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  1. Okay I give up. This disease known as slabitis is becoming far too invasive. Lucky for me I was inoculated back in the seventies and it's a lifetime vaccine. The one fattie I own is minus the gold label because somebody slapped an inventory sticker on it then tore it off. I still like the coin and would have it reholdered but sorrrrryyyy no, like most other copper slabbed back then NGC wont guarantee the color. Maybe counterfeit gold labels will turn up someday ha !
  2. Rear NGC labels are often ripped off on this generation holder. If you damage it I don't think it will matter.
  3. You're gonna to shoot your eye out kid ! Spraying acetone sounds like an accident waiting to happen. Also be aware what a static spark could do.
  4. Nice coin ! Any older proofs at this grade level are beautiful.
  5. This coin is all there. Very early die strike shows full and complete frost with deepest mirrors. Some of these coins (not just 57's) have hairlines hidden behind environmental problems. Some exhibit lines in and around those spots. NCS would recognize this and likely not conserve. There is at least one 1957 Pf 69 Star Ultra Cameo quarter buried deep in somebodies collection though if you can stomach 20 grand.
  6. I like the tone of this article as it describes my collecting habits of years ago. Now I find myself chasing higher quality material but try to make purchases that will not hurt so much if the market slows. It's my opinion that one should not trade up and lose money but expand to different fields to broaden one's interests. It is refreshing to hear from a real collector rather than one chasing registry coins.
  7. How strange that folks are talking about '72-S cents. I bought a candy bar recently and my change included a couple spankin new '72-S pennies. I asked the cashier where she got them and she had a half roll more. I bought them all, gave a few away and threw the rest in my mint set junk jar. I suggest they are MS 63 red.
  8. A lot of DMPL Morgans don't look DMPL but they say so. It sure is a nice looking coin though. This one could be submitted raw to NGC and if PL you would have 2 opinions and a rare coin.
  9. Haven't you heard the new saying "buy the plastic not the coin" ?
  10. Is there really an S there or is this struck through some debris ?
  11. I find return shipping from NGC sometimes sits in Tampa for 2 or 3 days. According to my local USPS people outbound mail is decisively slow from Florida and this hasn't changed for years. I still think we are lucky to have such a secure registered delivery system !
  12. What dates are you looking at ? Prior to 1950 none have been certified cameo. After 1960 heavy cameo should be considered collectable. 1950, 51 and 52 should be put away when nice cameos are found.
  13. '41 is also CAC just reholdered. I'll get it restickered next time I send some in.