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  1. I'll assume you will make an announcement when you work will be published ? I've been following your excerpts with enthusiasm (and I don't even own a commemorative coin yet)
  2. Oh my how things have changed since this thread started in 2009. Specifically Eisenhower Pf 70's. Look how few NGC Pf 70 Ikes have been graded compared to PCGS. Then look at how prices for the PCGS coins have tanked after collectors realize that those Pf 70 DCams don't have that early strike ultra heavy contrast that Pf 70 coins should have. Somehow PCGS has decided to grade them technically and look what happens...... such coins that sold for wildly inflated prices when first graded have now tanked to disgustingly low values. You want one ? Several for sale tonight at Great Collections. I quickly realized I could get ultimate heavy contrast coins in NGC holders that are nearly perfect that blow many of the Pf 70 DCams out of the water. These reside in Pf 69 Star Ultra Cameo holders and there are only a few available. '76-S coins appear to be the only ones really offered. Here is a couple I own.
  3. There's no doubt eldritches reside beneath my deck but they won't show themselves.
  4. Okay thanks. I still think [beyond the PVC] there is too many face hits for MS 64, just sayin.
  5. Snipes do exist but I have never spotted one in Indiana yet
  6. Certainly the distrust in NGC could be an honest reaction but once cracked out nobody knows if that coin was ever in any NGC holder
  7. The other day I saw a cover of an older Wall Street Journal with a picture of the Navy Hospital Ship brought in to a New York harbor to help reduce overcrowding in hospitals. As I remember it's offering by the Trump Administration was refused by the governor for stated false reasons now evident. And don't forget current administration was hesitant to take the 'Trump vaccine' prior to the election and now insist everyone take it now that it is safe after the election. Therefore I think a coin with the Navy ship on the obverse and New York governor jumping overboard on the reverse would be fitting.
  8. Since you never showed the obverse slab with coin number before it was cracked out no one can be sure your coin is that NGC MS 64 you say it was.
  9. Holders that early don't have images. Looks okay to me. NGC used to do an appearance review at no charge for coins you think are over graded.
  10. My point was that [from the image] in the square holder that was not an MS 64 coin. I have cracked a few AU 58's for my Peace Dollar Dansco set so I am somewhat familiar with the process. My method is certainly not condoned but generally both TPG's slabs are so well sealed sonically that seams cannot be separated without leaving a jagged edge.
  11. How did you get that slab open without destroying it ? Coin looks like no better than MS 62 to me. Something funny about this.
  12. Forgot this article. Great reference piece thank you
  13. These would likely be labeled 'altered surfaces' if genuine and I'll bet Mr. Lange could offer further explanation. Obviously the original deceptive pieces would be of the 'No Cents' variety. The one I owned years ago I think was that variety but was not fresh shiny gold like some appear to be.
  14. I have owned one. Also many are available on ebay. As a side note I see several available with full detail probably AU. As I remember mine was not heavily plated and may not have been plated at all but was gold colored at least. It is no longer in my possession however. Note that some are 'With Cents' variety.
  15. No patterns issued in any but their proper metal ? Many were issued in multiple metals especially in 1870 ?
  16. I strongly advise against having it slabbed, you will be disappointed. Millions of these can be found with no problems or you could even buy one already slabbed in Pf 69 Ultra Cameo on the cheap. For a little more money look for a piece graded Pf 69 Star Ultra Cameo with optimum eye appeal as an early strike.
  17. How can these coins be classified as errors if they were obviously struck on purpose in a clandestine fashion.
  18. As always your explanation is very well presented. It makes me wonder then what happens when any contractor cannot supply the agreed amount of processed material within the time frame needed to meet production demands. What penalties could be imposed and how might it effect future bids ?
  19. The amount of steel needed for these coins would have been small compared to military and ship building requirements but I suppose the resources needed for the processing of planchets could have been disruptive. Take note of the huge quantities of iron [taconite] hauled across the great lakes to build stuff in Detroit and Pittsburg. Remember later in the 60's the Edmund Fitzgerald went down in water that wasn't as deep as the ship is long ? Pretty sure thousands of tons of ore still lay at the bottom to this day.
  20. On a different note can anybody tell me with some sanity as to why the U.S. Mint cannot seem to keep silver on hand to satisfy demands for production of collector coins that were scheduled far ahead. Oh I know the typical argument given even when they care not to list a final price due to market fluctuation, and whatever corny excuse they can give us. But I'll bet a few large silver suppliers would love to sell them bulk metal. And I can only guess their suppliers must behave in a politically correct way and adhere to a socially justified footprint in order to do business with the U.S Mint, is that it ?
  21. Assuming a handsome stipend was arranged, why stay long enough to accept responsibility for losses and even legal retribution over actions that were not of his making.
  22. PCGS coin shows that dripping luster I love. But you must applaud NGC for its Star designation as it separates the real money coins from the rest. I love Jeffersons
  23. For an 80-O your coin is well struck, its only attribute.