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  1. That is what I thought as well when I clicked on my email and then read the article. I also thought that you guys must not really think it was such a special find since you didn't even take the time to make sure your database was accurate and a reflection of the actual coin. In time I hope we can learn more about the find. It would be interesting.
  2. Nothing To See Here
  3. That is great to hear. It was in a MS61 holder at NGC at one point in time (I think it was that coin) but I never sent it in to get a second chance .... Better not let that thing out of that MS63 holder as I would not expect it to do much better than that. Great to have seen the coin again. Still a very nice example in my opinion.
  4. One of my early photos back when I used to be into coin photography. Is that coin in a holder? If so what kind and what grade.
  5. If you are looking to find a 1968 no "S" dime you need to look through proof sets and not circulated business strike Philadelphia minted coins which is what that is in the photo. Good Luck!
  6. I am curious to hear the opinions on this too as I was thinking about sending in one of those 2014 Silver Special Mint Sets (whatever they are called) and take a chance on them all grading 70. I havent sent anything in for a long time. I wonder if that is the way to send in those sets, all in OGP?
  7. Whatever "value" you may have determined it has either through a possible VAM, mint error, etc. - the color or cleaning would most likely not affect that. With the exception of the previous possibilities you essentially have a XF or XF+ 1921 Morgan Dollar that otherwise holds very little value to begin with, let alone enough value to have it graded. Good looking old heavily circulated Morgan though, imo.
  8. Congrats on the excellent score. I especially love to read about someone finding good fortune.
  9. Selling all of the following together: 15 each - 1 oz Silvertowne Prospector Bars In Plastic (15 oz total) 2 each - 5 oz Silvertowne Prospector Bars In Plastic (10 oz total) 5 each - 1 oz Prospector Silver Rounds (5 oz total) 1 each - 5 oz Poured Silver Bar (5 oz total) 2 each - 1 oz Art Bars Father's Day and 10 Commandments (2 oz total) 1 each - 100 gram Scottsdale Poured Bar (3.2 oz total) Current Spot Total: $700.00 + PayPal 3% = $721.00
  10. You too Rick! I certainly hope you and your family are doing well. I don't have that FB account open anymore (to much exposure and possible hacks) so I have periodically thought about you and how you were getting along. But reality is - you are like Andy Dufresne --- crawl through a 1/2 mile of the foulest smelling $%#@ only to come out on the other side smelling like a rose!!!! I will try to get on here a little more frequently. Happy Holidays!
  11. Wow Mark, your email had me worried. I figured it for a Malaysian phishing scam but I vaguely remembered your forum name so I thought I would drop in and look around for awhile as well as look up some old PM's and that is when I remembered our conversations. I don't remember stuff like that much at all. You're ready to sell me that Eagle now, right? Just fooling around. I am not really in the market for anything numismatic right at this time. Guns, ammo, and ham radio equipment have been taking all my cash lately. Good to hear from you and glad to hear that you and your family are doing well. I wish you and yours, as well as everyone on the forum that I have not seen or talked with for quite some time, a very happy holidays. Feelings are mutual my friend. I still drop in from time to time to read a few topics and drool over some of the 'newps' that folks have picked up as well as browsing through the Coin Explorer. Still a paid member here as well. Figure I might get back active again one of these days and add a few more items to my collection.