfortable with that.) Thank you, and best of luck! (ALSO, FWIW, all the silver marked as available up above is still available at the posted asking price. Good chance to pick up some nicer world silver if you want it!)
  6. Good morning! Just finished putting together a cool auction with over 500 lots of NEW stuff - 250 lots of older/better world silver (most starting around melt), 250 lots of 1800's world non-silver (almost all starting at minimum opening bid of $1), some coin supplies/tubes, vintage canvas bank bags, OGP (no coins) mixed lots including 2 1955 Proof Set boxes/tissue - just a ton of cool stuff. This is yet another attempt to start thinning down my collection (there will be FOUR 500-lot auctions in September - every Sunday) so hopefully there will be a little something for a bunch of people - and I get my collection down to a manageable amount. Auction Link World Silver For Sale "Thin Down The Hoard Round 1" (31.5626 oz total) This is Round 1 in my attempt to thin down my world silver hoard. Most were pulled directly from proof/mint sets and put into archival safe flips (some will still have a little haze from the OGP.) Only maybe one of the Austrian coins has seen any wear at all (the 100 Schilling with the cool art deco design.) Due to the quality/finish of this lot, I will put each individual coin into its own sealed bag during shipment to prevent scuffing. I know it's extra work for me, but I care that the coins are protected. For the sake of the coins, actually. Silver: $27.57/oz (edited August 30) Price: 1.1x melt (any coins you want; price subject to change due to changing spot value) Shipping: Depends on weight/size of coins. ALL coins will fit in a Priority Mail Flat Rate Small Box, so the max charge for shipping will be $8. Tracking number will be provided upon receipt of payment. I will normally ship the same day payment is received and I'll make sure the label is scanned into the USPS system when I drop it off. Payment: PayPal (please add 3% for Goods and Services payments.) If choosing to use PP Friends and Family, please make sure to avoid using any notes and PM me your shipping address here, as it won't automatically load with the payment. Austria (3.4628 oz total) ALL SOLD, THANK YOU *1967 25 Schilling (.800 Silver; .3344 oz ASW) *1967 50 Schilling (.900 Silver; .5787 oz ASW) *1964 Silver Proof 50 Schilling (.900 Silver; .5787 oz ASW) *1974 100 Schilling (.640 Silver; .4924 oz ASW) *1975 Silver Proof 100 Schilling (.640 Silver; .4924 oz ASW) *1975 100 Schilling (.640 Silver; .4938 oz ASW) *1976 100 Schilling (.640 Silver; .4924 oz ASW) Bahamas (17.5008 oz total) *Silver Proof 50 Cents (.800 Silver; .2667 oz ASW each) *1970 (23,000) *1971 (31,000) (1 available) (1 sold) *1972 (35,000) (1 available) (1 sold) *1973 (36,000) *1974 (94,000) (2 available) (1 sold) *1976 (23,000) *Silver Proof 1 Dollar (.800 Silver; .4666 oz ASW each) *1970 (27,000) *1971 (31,000) (2 available) *1972 (35,000) (2 available) *1973 (35,000) *1974 (94,000) (2 available) *1976 (23,000) *Sterling Silver Proof 2 Dollars (.925 Silver; .8862 oz ASW each) *1971 (60,000) (1 available) (1 sold) *1972 (59,000) (2 available) (2 sold) *1973 (50,000) (1 available) (1 sold) *1974 (129,000) (1 available) (2 sold) *1976 (35,000) Barbados (2.3997 oz total) *Silver Proof 5 Dollars (.800 Silver; .7999 oz ASW each) *1973 (97,000) (3 available) British Virgin Islands (4.5858 oz total) *Sterling Silver Proof 1 Dollar (.925 Silver; .7643 oz ASW each) *1973 (181,000) (3 available) *1974 (94,000) (2 available) *1975 (32,000) Canada (3.6135 oz total) *Sterling Silver 5 Dollars (Montreal Olympics) (.925 Silver; .7227 oz ASW each) *1973 (sailing) *1974 (gymnast) *1974 (torch) *1976 (fencing) *1976 (pyramid)
  7. Good morning! It's raining here in Philadelphia (I thought it was supposed to always be sunny?) so it's a GREAT day to stay inside and bid on coins. Whose coins? MY coins. Which could then be YOUR coins. I have two auctions to advertise this morning - one that begins today at 10 am CST (500 items) and one that takes place on August 30 (another 500 items.) Today's auction (August 16) has a TON of interesting, random stuff - US and World Coins, UNC early date Franklin Halves, silver, die varieties and mint errors, bulk lots, low mintage world proofs, 1800's copper, graded coins at various price points (ranging from the cost of a delivery pizza to a decent used car.) I have LOTS of items starting at only $1 - so if you were one of those people who says, "I'm trying to put together a set of X but they are usually not worth someone's time to list online" - well, plenty of stuff in this auction for you. Auction Link The August 30 auction will be the beginning of my attempt to thin out my hoard - 500 lots for Round 1 - half of it is older/better world silver (250 lots, most of which starting at around melt value) and 250 lots of 1800's world copper/Cu-Ni (almost all starting at $1.) Tons of cool stuff from various countries, better dates, coins as small as a dime and larger than a silver dollar. I had two bins - one with 16 pounds of world silver and another with about 1500 1800's non-silver coins, and this auction is the first batch out of those bins! Auction Link I'll be keeping an eye on the auctions today, approving bidders, trying to answer questions as best I can. There are 500 items at 1 minute per item...that's a LONG day.
  8. Hello again! Just got moved in (mostly) and it's time to start running auctions and selling coins again! I have my website up and running again (have already added some new items) but for now I'm advertising two auctions this month: For starters, I have an auction through AuctionZip running on August 16 (starts at 10 am CST.) August 16 Auction Link (AuctionZip) There are 500 items in this auction - lots of low mintage, high grade world coins starting at $1, lots of US raw and graded coins, silver, etc. TONS of great stuff here and most of it starts CHEAP. If you see a graded coin in this auction and would like to make an offer (don't lowball me though) feel free to send me a PM and maybe we can work something out. I'll also have another auction on August 30 (working on that one now) that will have 500 COMPLETELY DIFFERENT items - I'm going to dig into my bin of older/better world silver and my bin of 1800's world copper (that has about 1500 coins in it) so it will be interesting! I'm also working on organizing some world silver to sell - trying to do something like an inventory first (I have probably 1,000 oz of world silver in various forms - I'm not going to sell all of it, but I will be selling decent chunks. If you like Franklin Mint Proof/BU world silver, let me know! Best of luck, and thank you!
  9. Good evening! Hope everyone is enjoying their weekends - I'd just like to take a moment to let you know I've added some new World Mint Sets to my Miscellaneous page. There are only two duplicates. Countries added: Great Britain, Monaco, New Zealand, Singapore Note: If you want to buy a larger quantity of these - or anything from my site - please feel free to contact me here for a shipping quote.
  10. Just added some new PF70UCAM Presidential Dollars today - according to the NGC Price Guide, each coin has a current book value of $35. I am offering them here for $20/coin plus shipping (you pick) or buy all 10 for $150 shipped ($15/coin with FREE shippingvia USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate Small Box.) There are only two duplicates in this group, so it might be a good opportunity for reselling if are so inclined (I feel at $15/coin there is still some meat left on the bone.) 2007 S Proof George Washington Dollar NGC PF70UCAM 3084347-058 2007 S Proof George Washington Dollar NGC PF70UCAM 3084347-056 2007 S Proof John Adams Dollar NGC PF70UCAM 1208744-107 2007 S Proof Thomas Jefferson Dollar NGC PF70UCAM 3085294-014 2007 S Proof James Madison Dollar NGC PF70UCAM 1217335-059 2007 S Proof James Madison Dollar NGC PF70UCAM 3117364-105 2011 S Proof Andrew Johnson Dollar NGC PF70UCAM 3487412-040 2011 S Proof Ulysses S Grant Dollar NGC PF70UCAM 3488003-022 2011 S Proof Rutherford B Hayes Dollar NGC PF70UCAM 3454502-017 2011 S Proof James Garfield Dollar NGC PF70UCAM 3487412-118
  11. Edit: Wanted to mention that I CAN ship items to Canada - but a shipping quote will be required first.
  12. Over the next few months (once I get set up again after my move to Philadelphia in August) I'm going to start building my website back up with coins for sale. I've spent years building up quite a stash, and it's time for me to start really paring it back - and building my website back up will be the best of worlds for me for multiple reasons. I've already started adding items to it - so I thought I'd share the links. There are only two pages at this point, so you won't get tired looking through them (haha) Miscellaneous Items (at this point has a few different tokens/encased coins, a bunch of world silver, and a couple US coins) and Graded Coins (has a list of everything available right now, and for graded coins I am always open to reasonable offers.) Thank you, and have a great week!
  13. Good afternoon! Well, I've decided to have one final auction before I move later this summer (at least, that's the current plan, as we all know 2020 hasn't been a great year for plans so far.) Two online-only timed auctions starting this Sunday at 11 am CST. Both auctions are running through AuctionZip/Invaluable and require registration approval. Shipping charges are combined between the two auctions, so no need to worry - I won't charge you double for shipping. As I've said before - I don't care how much you buy (I value someone who spends $1 just as much as I value someone who spends $1k) as long as you pay for your stuff! The goal is to get rid of as much of it as possible. Perk: As I've done for the past few auctions, the person winning the most lots (by number, not by total value) will get their order shipped free of charge. Special Offer #1: If you see a slabbed coin in the auction and you'd like to make me a reasonable offer here (we can negotiate a final price without worrying about buyer's premiums or fees) please feel free to do so via PM. Special Offer #2: I will sell ALL of the sterling silver jewelry in Ring 1 at melt (spot price) plus shipping. Interested in adding some silver to your hoard? You're not going to find a much better deal than spot price. Ring 1 (my stuff) - 510 lots Ring 2 (consignment) - 297 lots TONS OF CHEAP STUFF - if you want VOLUME this is your auction! Thank you, and best of luck!
  14. Where: AuctionZip/Invaluable (online only) When: June 7 (this coming Sunday) Auction Links: Ring 1 (500 lots; starts at 11 am CST) and Ring 2 (344 lots; starts at 12:15 pm CST) What's in it: Well, new items include some fun Buffalo Nickel/Lincoln Cent/Standing Liberty Quarter/Kennedy Half die varieties (RPM's and Doubled Dies) including some cool 1983 LMC DDO (doubled dates and doubled LIBERTY varieties); I added some vintage silver art rounds, nicer world coins, cheap world coins, plenty of Third Reich pieces, tokens, tokens, tokens including encased and smashed cents, bags of mixed tokens, bags of mixed coins, 25 POUNDS of mixed world coins and tokens, medals/medallions, graded coins, sterling silver jewelry pieces, UNC early date Franklin Half Dollars, Roosevelt Dimes and Washington Quarters, toners, proofs...even a set of copy stand lights with extra halogen bulbs. Just...a TON of stuff.I'm really trying to pare down my collection here, so I appreciate each and every sale - that's one more thing I can pass on to someone else's collection (plus make room for new items, potentially.) I don't really care how many things you buy - as long as you pay for your stuff! Note: here's something fun: the person who ends up buying the most items (counted by number of lots won) will get their order shipped free of charge, no matter how much it costs me. I have a TON of stuff starting at $1, so there are plenty of cheap items that need new homes!
  15. Please join me for the Memorial Day Coin, Currency, Exonumia, and Jewelry Auction. I've got about 750 lots running in two rings starting tomorrow morning. (I'll do my best to combine shipping between the two rings.) Tons of items starting at $1 (lowest opening bid) all the way up to a $6k coin starting at $4500. US and World Coins, Mint Sets, silver, bags of mixed world coins and tokens starting cheap, a few big mixed lots, graded coins, raw coins...just lots and lots of stuff. Buy 747 lots or just one - I don't care as long as you pay for your stuff! Register to bid through AuctionZip here: Ring 1 (500 lots)and Ring 2 (247 lots) Thanks, and have a great weekend!