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  1. '41 is also CAC just reholdered. I'll get it restickered next time I send some in.
  2. From the pictures shown all appear to have light rub but really need to have them in hand. In my opinion 300 bucks in submission fees would be a good school house for you as a beginner because if you sell them raw to the wrong dealer you could lose that much on one or two coins.
  3. I think this assessment of CAC activity is accurate and real. But I am unclear how succession will be judged after John Albanese is gone. 2 or 3 generations later many of us will be gone also and who will judge TPGs' then ? Many cabinet coins of yesteryear have been deemed acceptable today that have rub and retoning even by CAC standards. How will your coins be judged 30 or 40 years from now ?
  4. Looks to me like the 81-O was polished in a tumbler with ground nut shell media and jewelers rouge
  5. Hit your notifications bell at top of page, open window and click on settings. Mine may be different with windows 7 and I admit I'm not real good at this stuff. You may have inadvertently changed a setting.
  6. Thanks for that info. I think you or somebody else at this forum set me straight on this once before and sorry I had forgotten the story. The 2009 proof Silver Eagle dilemma caused me to sell the rest of them and I bought ho hum rolls of unc. silver eagles.
  7. I understand and my statement was more or less one of bewilderment than fact. I'm still mad that the U.S. Mint balked on the 2009 proof Silver Eagle. I still don't believe they didn't have a backup source for .999 silver planchets. I guess I could have bought one slightly modified from Dan Carr but just gave up on Eagles all together. Can you clarify what happened to proof Silver Eagles in 2009 at the mint ?
  8. Oh that's great..... now they cannot be priced. Marketing literature will say Market Price or 'Call for Price'
  9. Thanks dena it's working now.
  10. If restruck with enough tonnage might become a coin again
  11. Anybody ever figure that one out ? Do they still count forum posts ?
  12. Image shows nice unc coin just dripping luster all over the table. Beware of problems that may be hidden. Better off with certified coin. Looks like rim damage at 12:00
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    My post count hasn't changed for a while. I checked back through December to see same post count. Is something wrong ?