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  1. I want someone here to confirm if the paper roll existed back in mid-late 1800's.. I read the post on Facebook, one guy said that the paper roll for Morgan Dollar didn't existed back in 1800's, and almost all of Morgans were in bags. It may makes a sense, but it's possible that the banks (back in 1880's) did used the paper roll for Morgans as well?
  2. 1982 small date?

    No, it's large date.
  3. Post Your Most Recent Acquisition

    NGC MS64 It's hard to catch the right picture as what we see in hand, it looks more colorful in hand than my own pictures.
  4. What is your favorite pre-1933 Gold?

    I don't have any favorite gold coin because it usually out of my price range, but I would love to own any gold coins including the Double Eagles! I only have 2 Prussian gold coins (common one).
  5. It looks like grease. I don't think it affected the grade. Similar grease on wing on my previous 1881-S MS66*. After looking at your coin, it looks like the grade is almost spot on.. perhaps MS62+ or *, my opinion.
  6. I immediately bought this from Northeast coin website when their description shows "2 feathers" which I thought it's unusual variety. When I dug it up on Google and it stated that it's a minor variety, is that right? Also it shows that 21 of 1929-S Buffalo nickel 2 feathers have been graded by PCGS and 2 by NGC. So I'm wondering if it's not important variety in Buffalo nickel series?
  7. 45 Rolls of Morgan dollars

    Wow!! I wish I have that treasure!
  8. Post Your Most Recent Acquisition

    I am envying that you, Mark, have that holder! Cool purchase! Got all 3 coins 2 weeks ago, nothing really high ending coins.
  9. I am selling my brilliant 1903 Morgan Dollar NGC MS64. I accepted cash, check, or Paypal (add 3%); Free shipping. IF you have any question, feel free to ask me. I am asking $125 OBO. Now $110.
  10. New Pix, old coins, some toned Morgans

    That's really cool eor toning on 79!
  11. Small date 1982d penny does it look right

    Since it's 3.1 grams, seem it's a genuine small date 1982-D penny. Congrats!
  12. How do you grade a Cent like this?

    That's unusual penny! I like it! I would guessed AU, but I'm surprised that it comes back as MS64. Congrats!
  13. Natural Toning vs. Artificial Toning

    I agreed with coinman1794.
  14. Recent Submissions

    Well, it would be better if you are being honest with buyer when you are going to sell it as a raw.