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  1. It's a lovely coin in hand. Thank you👍
  2. Just gotta work on that label without pulling hologram off Edit- removed label 👍
  3. Just to clear it up.. The original 1886 I posted was not what I was looking for and accepted that fact, however; I had another that I just posted and is what I was looking for, except Hot 50 and not Top 100..diff clashes. This is 1C 3+2👌 Is not Is
  4. Yeah, I found the main clashes to matxh this one. I think some others don't realize I posted 2 different coins here. I posted in vam world to also confirm... They are the vam lovers anyhow.. Thanks for your feedback man 👍
  5. It was just the way you said it. I'm not offended and even followed up with a dry joke and a cartoon finger.
  6. The op posted a different coin there first, then came here to also post. Different folks = different views. Just trying to use the available resources 👍 there are 2 different 1886s
  7. It's folks like you that make people not want to post creating a slow forum. Can't you find anything better to do? If VAMs weren't interesting to some people then why is there a world of em 😂🖕
  8. I don't even recall asking you. Have a great day 👍
  9. I have another, but THIS one looks like it may be the 1 C I've even checked more this time. What do you think? I've literally checked every one and this matches. Also says Hot! VAM
  10. Thanks man 👍 I like this look, and I have a few similar. Its a new collection I'm putting together. I do have one where the hologram is partly missing. I'm still gonna keep it in the fatty.
  11. Better looking than some of these other examples I've seen. There's a set at the local coin shop blemish free that I might buy and put away