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  1. If the image is the real coin then an explanation from CAC is needed. I've read that one reason CAC is so tough on Saints is the very problem this coin seems to have, actual leg disturbances that are post mint.
  2. You would have taken an image of the contents before you packaged it. While not clear proof of contents you always have declared value and insurance would cover that, that's what you're paying for. Also with registered you should make sure they mark all seams which is why they require paper or kraft tape.
  3. I guess what I meant was that if it was presumed lost, then one person would be responsible at any given location. So if it was last tracked in Memphis let's say, they would know who to ask "where is that registered you had in your possession" ?
  4. I've always sent mine USPS Registered and thought that a signature was required every time my package changed hands. Therefore it could be tracked to a person at any time or it is locked in a safe box with a key
  5. Here's my 76-D T2 nicely toned as well. As you can see these 66s' do have a few contact marks (none heavy though) and consistent with Morgan and Peace dollars in gem + grades. Sorry no intent to derail this thread
  6. Truly incredible coins. Just look at the luster popping and original nickel tone. Very well done. While I don't participate in the registry, I do have registry quality proofs of early Jeffersons I will post sometime. Good images are the hard part though and yours were done well !
  7. I think what you are finding is parking lot damage
  8. Some MS 66 coins can be had for 200 bucks or so. 1972 Philly of any type is expensive but I purchased an MS 64 T2 that is pretty nice. What I think is cool about these Ikes is the original toning. Here's an MS 66 that I paid up a little for the toning. As I remember back then the coins with few marks that might warrant an MS 66 grade were only secured by chance rather than by request.
  9. I am old enough to remember trying to get nice Ikes back in the 80's. I was told by my dealer friend that I would have to get them from mint sets. Well I went through a few and could not even find an MS 64 quality coin ! Then the TPG's started grading them and I bought a few MS 66's for a little money. So in one way I can applaud them for my purchases. In other ways you are right on the money. U.S Mint customers should be disgusted by the way sales of ASE scarcities have been offered.
  10. Aside from key dates, I'm not able to win any coins I want at auction (at reasonable prices). While I am only looking for NGC CAC coins currently, I end up paying way more than price guide for these. So if I'm up against dealers in some instances then the price guides should eventually reflect increases, but they do not it seems. Collector coins in my price range often show prices dropping, yet I have to pay more to own them. Of course the explanation for this is painfully obvious to me and explains why collectors leave the hobby.
  11. Many here have said never buy a raw coin on ebay. I agree with that.
  12. All are worth face value or spot minus margin minus adultery
  13. I think your claims and demands sound childlike and how would you expect NGC to respond to extorsion style threats you throw about ? My response would be a request that they look at your coins again, not a demand. I recommend you rethink your somewhat shallow statements and try again if you wish.
  14. Anyone know what causes those staples to fail like that ? Is it the staples or the stapler ?
  15. By the way hoghead I strongly recommend RWB's book on '36 to '42 proofs, by far the most informative research on the subject I've seen.