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  1. Who doesn't like a nice lustery walker? Hope everyone staying healthy out there
  2. Bought this a few months ago, but got the sticker just before CAC closed 👍
  3. Just checking back to see what's been going on..haven't been here in a while. Here's a new capped bust
  4. I love some of the designs, but don't have any keepers yet. Had a few of the common ones Columbians and Pilgrims, but nothing looking like what you have posted. Those are gorgeous and exactly what I'd look to get my hands one day.
  5. I usually just like some subtle rim toning on my coins, but these 2 end roll toners I couldn't pass up. The one reminded me of the dark side of the moon and the blues in the other made me drool. Have a great weekend 👍
  6. Lately I've been seeing a lot of Walker half dollars and I'm a little interested in the design. This AM I cleaned all the change off my coffee table and rather then buying snacks, I went to the local shop to browse walkers. I asked to see the nicer box and came across this one. It was only $20, but I think I did pretty good. I'm not 100% sure on the grading, but I thought it was about AU58 and not a bad deal. It's pretty attractive to me and def looks more colorful in hand. Hard to capture. 1st Walker 👍
  7. Thank you. I was thinking about that. The person I gave it to really appreciated it. He's a Lincoln collector so it meant more to him. If it were worth significantly more, I may have held on to it.
  8. I ended up giving it away, but I thank everyone for their professional opinion 🤣 I know I know....cents aren't my thing either... Especially errors.
  9. Housed in an older fatty slab and I just got back from CAC, so the legwork is done. $XX Shipped with tracking. I accept PayPal CONUS. Thanks for looking.
  10. Good day. Don't know too much about error cents, but wondering if people collect these and what would be an approximate value given it's condition. This was in my coffee change and appears to be in decent shape aside from the thumbprint. Thanks in advance.
  11. Just gotta work on that label without pulling hologram off Edit- removed label 👍