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  1. Thank you for kindness words! I haven't took the picture of it for a while until now. I was hoped that it may would get a PL or star designation because it does have nearly or completely proof-like field in hand.
  2. I submitted the 1894-A German State New Guinea 2 Mark to NGC 2 months ago, and it arrived here today at MS-64. It took longer because NGC asked if I want to send it to NCS, and I rejected because I don't know if it may be a proof, PL, or regular coin. Then they moved it to other tier and submission which it postponed the shipping. I'm quite glad that it comes back as MS64 because I actually thought it would go for AU58 or MS60.
  3. A.Phillips


  4. I agreed, I thought it would go for MS60PL.. but I'm wrong.
  5. A.Phillips

    Learn How to Grade Coins!

    I would want to have one too!
  6. I dig that Vicksburg!!! Quite an unusual graded for 1888-S that is under MS. I'm bummered that I'm not able to afford to get MS62 or higher
  7. A.Phillips

    The New Dollar Coin: American Innovation

    Florida Thomas Edison, of course! Best friend of Henry Ford (which I think Henry Ford should be on Michigan coinage, and Ford's house is/was right next to Edison's in Fort Myers).
  8. A.Phillips

    Post your NGC star toners!

    Dang, nice coins everyone! I wish I could steal all of yours!
  9. A.Phillips

    Add Your Spring Colors!

  10. I want someone here to confirm if the paper roll existed back in mid-late 1800's.. I read the post on Facebook, one guy said that the paper roll for Morgan Dollar didn't existed back in 1800's, and almost all of Morgans were in bags. It may makes a sense, but it's possible that the banks (back in 1880's) did used the paper roll for Morgans as well?
  11. A.Phillips

    1982 small date?

    No, it's large date.
  12. NGC MS64 It's hard to catch the right picture as what we see in hand, it looks more colorful in hand than my own pictures.
  13. I don't have any favorite gold coin because it usually out of my price range, but I would love to own any gold coins including the Double Eagles! I only have 2 Prussian gold coins (common one).