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    What the heck is this?

    It is a Chinese cash coin, probably from the late 19th century. It appears to be in very nice condition. The hole in the center allowed them to be carried around on a string or wire. You can probably find the date and denomination in the Numista database or other references.
  2. Nice post, Dan. I would say it's good to know that Canada isn't the only country that has gone crazy with the excessive number of issues, but I think it does border on the insane. It just seems to dilute the value of everything produced in their name.
  3. I concur completely. Filling and upgrading sets is more of a personal challenge than a competition. If I only need a coin or two to complete a set or move to #1 or even the top 5, I obviously do look a little harder for those coins but I just look at that as getting closer to completing the journey.
  4. I suggested this to the NGC staff with the same advantages a few years ago and they opted against it at the time. Maybe they would reconsider if there is enough interest. The initial set of slots for a single set would be huge. I believe there are also a lot of known and potential varieties within the set. Also, there are a lot of potential medals over the last 40-50 years that could be added to the set. If NGC opted to start a set(s), it might be preferable to break it down into smaller groups either chronologically or by categories (local events, state events, people, centennials, etc.)
  5. With all of the new competitive sets that have been added in the last 3-4 years, it is almost impossible for NGC to keep all of the new sets and the current sets updated along with verifying the PCGS coins and creating even more new sets. Kudos to Ali and the team for doing their best but sometimes they need our assistance. There are simple procedures for adding new coins and new slots in sets. If there is not a link in the set to the coin, just add it in the correct slot if available; otherwise add it in a nearby slot if no slot exists. It will get verified and added within a few days (usually the next day). One area that flies under the radar is the type sets. Until recently, many had not been updated since they were originally created. About a year ago I did a comparison of my coins with the ones coming up as available in each slot and added several hundred over the course of 2 months to partially update many sets and slots. If you enter new coins in your sets and have type sets, please verify that they are available in your type sets. If they are not, please add them. Note: When you try to add a coin to a slot/set and the coin comes up as unavailable, the registry will often delete the coin description (if you have one) when you try to add the coin (save changes). Before saving, you need to pull up the coin on its Edit page in a separate tab and copy the description. After you enter the coin, you need to resave the coin in the other tab to make sure your description is not deleted.
  6. A lot of cool coins, but I really wish the RCM would cut back on their issues. Way too many to keep up with and almost impossible to maintain full sets on a reasonable budget.
  7. I couldn't give a rat's about diversity for its own sake and feel that its promotion is bad for the country. That being said, I agree that it is time for some coin design changes. As long as the designs and subjects have general acceptance, I am fine with changes. However, any requirements based on gender, race, etc. are BS. Great Americans should be recognized for their achievements, not their body parts or ethnicity.
  8. I did some random checks and noted that the MS67FD and MS67FM's are worth more points than MS68 with no holder designation. I'm not complaining that a holder designation should be worth more points (I personally don't think it should) but it should not make a MS67 worth more than a MS68. In some series a coin strike quality (full steps, full bands, full head, full bell lines) can make a lower graded coin point value exceed a higher base grade (e.g. many Jefferson nickels from the 1950's), but a simple holder designation based on when the coin was made or submitted does not meet this standard. The value of holder designations and rarity are for the market to sort out, not the Registry. I will inquire to NGC regarding the MS67/68 quandary to at least get that resolved. I would hate to have to replace 68's with 67's to maximize my set value.
  9. 300 coins is HUGE! My largest is my Complete Roosevelt Dimes including Varieties with 241. Unfortunately at this point almost all of my remaining open slots are oddball (and often expensive) varieties so 300 is a ways away if ever.