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  1. There is a similar topic ATS right now having to do with Star coin crossover.
  2. If I was on your ignore list you wouldn't know it because you don't see this
  3. I see fully polished dies with some frosted lettering. Would you rule out proof dies ?
  4. Thanks Roger and I think you have given me some unintended insight in navigating National Archives. By the way interesting note that proofs of that era were struck twice.
  5. A few more questions about these rare prooflike Ikes : For what reason would these dies have been fully polished ? Since your coin shows full detail I suspect it was struck from specially prepared dies maybe as specimen or presentation strike. Do you think there are other prooflike die pairs ? How many die pair do you think were used to strike the 4 million plus '71-S Ikes ? Like some of you I was a collector when these were issued and originally never really cared much for Ikes at the time but now am growing fond of them. More info is welcome to me.
  6. Great coin Jason but I don't think NGC will consider crossover from ANACS is that right ? So would your Ike have to be raw ?
  7. Looks like planchet flaw to me. How about scuffed holder ?
  8. Yes I am usually fascinated when large amounts of precious metal changes hands PERIOD.
  9. Got one signed from Wizard. Excellent work Roger !
  10. Uh oh, time to start mining production again and watch prices drop back to 15
  11. By Golden Era I think of Teddy Roosevelt's request to redesign coinage as the Renaissance Era described by Roger in his 3 volume works.
  12. Evidently this is happening today as we see history being erased so there is no status quo.
  13. You could go to Great Collections to find some PCGS Pf 70 Dcam coins that don't sell at 500 to 700 dollar level. Problem with these coins is while near perfect many don't have ultimate contrast we look for.
  14. Remember the Pf 70 Ikes PCGS graded that uninformed buyers paid several thousand dollars for that now sell for 4 to 5 hundred bucks. 50 bucks for onE of those Eagles is about right IMO.
  15. Not going to be PVC as it looks like original capsule prooflike dollar which (as mine is holdered) cannot be opened.
  16. Sorry Roger the nose is not right for Trumpio
  17. One pricing methodology I know of could be beneficial to some of you. You could track coins I buy and note the down arrows in nearly every coin I recently purchased.
  18. Yes I took advantage myself. If anything I need some reholdering done and maybe a couple shots at Star
  19. I understand that if Great Collections sold a coin with a price over 1k there would be no seller commission taken. At Heritage those fees are collected on the buyer and the seller, so what do you think their commissions would be ?
  20. Do you think it is telling that when money was backed by real gold and silver the ratio was 20 or 30 to one ? Compared to today when it is unclear how much gold (or silver) is still ours, at 100 to one you would think silver is a good buy. Boy how wrong I was !
  21. I think it is just a matter of priority for updating price guides. I don't really see the point to price guide maintenance since it's already done by many other group thinkers. I recently requested registry review for a couple dates in a set and it took 6 weeks to confirm info that has been known for decades. But guess what - they got 'er done for me ! I just don't see price guide maintenance to be a money maker. Can someone demonstrate that I am wrong ?
  22. I think it is not only fair for Heritage to comment but necessary because they provide the venue for this sale as well as taking a commission. I've consigned material with dealers before and have been told my price was too high and would not list them as such. Don't forget Heritage stands to make 20k or more knowing full well they have already profited from the sale of this same coin in the past !