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  1. Ed your '63 is also a proof and is quite common. The only ones worth grading are heavily contrasted high grade coins for later date nickels. Here is a couple of mine
  2. I wasn't kidding when I said "get them out and play with them". Would have loved being a fly on the wall in that session. Great inheritance I'll say !
  3. Just a little off on an old thread but I love these proof Jefferson Nickels. Look at that '65 SMS shown ! I have seen a few Ultra Cameo SMS Jeffersons but they are too expensive for me. Some do look like proofs.
  4. Once the agreement was reached to clean the coins and conservation was performed, they should be polished and sent back for approval right ?
  5. Pf 65 RB Cam. Looks NGC and there's one 64RB Cam and one 65RB Cam, I cheated and looked.
  6. Yes I believe that thread is one that was removed after I received several responses. Although I cannot confirm my comment, there have been several poofed threads I responded to recently. Maybe it is my mistake.
  7. I use a different name ATS I guess because I have a different attitude there. I started here and always enjoyed both but some threads over there get 'poofed' for no known reason. Just the same I appreciate opinions from people that think like I do.
  8. Maturity level here and ATS is generally good but there are a few who cannot accept change. I was like that a while back then realized that the world is not waiting on me to respond. I was one who resisted holder change to edge view type. Now all of my NGC coins are in edge view holders. I do appreciate being able to add my opinion as I feel the need and will request NGC services in the future.
  9. Looks like a superb accurately graded coin with that never dipped luster to me. Nice catch since sounds like you were waiting for it. If you don't mind me asking has your set put you in a squeeze financially over the years? I'll admit my set has pinched me here and there but have no reservations whatsoever.
  10. CDN prices are meaningless to me because I'm not a dealer. And since I rarely sell to dealers and fully expect to pay more for coins with great eye appeal why bother with such irrelevant pricing information. These price lists do not accurately reflect values for my coins, they only serve to guide a dealer in acquiring great coins at lowball prices.
  11. Sorry if I misled anybody. I consider a date as a variety within a set in my '36 to '42 proofs. In Jefferson nickel proofs I consider 1939 and 1940 a collectible variety but not the 1941 'no AW' half since most have little or no trace of designer initials. One could go on and on with varieties but I just really meant that hole fillers don't need to be in an album, basically any set including registries. The nature of the words 'hole filler' sound like folder or album in a literal sense.
  12. If one has a certified collection do we count a missing variety (slab) as a hole ? And no I'm not buying filler coins that just tie up funds that could be used to acquire legitimate coins.
  13. Great acquisition and looks original to me. Why not MS 66 ?